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A society ruled by a group of Psychics with mind-control capabilities. Need Masters!

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Owner: Solaron
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Setting: Earth2011-04-03 00:51:36, as written by missclickBOOM
MIchelle sighed and gazed back at him,"I'm not going to control you right now for your information as long as you don't try anything." She lowered her mahagony orbs to the ground and slowly put down her weapon though her finger was still firmly glued on the trigger."I am Michelle Retna and this factory is my home at the moment.If there was a spy you should have went back to your base immedeatly and if there wasn't than you should have just stayed at the factory.I do not want you or any other rebels coming in here so leave."
She raised an eyebrow at him and laid down on the hood,"Now do you have any other questions that you want to be answered? If so,make them quick,I may not have a weapon to build or a mind to enslave to but I am in need of rest." She let out a slight yawn and looked at him with a bored expression.