Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

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Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned offers a home for orphaned and homeless teens. It seems like a nice place to live but little do the teens know. Miss Karina is not the person she claims to be and they have walked into a death trap.

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Owner: Aniihya
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Miss Karina grinned and said to Emi: "I see you are up. But today is school. You cant go to school like that. Wear something nice like a dress or a buttoned up shirt with a skirt. And you would probably have to go hungry since were leaving soon." Miss Karina didnt like rebels in her house and if Emi ended up being a rebel, she would have to be punished. None of the teens have been punished yet but she felt that at least one of them with suffer today.

Meanwhile Will was approached by Logan. "Hi there Logan. Whats up? You need something? How about you come over to me after school if Mother is fine with it."