EarthDaniel Hearse

A Mechanic and a Scholar

a character in “Mind Control”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Daniel Hearse
Gender: Male
Personality: A devoted young Great, Hearse wishes to bring an end to the reign of the Psychoits. He is generally polite, but very easily provoked.
Group: The Great
Traits: Thin, Fast, Smart
Powers: Has the ability to easily plan and strategize complicated gambits, and easily put together complicated devices.
History: Hearse was born under the ownership of a Master, and worked for her loyally and mindlessly putting together various war machines in her service. When an immune saw his talent, she cured him of his mind control, and immediately afterward he took one of his tanks and killed his former master. He now builds the rebellion's more powerful devices.
Equipment: 1x Assault Rifle, 1x Plasma Weapon

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Daniel Hearse's Story