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Kasei downed a shot real quick, hoping to relax a little bit and then looked at the chaos she'd come back to, "Damn, what'd I miss." She muttered, raising a brow at everyone. It looked like it was going to be bar fight. Rivalry between the bands, fucking great. Giles and the guy from Legion seemed to be dicussing the drink that would be an apology, but Harlyn looked like she was going to go try and pick a fight with the singer of Legion which frankly made Kasei kind of want to laugh. Harlyn stood absolutely no chance against Vivian, she'd be thrown across the bar, Kasei thought. Vivian was a bloody warrior and Harlyn was like a twig before her. Zack appeared to be trying to smooth things over with some man, "Harlyn, don't start shit. You won't be able to finish it and don't expect us to finish it for you. It just won't end well. It's foolish. I know there's a lot of pride and such involved, but we won't have much when we leave bloody." She said evenly, not caring if she sounded like a bitch. It was true, if Harlyn started a fight, they would all end up in it. Kasei had never been close to Harlyn in the least, but that didn't mean she wouldn't try to defend her if it came down to it. In the end, Kasei was a loyal girl who didn't like fighting, if she could avoid it, she would typically. There was the rare occasion when she had a few too many drinks that something would push her over the edge, but that was very, very rarely.

Shaking her head she sighed, "I side with Zack, let's just have some fucking drinks. We don't need to fight and get blood all over the fancy hotel." Her lips twitched into a tiny smirk at the last line, brushing her waving hair behind her ears and looking at Legion, absolutely no fight in her eyes, just genuine curiousity, she didn't want to be fighting with anyone if they didn't need to be. She knew there was some rivalry between Harlyn and Vivian before over something but that should be in the past, right? Couldn't they just relax and deal with it instead of being at each others throats over something that could probably be forgiven. Kasei doubted it, this would probably be going on for some while as both women seemed very opinionated and the thought made her want to sigh that this may go on for longer than a night. She really didn't want to deal with this, but she wouldn't dare leave now.