EarthMichelle Retna

A Master who doesn't care about the war at all

a character in “Mind Control”, as played by missclickBOOM

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Gender: Female

Personality: An aloof person who doesn't really care about either side winning.Goes wherever she wants and doesn't think twice about insulting a person.Prefers to stay in the shadows and not get involved with eather side.She is very violent when angered.

Group: The Master

Traits: Strong,sneaky,manupulative

Powers: Has the abiltiy to make anyone do whatever she wishes with just a few seconds of focuse and eye contact

History:She was the daughter of a Master and a Suggester,told since birth that she must use her talent to make the world bow before her.Ran away when she was thirteen to live a nomadic lifestyle.Will ocassionally help the rebellion without their knowledge.

Equipment: 1xplasma bazooka,3xassult rifles

So begins...

Michelle Retna's Story