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A society ruled by a group of Psychics with mind-control capabilities. Need Masters!

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Owner: Solaron
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Setting: Earth2011-04-03 01:49:55, as written by Solaron
Hearse felt the buzzing in the back of his skull grow stronger as she pushed him down, his body not providing any resistance. When she released him, He quickly stood back up, and looked at her again. The buzzing in his skull was more intense now, but only slightly; a few seconds of control wouldn't seriously effect him, and would be gone in a few moments. He quickly questioned why she put him under control without giving a command.
"What was the point of that? Did you just feel like it?"
Hearse pressed his fingers against his temples, and was slightly more fearful of her. He decided he would leave as soon as possible, but wanted to hear what else she might have to say.