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When did I become so cold? Where is my self control?

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He was born with blonde hair that he dyed black a few years back. He has light, light blue eyes. He's skinny and tall, but he's very strong for what he looks. He has tattoo's up his arms and all over his torso.

(He looks like Russell Brand, kinda. lol)


He's the outcast of the family. Though, he'll do anything to protect his sister, even if it means dying. He hangs out with the goth/emo kids and his mom is almost ALWAYS worried about him. He's a daredevil, he'll do pretty much anything. He is also BEAST at the drums.


He carries around a pair of drumsticks in his back pocket. Always.
A pocketknife and lighter.


He was in an alley after a party with his friends when some guy came up. Being brave he tried to deck the guy but instead got fangs to his wrist. Three days later he woke up in the alley. He went home, got questioned, and then started to get tattoo's and dye his hair.

So begins...

Ronnie Luna's Story

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Setting: torchwood2012-02-04 22:05:18, as written by bandgeek
I watched Alex wearily, still ready to attack him. Though, finally, my shoulders shrugged and I let out a sigh of relief. "All right. All right." I mumble, nodding. My head turns to Koi as she grabs both our hands. "I don't think Alex and I eat the kind of food you cook." I say quietly, turning my head away from her. "But...Alex, I might've found something that will make your stomach happy for the time being." He motions for the blonde haired girl walking towards the vampire bar to come over. She looked very pretty, something I was pretty sure Alex liked. Long legs, small waist, and overall petite.

I wearily walked over to the male that beckoned me over. He was cute, but when I saw his friend, I swear I almost fainted. I ran my manicured fingers through my hair and stopped a friendly distance away from them. "Hi, I'm Alice." I say kindly, smiling to them all. "I work here and noticed you motioning my over." I motion to Jay's when I told them I worked here before trying to catch one of the guys eyes[Alex].