Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned Open

Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned offers a home for orphaned and homeless teens. It seems like a nice place to live but little do the teens know. Miss Karina is not the person she claims to be and they have walked into a death trap.

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Owner: Aniihya
Game Masters: Aniihya
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Emi bit her lip and ran back upstairs to change..she up on a wight button up long sleeved shirt with a red and black vest, black toe shoes and a red and wight skirt.
She walked back down stairs and looked at Miss Karina hiding a frown, " Sorry Miss Karina.." Emi said glancing at the other teens then back at Miss Karina hearing something weird in the basement.
" What's..that..? " EMi asked confused..she was pretty sure all the Teens were already up and dressed.