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A society ruled by a group of Psychics with mind-control capabilities. Need Masters!

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Owner: Solaron
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Setting: Earth2011-04-02 04:21:31, as written by missclickBOOM
Michelle barely ayed attention to the boy she bumed into and continued to run until she had arrived at her make shift home,it was an abondoned factory near the one she had given him directions for.It used to be a car factory but had been shut down due to bad business and competition from other companies owned by Master's who had many skilled mechanics at their disposal.She set her bazooka down next to her raggety matress,flopping down onto it with a heavy sigh.A loud rumble echoed through the empty factory,signalling that she hadn't eaten in two days .She walked over to her traveling pack and grabbed a loaf of,munching on it as she began to climb up the stairs to the windows.You could clearly see the sheet metal factory that was only about a half a mile away,she decided to sit and watch,wanting to observe the events that would unfold.