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Project Icarus, is stronger than ever, but the fight still continues.

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Owner: Ark Reahver
Game Masters: Ark Reahver
Tags: action, adventure, fighting., free running, mirror\'s edge, parkour, revolution, runners (Add Tags »)
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The government implemented a policy of invasive surveillance, tracking all forms of electronic communication in order to reduce crime to nearly nonexistent levels and quelling any challenge to its power. The people of New Eden protested against the movement, on many occasions. Then the "November Riots" happened. Peaceful protests that turned horribly violent. Ever since then, the people simply gave up. They lost their will to fight and let the city take over. They chose a peaceful life.

Eighteen years later, businesses, corporations, "special interest groups", and revolutionaries relied on a new system of communication. Runners who existed on the edges of the city, high above on the rooftops and sky ways were responsible for exchanging information. They only carried the information that was too "dirty" to exchange over the highly monitored phone and e-mail channels. Things soon changed, a new organization called Icarus came into the picture. They specialized in hunting and eliminating Runners.

In the middle of the movement was a young woman named Faith. She battle against Icarus in an attempt to free herself and her sister from the tyranny of the government. After rescuing her sister and destroying many of the communications servers. Faith managed to disappear from the radar.

Twelve year's later...

It is now the thirtieth anniversary of the "November Riots". The city is currently going through a renaissance of art and music, all within the government's control of course. They are trying to instigate a movement that creates the illusion that they are not as controlling as they really are. But the real revolution is going on outside the spectrum of regular life. Graffiti art is being displayed all around the city. Colorful works of intricate symbolic artwork has been showing up in strange places. They appear only in the most isolated places, and are never bigger than a stop sign. They have been left there by people known as Phantoms. Dressed in all white, they are the secret operators of the new movement.

They are called the map's to paradise. Runners have been spotted around the city. It seems that someone has thrown the spirit of life back into the city. The map's are a competition, to find the Runner's Paradise. Rumored to be a place free of surveillance, filled with all forms of creative freedoms, music art, unrestricted expression. People have been slowly recruited to become the newest Runners. To initiate change, and to bring the real color back into the city.

Here is your invitation.

Find freedom.
Learn your true identity.
You posses great talent.

Avert your eyes from the illusions.
Bend the rules that they created.
Overthrow their oppression.
Veer onto your own path.
End your life, and star a new one.

1345 OTD.ph. We'll see you there.

You will be the first of many to be awakened. From a young age you have been trained to become a Runner, expert in hand to hand combat, Parkour, and free running. When you were ready you were abandoned, left with no answer's. Years later. You have been given this letter. The address has taken you to the top floor of a building in the old town district. The room is empty. Exempt for the other people in the room.


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