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A society ruled by a group of Psychics with mind-control capabilities. Need Masters!

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Setting: Earth2011-04-02 23:14:45, as written by Solaron
Hearse grew impatient, and decided to head out to the factory alone. Once again, he made an announcement.
"Oi, I'm heading out. Anyone who decides the want to go, head to the factory. "
With that, he took his Plasma Cannon and assault rifle, put on a specially made helmet with telescopic sights in the eyes, and began to head to the factory. He arrived at the factory fairly quickly, and noticed the other factory roughly half a mile away, and looked through it with his telescopic sights. He saw half-finished cars, and also noticed a bit of movement in the factory, though he could not identify it. He decided he would investigate that factory after he was done with this one. He quickly went into the factory; a factory that produced the specific type of metal he needed. He quickly went to the shipping room, and examined the metal.
I can use this.
He quickly went through the production lines; this factory used machines to produce it, rather than men. It most likely went out of business when the Masters decided they didn't need the metal. The automated factory would be easy to bring back to working condition; it would only be a few days work. He phoned back to Alpha Base, telling them to send some of the better mechanics, to get this factory working, and quickly.
"Oi. Anyone Mechanic within a mile of the factory better get there, now. That's an order."
He would go to investigate the car factory and find out what the movement in there was. He began to head towards the factory.