More trouble in Middle-Earth

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j. r. r. tolkiens world with nods towards a couple of his characters and locations


This role-play is set in J. R. R. Tolkiens Middle-Earth after the Return of the King. A new dark power is rising in the lands south of Gondor but has not yet reached the borders.

The King of Men, Aragorn is aware of the latest troubles but does nothing at this time feeling that the peace in the land since the fall of Sauron outweighs the unease in the south, although he does his duty and informs the other leaders of the people, Legolas of Mirkwood and Gimli of Durin Folk. With all agreeing not to mass for battle, the peace continues.

The heirs of the three disagree with their kinsmen and take matters into their own hands to find out what is happening and combat the threat.

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#, as written by A.Halt
I wandered aimlessly around the outer rooms of the White City completely bored of the council being in session. Nothing happened in Gondor these day so what could take so long to discuss? My eyes glinting, I went to the room behind the council room. Pressing my ear to the thinest part of the wall, hoping that my father was sat in his normal place.
"I am aware of this so called threat to the south but it is nothing. Peace through out the lands is of vital importance and......."
"All respect my King, We should do something! Send a spy to identify if there is a threat"
"There will be if a spy is found"

I pulled back, something happening in the south? And Aragorn would do nothing against it? A small smile flashed across my face, time for a change I think. I raced back to my rooms and grabbed my bow, quiver and sword.

I managed to get out of the Palace and to the stables without anyone noticing me and mounted my black horse. Spearing him on in a fast gallop, I left the City and entered the sweeping lands. Breathing deeply, I aimed towards Mirkwood, if I was going to do something about this, whatever this was, I would need help and who better to help than the heirs of Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli of Moria.

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Gondor by A.Halt

Gondor, the home of the King of Men and location of the White City. Bordering Rohan, Gondor is a stronghold and the jewel of man.

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Gondor by A.Halt

Gondor, the home of the King of Men and location of the White City. Bordering Rohan, Gondor is a stronghold and the jewel of man.


Gondor, the home of the King of Men and location of the White City. Bordering Rohan, Gondor is a stronghold and the jewel of man.

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