Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

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Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned offers a home for orphaned and homeless teens. It seems like a nice place to live but little do the teens know. Miss Karina is not the person she claims to be and they have walked into a death trap.

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Owner: Aniihya
Game Masters: Aniihya
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Logan stands with a warm smile on his face to Miss. Karina and nods taking his plate and pushing in his chair "thank you for breakfast Miss. Karina." He then proceeds to exit the room and wash his dishes and then he is just walking around the house sure to avoid the basement. It reminded him of where his previous parents made him sleep and beat him, sure they would show their love when he was good and he had good memories of going to fun places with them. But they could still turn in the blink of an eye and cover him in bruises. Logan shivers and accidently runs into will and looks at him, the two of them face to face.

Logan is slightly blushing partially embarrassed and partly enjoying being pressed to Will and he softly says "h-h-hi Will" he is slightly chewing the tip of his tongue and is attempting to look as cute as possible while taking a step back and leaning against the wall. Logan has a slight smile on his face hoping his old charm, and new kindness may actually get him something hes always wanted, someone to care. Sure he had others who cared a lot back on the streets and he loved each and every one of them...but here he might be able to have this and not fear for his life every five minutes.