Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

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Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned offers a home for orphaned and homeless teens. It seems like a nice place to live but little do the teens know. Miss Karina is not the person she claims to be and they have walked into a death trap.

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Owner: Aniihya
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(Since its going slow and we are kind of not really getting anywhere, I will let a fire break out at school. Now the horror begins.)

Miss Karina laughed nervously and said: "Its nothing. Maybe something fell over." The phone then rang. Miss Karina picked it up: "Yes. Uhuh. Okay. Thats too bad." She then hung up and said: "Well. A fire broke out at the school, so you will have to wait until tomorrow until school starts. Do what you like but if you change wear somewhat decent clothes, it doesnt have to be formal. We will go on a trip instead at noon." Miss Karina still had to think where they should go but first she went to the door to look for Grace. She was out on the porch. Miss Karina grabbed Grace by her arm and tugged her inside. She might have gripped her arm a bit though. "Grace. Didnt I say dont leave the house without my supervision?" She said to Grace. Miss Karina had planned to punish her after talking to her by luring her into the basement and if Grace wouldnt come she would tug Grace to the basement.