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On the otherside of the mirror lies a world the opposite of ours, but who's to say we aren't the ones on the opposite side?

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Owner: Hirochi-Zangus
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Show us the source of our awe...

Look into a mirror. Seriously. Get up and go look. What do you see? Yourself, or the reflection of what is believed to be yourself? A mirror is a glass that reflects light to show us what it sees, but does it really? Is there not a world behind that glass that looks at us everytime we look into theirs? A reverse world where black is white and good is bad? Who's to say we're real? Maybe we're the distored reflection in the water? What if we're behind the glass...?

This is a roleplay about Mirrors and the world behind them. An Alter, an exact replicate of our form, lives on the other side of the mirror, but they are completely unike us by every detail: Opposite handwriting, facial features, likes, dislikes, even feeling. Everything besides sex. Why? Because they are everything you aren't, but they are still you to a point. They have opposite favorites to you, even opposite views of the world. But some people talk to their mirror image and have conformed them to be more like themselves. Go in the bathroom and talk to the mirror. Will you get a response? Probably not but that's be creepy if you did. That's because they're listening to you. They take our information and form it into a reality. A few teenagers have decided that one night, during a party, to try Bloody Mary. Though they failed by leaving the lights on after stuffing the bottom of the door with cloth so they fooled the others into thinking the light was still off, the portal in the mirror was still active from the chant. When they get sucked into a world where things are opposite of theirs, who's the leader and who's the victim? How do they get back? The way they came in? No. They have to travel this distorted world and find a way to leave this "halloween town" and return to their "normal" lives, but not everyone wants them to leave. Bloody Mary wants them to stay... forever...



[More to add when we get into the RP some more]


- post regularly
- PM me if you are elaving
- Use proper grammar and spelling
- Be polite
- RATED M for Gore, Violence, Language, and Graphic Themes
- Have fun
- PM me ?'s

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Character Portrait: Spencer Hill A 17 year old High School Student who's now sucked into a demented world.
Character Portrait: Emily
Emily played by gloomy sunday.
you belong with me ;;

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