MLP: A Wonderful Balance, Indeed

MLP: A Wonderful Balance, Indeed

World domination? Nope, just balance of good AND evil.

350 readers have visited this universe since xFerretGirlTheThirdx created it.

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World domination? Nah, it’d be no fun if we ruled everything. We’d rather settle for a more humble and exciting goal, while still doing our job. Discord had some pretty neat ideas, but he over did things a bit. What we’re looking for is balance. A world with too much disorder gets boring, and is too one sided. Likewise, so is a world with too much harmony.

That’s where we come in.

So, you thought everything was fine and dandy thanks to the Elements of Harmony, hm? Well guess what, there’s also the Elements of Chaos. To our dismay, they’re not as original thanks to the fact they take right from the so called ‘7 Deadly Sins’, but whatever works, works. Point is, they’re here to help balance out the good and evil. Everypony always says that it’s good to have this balance, but in the end all they want is the good to win, and to rule over everything. That doesn’t sound very balanced to me. We’re jumping on to this a bit later than we would’ve like, but you know what they say, ‘better late than never!’

We are the Ponies of Chaos.

So far, the only ponies who know about us are scholars, and our dear Princess Celestia. Maybe even Princess Luna. Although, I can assure you that as time goes on, everypony will know who we are, and if we play our cards right, they’ll understand what it truly means to have balance.


In a nutshell, this is a role play about a group of ponies rivaling the Elements of Harmony. They enjoy spending their time creating small and big mischief that goes into theme with the element (or sin) they represent. Sometimes they work together, sometimes they don’t. Because of this, the Elements of Harmony need to step in. In the beginning, no pony, not even the Elements of Chaos themselves, will know of their existence. How they find out is entirely up to you.

Character Sheets (These must be filled out for canon chars too):
Code: Select all
[b] Appearance:[/b](Either a picture or description, or both. This has been placed first because ponies always make their initial judgments about others based on appearance.)
[b]Species:[/b] (Earth pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn, or it can be another animal completely)
[b]Gender:[/b] (The gender is found out shortly afterwards.)
[b]Name:[/b] (First and last name required)
[b]Affiliation:[/b] (Element of Harmony, Element of Chaos, or other)
[b]Age:[/b] (In pony years, I’m not sure how human and pony years match up(at least in the show))
[b]Personality:[/b] (A brief description will do.)
[b]Background:[/b] (What’s their family like? What troubles have they had to face so far? What kind of life have they been leading?)
[b]Anything else?:[/b]

Elements of Harmony:
Element of Magic – Twilight Sparkle – Lee
Element of Loyalty – Rainbow Dash – TheOneAndOnly
Element of Honesty – Applejack – Open!
Element of Kindness – Fluttershy – xFerretGirlTheThirdx
Element of Laughter – Pinkie Pie – Banksyt
Element of Generosity – Rarity – Open!

Elements of Chaos: (7 deadly sins kid-ified more or less, minus lust, for the sake of having 6 and 6)
Element of Desire (Greed) – Golden Glide – Synntinn
Element of Hunger (Gluttony) – Tony – Banksyt
Element of Laziness (Sloth) – Cinaswirl – xFerretGirlTheThirdx
Element of Anger (Wrath) – Sparks – R3lly
Element of Jealousy (Envy) – N/A – Reserved for TheOneAndOnly
Element of Smugness (Pride) – Star Glitter – Lee

Other Characters (Canon or Original):
(Princess Celestia is a character I’d like to have in here as well, she’ll be minor I think, but still good to have around.)
Spike - R3lly
Kokuoh - JayZeroSnake
Jack in the Box - SoulShaker
Sea Spray- SoulShaker

Toggle Rules

~> Write at least one paragraph (roughly five sentences) for each post. Although, writer’s block is understandable and you will be able to get away with a few posts shorter than that.
~>Keep things PG13
~>Love and tolerance; no being disrespectful or mean in the OOC! If you’re having problems with a fellow role player, please be mature about it, and maybe even take it to PMs!
~>Don’t do anything stupid.
~>We know some people don’t like ponies, you don’t have to explain it to us if you’re one of them~
~>Please try to post at least once a week. If you’re in a situation that doesn’t allow you to do so, tell us, we’ll understand!

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The Shine of the Sun on the Dusty desert landscape Kokuoh was so used to was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. The Monster truck sized black horse of 4 horse years was eager to start the attack with his master.

Enemy troops were charging into the Glorious Ken-Oh Army, as his master, Lord Ken-Oh, was riding into battle. Kokuoh let out a fierce battle roar, as he stomped out motorcycles, dune buggies, and people's heads. Ken-Oh was smashing into people with his fists, which were the size of Large Gorillas, and glowing red from the sheer amount of inner energy in them.

Kokuoh was about to finish off a lone trooper who was crawling away in fear, but he had his hooves prepared, and his lock on system prepared-


The Bloody SUN!

Kokuoh's head rose up as he groaned. He began to pick himself up, and shook a hoove angrily at the skies.

"Curse this Infernal Mortal Coil!" He Boomed, before moving ahead. One of his legs was limp, and he was completely dehydrated. He seemed to also have tossed on a hooded robe, pulling the top over to escape the blasted sunlight on the path he began to walk on, to what a nearby sign read: 'EQUESTRIA~!'

All there was left to do now was to walk...

….And Sing a merry tune.

"...100 Thugs to crush in my way, 100 thugs in my way! Smash one down, stomp around, 99 thugs to crush in my way…."


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Meanwhile, walking right into the path of the horse that easily resembled death, was a pony that easily resembled the meaning of life itself, and possibly even the cure for cancer. At least, that’s what her fans think of her. Her friends simply refer to her as “Fluttershy”.

“Come along now little animals, we’re getting close…”

The hushed voice was directed at a small family of absolutely adorable raccoons. Their home was ruined by some unknown cause, and Fluttershy being Fluttershy just HAD to help. Being turned towards the raccoons rather than the direction she was headed, the poor little pony didn’t notice the looming menace until it was too late.

Fluttershy, upon feeling herself bump into something, whirled around, faced the other equine, and immediately began spewing apologies.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to- I was just helping these- please forgive me-“

Being socially awkward, she struggled to complete even one sentence. So, she resorted to backing up slowly, while almost trampling the raccoons, causing her incomplete apologies to increase, and flip from the black horse to the raccoons.

“Oh dear! I’m sorry, are you alright- I’ll watch where I- I think I better-“


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Kokuoh blinked at the soft words of Fluttershy, about to reply with a vicious, aggressive, violent reto-.

Then he coughed.

"Need….Bruce Lee's….Favorite…Drink." He slurred in a raspy voice, as he began to breath funny.

Despite his Dark, Evil appearance, Kokuoh grumbled, falling to his side when he tried to utter another word. His tongue lolled out of his mouth, moving around for a drop of water, before drying up and turning into dust.

"Waaaaa…." Wailed Kokuoh Painfully, as if he was the Kung Fu man himself. "…TAAAAAAH!!!!"

Kokuoh dropped his head, the hood of his robe drifting off to reveal his spiky mane. His Eyes were replaced with cartoony X's And a new tongue was sticking out, while his limp leg twitched, eventually stopping as he slipped into unconsciousness.





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#, as written by R3lly
Sparks was running across the landscape as he normally did to stay fit. A small rock tripped him sending him tumbling. Standing shakily he squinted through his blue sunglasses. An angry expression came to his face. "Rocks!" HE boomed out. turning he kicked the rock extremely hard sending it flying back into Ponyville. "I hate rocks!" He yelled out running to a tree and kicked it several times. "Trees!" He roared stamping at the ground before calming down. Shaking his head Sparks began to run again.

As he continued to run his pace quickening as he felt the wind blow past his face he stopped short. "Wonder where I could get some food." He wondered aloud his stomach rumbling. Licking his lips he ran even faster this time. Throwing back his head Sparks spit high into the air. Sparks was laughing so hard that he didn't see where he was going and tripped over something big and brown. Now sprawled on the object Sparks stood on it to try and understand what it was. For some unexplored reason he was standing on a fallen tree.

Stomping on the tree Sparks tried to find something to be angry about, usually an easy task. Noticing that there was barely any sun shining through the clouds Sparks grinned and yelled out, "Pegasus ain't doing there jobs, what a lazy bunch!" lowering his head Sparks awaited someone to hear him and confront his for his words.


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Fluttershy let out a shrill, distressed squeal. Well, it was nothing more than a small, illegally adorable squeak. She fidgeted in place for a few moments, softly stomping around helplessly as if needed aid were to come flying out of the ground. It was the first time she had seen such a large, menacing horse, and it was the first time anypony had suddenly collapsed in front of her without any kind of warning.

Well, she had to do something.

“U-um, are you okay?” The uneasy pony crept up to the mare, and prodded him with her hoof. “Do you need s-something? You don’t look very nice. I-I mean, you look nice, b-but it’s just that… you look… not w-well. If you know what I mean.”

Fluttershy’s panic rose, and she let out another squeak, and another on slot of stomping around. Of course, Fluttershy panicking is the equivalent of a teddy bear falling out of somepony’s back window; it’s hard to notice, but if you happen to see it, it’s too comical to think that there could possibly be anything wrong.

Meanwhile, the two largest of the raccoon family from before scurried over with a bucket full of nice, refreshing, arctic-cold water.

“Oh my, w-where did you-“

The water was not-so-delicately dispensed onto the fainted horse.


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Kokuouh was able to take in only some of the water, as let the rest of his face take in the liquid. It like regular cold water due to the fact he spent most of his days in a barren wasteland that was covered in heat 24/7. But due to the fact he didn't drink All of it, from the way it was poured.

Kokuoh snapped his head back and forth, his blood red eyes widening, until he looked back to Fluttershy…

"…May I please have more?" He asked in his calmest voice possible. "I must thank you for that act of assistance…"

Deciding standing was too much effort, he dropped back down.

"This place called Equestria: Is it far?" Asked the Equine. "I'm to return elsewhere, but need rest first. Are there others such as yourself? preferably some strong ones. Might as well work on having a successor found while I'm in the presence of other animals…"

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