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Fortunately Kasei tried to calm her down as well. Harlyn was unstoppable right now, and Zack was growing more annoyed and more anxious with every word that flew across the bar. Vivian was not going to back down either. And definately not if her bandmate hadn't said something as well. He gave Kasei a look and a raised eyebrow as if to say that this was hopeless, but thanks for the effort. Harlyn pulled herself out of his grip and Zack bit his lip not to start shouting at them all, or smashing something. He was fearsome when you angered him, mainly because of his size. Or maybe it was because he was big compared to all of his bandmates. Two of them were female who were smaller by nature, and the other male was skinny as fuck. Harlyn seemed to outright mock him with what she said.

”Was anybody talking to you, little emo bitch?” As if the other things she'd said hadn't been enough, then this one came flying at Kasei.

Why the fuck... Zack thought to himself. He looked back at his drummer and gave her a look again, this time it said 'Ignore it.' And he dearly hoped she would.
Then the drummer from Legion crossed the bar and shook hands with them all, well... Not Harlyn. Zack shook it and looked at him for a second, wondering what the look of recognition apparent in the drummer who introduced himself as Ace meant. Then he turned his attention towards Kasei and they downed a shot. Zack drank the last of his beer and then heard more 'conversation' coming from his left. The man who'd tried to calm Vivian down was now offering drinks to them all again, but before Zack could agree, Harlyn stormed off after throwing curses and foul language around her. When she threw the shot in the Legion-eer's face, Zack closed his eyes and sighed. Fortunately she had the sense to storm off after that.

"Fucking... Oh.." he said angrily and walked towards Rick. "I'm sorry about that," he said genuinely. "I'll take care of her." Zack patted his shoulder in a friendly manner and handed the man a tissue from the bar. Then he looked at Vivian. "I don't know what your fucking game is." he started and pointed at her, eyebrows furrowed. "I just wanted to start off in a nice way here, but that's impossible, it seems." Zack took a step away from the bar, but decided he wasn't quite finished. He sighed deeply once and then continued in a calm and controlled voice (although it took a lot of energy). "Please don't take this as a threat," he said. "It's merely a warning. You can talk all the shit you want, to me, to my bandmates. But if you ever lay a finger on them..." Zack paused and clenched his teeth. "I'm coming for you."
With one last look at Rick, not one of anger but more of remorse, Zack hammered his shot glass down on the bar and then went after Harlyn.

When he finally caught up with her outside the bar -well out of sight- he grabbed her arm gently. "Harlyn!" he said and stopped her. "I know you're pissed at that woman, and so would I be if I was in the same situation as you." he started and took a deep breath. "But you went over the line." Zack let go of her arm and a tired expression came over his face. He cared for this girl and didn't want to do this, but apparently he had to. "Way fucking over."