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Kasei was slowly beginning to relax thanks to the alcohol but when Zack touched her face she fought the urge to jerk back from his touch, her brown eyes widening slightly in surprise as she looked back at him. What the hell? She assumed he was just screwing around, but it was making her extremely uncomfortable. She couldn't tell if he was just screwing around or if he was flirting, but she couldn't help the slight breathless feeling she got due to the close proximity between them. Why would he flirt with you? She wondered and ducked her head, looking away from him, just now realizing she was starting to blush, "If you say so." She said evenly, "But I know you're lying." She winked, trying to brush off her discomfort at what he had just done. Don't take everything so seriously, just brush it off. She thought to herself, but there was a new tenseness in her shoulders now.

When there was talk of a second round, she needed, hoping to try and kill whatever uneasiness within her there was even if it meant getting wasted as hell, so long as she could still play alright. She knew she better make sure she didn't start blabbing about her life though, that would be bad, she thought. No one knew too much about her and she wanted to keep it that way.

Kasei listened silently as they spoke of Legion, yeah, she'd heard of them and listened to a few songs. They were pretty good, but she wasn't a big fan or anything. She did glance at the band however for about five seconds before she began slowly drumming her fingers on the bar, a smooth rhymn which had eventully become a habit, though usually it only came out when she was nervous. Her soft, pink lips twitched into a smile when she heard the comment about Giles being a zombie, she said nothing however and ducked her head so that her black hair which was still damp from the shower fell into her face in attempts to hide her amusement.

When the man, Rick, if she remembered correctly fell though after the zombie comment she couldn't help it anymore, she started laughing. This was sure going to be the highlight of her day, she thought to herself. Her laughter faded quickly, but her smile remained. The man apologized for the joke and offered a pint of guinness, which she waited for Giles to accept or decline. She glanced at the singer and then turned her eyes back to the bar, she knew already that Harlyn disliked the woman, but she personally had nothing against them. I guess we'll see how this all plays out. She thought to herself.

Not even a second later, Kasei's phone vibrated as a call came in, "I'll be right back." She told her band and got up to go answer it. It was coming from an unfamiliar number.

She stepped outside and answered the call, "Hello?" She said, leaning up against the hotel wall, brushing her hair behind her ear.

"Oh, god, Kasei is that really you?" A woman's frantic voice asked, freezing her in place.

"m-m-Mom?" Kasei stuttered, not sure what else to say. She hadn't spoken to them in years, she hadn't thought she'd ever speak to them again...

"Kasei! It's is you. We thought we'd lost you! We haven't seen you in so long, and then police told us they couldn't find you, that you weren't in Alaska anymore...they gave up and then we heard all of this talk about you being in some rock band and that you had become this...this..." The woman didn't even know what to call her lifestyle. Kasei just couldn't find the words to speak. The woman said her name one more time, this time a question, and she reached for the red button that would disconnect their call.

A man's voice spoke up then, gruff, "Kasei? Where on earth have you been? You've had your mother worried sick about you!" He said, angrily.

Kasei paled significantly, she had never been able to stand up to her father, "Where the hell have you been? You called me only once in years it shouldn't have been that hard to find me, my name is on the fucking internet! And how the hell did you get my number?" She demanded, trying to put up her tough front but failing slightly, her words sounded weak to her own ears.

"We called the person doing your tour." He stated, "And don't you dare use those words! If you continue to use those words you will be no daughter of mine you little satan worshipping whore!" He spat. Ah, the famous devil worshipping line. She heard the woman's voice in the background telling him not to push her away and that they'd just found her. "May god have mercy on your soul and forgive your sins..." He murmured.

"I am no daughter of yours and I'm never coming back." Kasei hung up before her voice cracked and she shoved her phone into her pocket irritably before taking a shaky breath and running her fingers through her hair, trying to compose herself.

It took her a few minutes before walking back into the hotel, some people in the lobby giving her strange looks. They had been coming in as she was standing outside talking. She assumed they'd heard some of her father's loud conversation. She kept her head down, almost shamefully and went back into the bar, taking her seat next to Zack, trying to portray the look of everything being completely normal with her.