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A society ruled by a group of Psychics with mind-control capabilities. Need Masters!

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Owner: Solaron
Game Masters: Solaron
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Setting: Earth2011-04-03 01:38:14, as written by missclickBOOM
Michelle raised an eyebrow and slid down the hood of the car,keeping a strong grip on her weapon.She stood in front of him and stared directly at him,pressing her bazooka against his side."You and both know that is wrong,you are merely keeping me alive because you want something from me and due to your connection with the rebels you probably want information about the Masters,am I right?" Without waiting for his answer she said,"Well I can't give you that,I cut off my connections with the Masters when I was thirteen." She stared deep into his eyes and emmited a low humming sound,putting him completely under her thrall.Pushing him down onto his knees she stared down at him with cold eyes,"Quite frankly,I don't care if either side is defeated and killed,I just want the rebels and the psychcoits to leave me alone.",she released her hold on him and went back to sit on the hood of the car.