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A society ruled by a group of Psychics with mind-control capabilities. Need Masters!

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Owner: Solaron
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Setting: Earth2011-04-02 23:50:02, as written by missclickBOOM
Michelle let out a soft yawn,it was getting a bit boring waiting for him and she felt herself become drowsy.She perked up slightly when she saw a heavily armored figure approach the car factory,seeing that it was the mechanic she cursed and dashed down the stairs towards the factory floor."Damn Mechanic,you were just suposed to go to the sheet metal factory",she muttered to herself as she began to put away all evidince of her bieng there.She didn't mind helping the rebels ocassionally but she tried to keep away from them most of the time,making contact with them only when it was necessary.She hid her matress and pack in one of the cars before climbing into the trunk.Keeping it slightly open and allowing herself to peer out and decide if she needed to use her powers on the intruder or not.