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The shot of tequila hit the back of her throat, bashing her taste buds with the awful aftertaste of gasoline as Harlyn wrinkled her nose, forcing herself to swallow the horrid liquid. She absolutely hated the taste of Jose, but he had been one of her best friends when no one else was around. Jose and Jack had been there in her darkest of days and longest of nights – Jose Cuervo and Jack Daniels, that is. Shaking her head, Harlyn swallowed a second time in an attempt to rid herself of the burning gasoline taste lingering on her tongue before snapping her attention back to the dark haired giant a few stools away.

And as if the blonde’s gaze was the queue for Vivian to talk, she began, leaning forwards towards the blonde with a growl of a reply. "Huh, I wonder how far I'd have ta shove my boot up yer ass ta wipe that smug tone'a voice outta you.”

At this statement, the smirk lingering on Harlyn’s lips grew at a rapid rate into a smug grin as she drew in a deep breath. Before she could spit back a reply though, she felt a firm hand close around her forearm. With a raised brow, she turned towards the hand that’d grabbed her – Zack, of course – and glared daggers in his direction. She was already pissed at him for his stupidity; he needn’t not to add fuel to the fire.

”Don’t…” Zack said, his voice firm and calm as his eyes locked on hers.

”And if I do?” Harlyn replied, her voice even as she pulled her arm away from his hold. She couldn’t help but respect Zack for the way he attempted to care for her, but in times such as these, it came off as just downright annoying.

Then, as if Zack’s intervention wasn’t enough fuel added to the fire, Kasei had decided to throw in her two cents for a change. From the opposite side of Zack, her small, even voice flowed from her lips as she peered at the blonde. "Harlyn, don't start shit. You won't be able to finish it and don't expect us to finish it for you. It just won't end well. It's foolish."

Harlyn didn’t hear the rest of what her drummer had to say. Her ears had already been blocked with steam, like the old school cartoons, and her hands were balled at her sides. ”Was anybody talking to you, little emo bitch?” Harlyn snapped, her attention and heated glare focused on her band mate. “No. No one was talking to you in the first place, so why don’t you just shut the fuck up, go back to your drink and mope like you usually do?”[/b] she finished with a huff.

Before she could turn back to Vivian and their banter though, Harlyn was interrupted once again, this time by a man she didn’t know. He was perched atop the bar top and extending his hand out to her as he loudly introduced himself as Ace. ”Harlyn. Now move along,” she replied, her voice angry as she smacked his hand out of her face. Usually, she wasn’t a straight up bitch but with everything that had gone down in the past fifteen minutes (and the fact that those same events had chased away most of her high) at that same bar top, she couldn’t help but snap at the man; if only for the reason that she was simply baffled by his introduction.

Shaking off her confused expression, Harlyn turned atop her stool to find that Vivian had been moved from her seat and had been replaced by a band mate who was lecturing them both from a distance. ”If y'all really wanna start something, there's a place down the street but for now just drink an' be merry, or whatever. In fact, pint a' Guinness for the walkin' skeleton and the next round's on me, too." He said before turning towards his own band mates.

That was the last straw. Here she had been, having a good time before she had been interrupted by the behemoth bitch. And even in spite of her true self, she had attempted to set shit aside and take a shot, even toast to the well-being of the tour, but no, Behemoth Bitch wouldn’t have that, so the shit continued and just when it was about time to throw down, someone threw a wrench into the system. What the fuck. Now she didn’t even have The Chase to be happy about, the drama had chased the chase away – if that were possible. ”This is bullshit,” Harlyn spat under her breath, hopping down from her stool as the bartender slid a third shot over the bar top towards her. With a soft sigh, she took the shot in her hand and continued on her way toward the door, her steps quick. But with a second thought, she paused in front of Vivian’s band mate and gave her hand a light flick, tossing the small amount of tequila into his face. ”And I don’t want your fucking shot,” she spat before dropping the shot glass at their feet and storming out the door, her boots clicking angrily against the tile as she exited.