Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned

Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned Open

Miss Karinas Home for the Abandoned offers a home for orphaned and homeless teens. It seems like a nice place to live but little do the teens know. Miss Karina is not the person she claims to be and they have walked into a death trap.

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Owner: Aniihya
Game Masters: Aniihya
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Emi nodded and said " yes ma'am " and walked up but stairs, she kept on the wight button up shirt and the vest but she changed into black jeans that looked almost formal but still went with the shirt and the vest nicely, she then brushed out her hair and put it up in a pony tail so she did not look like a reblae and she looked desent.
walking back down stairs she saw that Miss Karina was gone..so was grace..?
She shrugged that off and sat down at the end of the table and started to read one of the books Miss Karina had bought her on the last field trip.