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The constant sound of his lowtop sneakers meeting the concrete walkway rang throughout Ascelin's eardrums. The repetition of the noise was annoying but threatening; the darkness of night appeared to engulf his pale figure as he faced the opponent of time with his feet as a weapon. He'd left his skateboard on the tour bus - out of forgetfulness rather than respect for hotel staff - and was mentally scolding himself for doing so. Was it really that hard to remember? No, he had just been too preoccupied with his recent... endeavours. His 'party' life usually got in the way of his musician career, but there were times when they collided together harmoniously. This, however, was not one of those times.

Aside from a tired just-woken look, he looked surprisingly well-groomed for having been without access to ideal means to make himself so. His dark hair was slicked back into a slight pompadour and his clothes appeared to have only been worn once or twice before. The formal black suit jacket that surrounded his torso matched neither his casual fan-made white t-shirt that featured the graphic outline of a rose, nor his dark jeans. His color scheme was consistent, however. White and black. The only spark of color that drew attention to his appearance was arguably his blue eyes. The outline of the dove on his neck and 'mischief' along his knuckles were the only tattoos to be seen.

Without hesitant action, Ace entered through the door of the bar. It was only then that he slowed down, coming to a complete stop as he attempted to pick out his band mates. He'd been called -- three times, two of which went to his voicemail as the drummer slept in a stranger's bed -- by hotel staff, alerting him that he was missing out on some quality band time. Ace rose to the occasion -- literally, jumping out of bed -- when the mention of free drinks was tossed into the dialogue.

It took a long moment of looking dumbfounded before he caught glimpse of the crowd near the bar itself. The lot of them weren't all familiar, but he approached them anyway. Crowds were easily faced by the young drummer; his ... noticeable ... behavior usually kept unwanted attention at bay. Not that he really dismissed any type of attention; he was one to bask in the glory of being seen and heard. He made his way behind Vivian -- a very recognizable woman -- panting heavily.

"S-... So-... Sorry," his breath was loudly audible and he found it difficult to speak. He placed one hand on the surface of the bar and the other against his abdomen. "I was... getting... acqua-... acqua-... fuck... acquainted," Ace sighed, his Bronx accent heavier than usual, "...with... with.. a fan." His voice was quiet enough for only her to hear, but when he looked at Viv's face he saw a piercing anger. Admittedly, she usually looked angry -- he had learned that within the first week of knowing her, and even more so after four years -- but Ace had become a master at picking up small signs of oddity within her. Well, more oddity than she naturally called her own.

He had obviously walked in on something silently conspiring within the group. He didn't say anything about it; it was best not to do so with so many other people around. Contrary to his public-loving demeanor, he enjoyed consoling people in a more private way, and whether that was because he didn't want people to see he actually had a heart or because he did hold respect for other human beings was yet to be known. With that thought he looked up at the other faces among the group, immediately realizing who they all were.

"Hi," he introduced himself loudly once his heart had stopped pounding so fast. "I'm Ace." He climbed onto the top of the bar, making his way over to the farthest member of opposing band and offered his hand to each of them. His eyes glanced down at the poster that was in front of his own band's 'leader' and matched each face with the ones in front of him. Immediately he recognized the lead guitarist, which was odd because he'd never met him. There was something about him that seemed familiar but Ace knew they'd never really seen each other before. Next was Tweak, who Ace had been dying to even see in person. Prior to starting to start the shared tour, Ascelin had done his own research on Nerveshock and developed a fascination with how metal the bassist appeared to be. There were only two members left, and when he came face to face with the blond, her name had slipped his mind. He knew she had to be the lead singer since he knew what the drummer looked like.

His eyes eventually landed on said drummer, who he knew the most about and was bound to have the most in common with. He flashed a smile and hopped off the bar table, taking a seat next to her and calling over the bartender. He was still marveling at the idea of free alcohol as he ordered continuous shots of Tru Organic vodka.

"Ya know how many trees I'm'a save by drinkin' this?" Ace turned to Kasei after he'd downed his first. "Approximately zero."