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Giles had just received his order of burgers and fries that he heard someone make a zombie comment. He smirked as he tried to find from who the comment came from and grinned - showing teeth - when he saw the commentator on the floor. The man got up and offered him a drink as an apology. Before he could accept the offer Kasei left the bar to answer her phone and Zack invited them over to a drink. As he no longer needed to answer back he turned back to his food and lifted up his burger to take his first bite in days. Before his mouth making contact with the sesame seed bun the woman from the Frasier's band made a comment on Harlyn's guitar skills.
"Oh shite, smells like a bar fight. Its a pity to mess up such a fine establishment. O Harlyn mind if I accept the drink before I get my arse kicked?" Giles said to Harlyn jokingly in order to stall the physical confrontation for some time. Knowing chances of a fight was rising by the second he started to wolf down his burger as if he didn't eat now odds were he couldn't find time to get another meal if he was to spend the rest of his day before the show in an emergency ward. Kasei also returned in a seemingly foul mood and Giles sensed she was failing to pull a poker face thanks to the absinthe shots.
He whispered to Zack "If things get out of hand you will handle that woman. I know its still not fair but you are the only one who has a chance of landing a hit on that monster. Let the girls handle the the guys and I can then enjoy my meal."
He then stood up, forced a smile, turned to Rick and said "I must admit your zombie comment was funny. What I'm concerned about is what happened to that pint, mate?"