Alyania Desina

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a character in “Mortal Tales”, as played by Butterfly Effect



Name: Alyania Desina
Age: 121
Race: Half Dark Elf/Half Frost Elf
Gender: female
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: Around 110


Beliefs: Alyania is the champion of a Dryad of the Scalwood. She protects these woods she calls home as well as traveling the lands to plant seeds where others have turned forest to wasteland. While she understands the need for felling trees she knows the balance must be upheld between nature and the races.

Alyania has a hatred of Orcs and often clashes with them as she tries to fill the Deadlands with life. Part of her though while she hates what they did to her father knows that without them her mother would have never found her love.

Due to this Alyania rarely sees the world in black and white and looks for the right in each situation.

Personality: Alyania spends much of her time alone in the woods with nature and it’s creatures. As such she is often seen as shy and awkward in her relationships to others.
Alyania can come off as cold and unfriendly due to this. As she is able to open up to others her true nature is seen. She is deeply caring and would do almost anything to help one she has called a friend.
Once you earn her trust Alyania will trust you until you break that trust and should you break it she may never truly trust you again.
Alyania can not stand people that kill for no reason or for evil reasons. If you destroy nature without need or for “fun” she is likely to kill you on the spot.
For the most part Alyania keeps a cool head. But if pushed too far or you harm her friends or nature she will show anger and rage.

In short Alyania is much like nature. If you respect it you have nothing to fear. But if you cross it…

Frost Rune Bow - a gift from her mother this bow turns normal arrows to frost arrows that will chill and in rare cases freeze those hit by them.

Dark Elf Dagger - a wicked looking curved long dagger given to Alyania by her father. When the blade strikes a foe it releases a poison effect that weakens them unless they resist it.

Runed White Tiger Figure (see magic for details)

Leather armor and a cloak acts as both armor and clothing.

Backpack filled with medical herbs, food, water, camping gear and other survival items.

Known Magic:

Dryad Pact: A pact made when Alyania was still considered a child with a Dryad named Sylivi. This pact grants Alyania the power to control and even speak with plants. It also gives her a knowledge of which plants are good for medicines and food. As part of the pact Alyania is expected to “return” what she takes by using the Dryad powers to regrow what is taken and to bring life to barren lands.

Creature Charming: This power lets Alyania speak and tame most common animals

Racial: Alyania’s Frost Elf blood grants her a resistance to cold. It will take cold much longer to affect her. The downfall of this is that she is much less resistant to heat.

Racial: Darkvision granted by Alyania’s Dark Elf blood. She can see in the dark.

Runic White Tiger: A figure given by her mother grants Alyania a white tiger companion that is summoned by rubbing blood on the rune of it’s figure. This Tiger will remain by her side and follow her orders until the blood's power wanes, Alyania dismisses her, or the tiger dies. If tiger dies Alyania can not summon her again until The mystic tiger reforms. This takes a full day.


Alyania’s story starts over 100 years before her birth with the tale of a very unlikely pairing. Over 200 years ago a Dark Elf exile seeking a new life above ground wandered into a land that no one goes though alone. The Deadlands… A name that almost rang true for this young Dark Elf man.

It was only by chance that the young female Frost elf ranger found what the Orcs had left of the unfortunate Dark elf. Taking pity and feeling compassion for the man despite what he was the young ranger brought him with her into the woods she called home.

The Ranger nursed the exile back to life. As the time passed and the Exile grew stronger in the Ranger’s care a bond grew. Friendship formed and that bossemed into love. From that love was born a child.

So now Alyania enters her own tale. Born and raised by her father and mother both now rangers she learned how to live in and from the forest and nature. She learned to hunt and toned her body to be quick and agile as the creatures of the forest around her.

As fate would have it the young Alyania would soon meet with those that granted her parents their gifts. “Do not be afraid.” Her mother whispered. “Be strong.” Her father added. As they gently pushed her forward into the Dryad’s grove.

Alyania’s life was forever changed that day. The day her pact began. As she grew so did her powers. So did her knowledge of the world. Soon she learned that the world as not always nice. Not always pure waters and calm breezes. Sometimes it was danger… and fighting.

Alyania found that sometimes you might fight for what is good and for what you love. And so she learned and so she trained and so she fought. She grew to become the Ranger, the protector, the silent arrow that all evil fears.

So begins...

Alyania Desina's Story


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#, as written by Sonofel



The Millennial Fair


It is high noon on April 5th, 1000 OA (Overnan Age), the 1000th anniversary of the empire is upon you and travelers from all over the western region have made their way to the quiet town of Ashnel for a grand fair. A glorious celebration of ten centuries of peace and prosperity. Merchant stalls have crowded the streets selling goods from all over the empire. A melting pot of numerous different races, tribes, clans and professions who have come to entertain and to be entertained. In the center of town is the merchants square where dozens of different vendors sale their wares. Thousands of people big and small, young and old rush about going about their business and enjoying the festivities. In the center of the square, a small stage has been built where a group of magicians are preforming before a large audience. On the edge of the square, you find a large tavern called "Hallow's Inn". One by one the four of you find your way to Hallow's Inn for one reason or another. Within the tavern you find a large, heavy set human man behind the bar serving drinks to a couple dwarves shouting and laughing as they grab their drinks and make their way to a small table. The bar seems relatively empty as the fair outside seems to have drawn most potential customers outside. But you also notice what looks like a lone hooded high elf in the corner of the tavern, a gnome sitting at the opposite table with an elderly red skinned orc and a middle aged man on the table next to the two dwarves continuously downing one dwarven ale after another. A young human woman with golden blond hair can also be seen walking around the tavern, grabbing food from the bar and serving another elderly human woman who takes a seat at a small table next to the front door.



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Alyania Desina had set out from her home in the Scalwood about two weeks ago. Her parents had tasked her with heading to the southlands to gather news and reports from the Greenwood rangers. Alyania made a request to head to the Millennial fair in Ashnel. Though she claimed it was to gather information for the people from all quarters of the Empire, it was in truth that she wished to see the fair. Her parent’s agreed and so she set off.

Alyania had made her way past the old ruins of Korhelm careful to avoid the bulk of the goblin horde that called it home. A few patrols were unlucky enough to cross her path. These met a swift end as Alyania made her way through the open plain and into the Greenwood.

Once in the Greenwood she made her way down river by boat with one of the Greenwood rangers. He gave his report and warned Alyania to be careful going south. He left her with his boat at the outskirts of Ennore. He wished her luck and vanished into the woods.

Alyania passed quickly through Ennore. What she saw there was troubling and her thoughts dwelt on it as she sailed on. Her mind went over what she saw over and over. She wondered what it all meant. She decided she would take a closer look on the way back home.

After days of sailing down the river Alyania pulled in the dock closest to Ashnel. The crowds had been more than Alyania had foreseen. She found herself quickly out of her element making her way through the peoples until she spotted the sign for the Hallow's Inn.

Alyania slipped into Hallow’s End her eyes quickly adjusting to the darkened room. Her gaze fell on the others in the tavern, many of which had turned to look at the newcomer briefly.

“Take a sit anywhere hunny! Be right with ya!” the barmaid said with a practiced smile.

Alyania took a visual survey of the tavern. The hooded high elf, the orc, and the silent human female with a map seemed to Alyania as the only likely threats here so she made sure to find a seat where she could see them and the door as she waited for the barmaid’s return.


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After days of travel on the open road, the humble tavern was always a welcome sight. This was a fact that Hilda knew quite well. The wandering warrior opened the door of the Hallow's Inn and was greeted by a reassuringly comfy atmosphere. The place was still quiet at this time of day, but certainly not deserted. The perfect time to relax and get one's bearings before heading out to explore the fair in town.

“Half a dwarven ale,” Hilda said to the bartender when she could get his attention, handing a few coins over the counter as he set the half-pint mug down on the bar. She thanked him and left the bar with her drink, searching for a table.

There may not have been many people in the pub at the moment, but the swordswoman knew better than to take a seat near the middle. The festivities would doubtless continue long into the night, and things would be getting pretty rowdy by then. And in any case, she preferred being somewhere quiet so she could enjoy her ale in peace.

Skirting around the edge of the room, Hilda spotted a table with a curious, hooded figure seated there. While she liked the quiet, some company wouldn't have gone amiss after travelling on her lonesome, and so she approached the stranger. While maintaining a respectful distance, of course.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken? I've a mind for some peace and quiet, but having someone to talk to for the first time in days would be a refreshing change, methinks.”

It was then that the warrior spotted the note left lying on the table. “Urgent business only.” She nodded in understanding.

“Ah, my apologies. I did not mean to intrude.”

An awkward pause lingered, whether she could have it any other way or not. Bellemere had spotted the woman dressed for battle and dully noted the question with a hasty look towards the rest of the inn.

She couldn't fault the want for some peace, and by the looks of it some the tables that were empty had been a bit too close to the dwarven howling. Others occupied by strangers she also couldn't fault the lady-knight for avoiding out of sheer habit. In particular the elven woman (who Bellemere had given a cold stare in acknowledgement).

“Let strangers be, who strangers be.” Perhaps one of the few less poetic phrases, but Bellemere thought apt to describe that situation. She paid the elf no more mind than she would an anxious child. Hypocrisy was one of her least favourite traits, anyway.

Instead she looked back to the woman, sizing her up perhaps; a soundless sigh making way for a weak smile as a hand grabbed the note and flipped it around.

A piece of charcoal made quick work of covering the note in a greeting: “Forgive the brash note, ma'am. Merely a means to discourage would-be traders, swindlers and other such folk here to waste a young woman's time.”

She jutted a finger at the stool opposite of hers. Talking was, perhaps, a welcome change indeed.


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#, as written by Sonofel

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As you all make your way into the tavern and receive your drinks, the sun high in a cloudless sky. A few customers trickle in and out of the tavern as the celebration roars outside. As you settle in, you notice a young red bearded dwarf clothed in a deep maroon red cape and dark leather armor with gloved hands. Strapped to his back is a short handed iron mace, with finely etched runes on the hilt. On his forehead is an extremely detailed tattoo. Strapped to his waist what appears to be a metallic symbol hooked to a small chain. The silver glint of the symbol almost seems to faintly glow dark blue as he slowly makes his way towards the hooded elf in the corner of the room. The young barkeep starts heading his direction to seemingly serve him a drink, but the dwarf calmly clenches the symbol on his waist and glares at the girl. His eyes seem to change color to a bright red. Without a word, she takes a few steps back and nods. Bellemere and Hilda catch a brief glimpse at the dwarf as he walks past. He stops for a moment next to your table and glances at the two of you. Without a word, he continues on and takes a sit at the hooded elf's table. Bellemere, from her time as a silent sister, instantly recognizes the tattoo on his forehead as the symbol of the Inquisitors. A powerful and highly secretive dwarven organization that is known to hunt down runic artifacts and horde arcane knowledge within the vaults of Errondur. Their prowess with runic magic is feared by many. As the crowed in the tavern continues to grow, it seems many have arrived for lunch. In the corner, the high elf lowers her hood and begins whispering to the inquisitor, but you can't quite make out what she is saying over the growing noise.




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Alyania kept her eyes watching the people of the tavern as she sipped her drink. In and out they went. Alyania's eyes drifted over to the table where two human women spoke from time to time... well one of them spoke.. the other just made some unknown hand signs.

Alyania soon grew bored of the two and let her eyes wonder yet again...

That is when the Dwarf walked in. Alyania couldn't help but watch the dwarf. How he stood out with his red outfit and strange gear that seemed to pulse with magic. She couldn't place the strange tattoo no matter now many times she looked over it's design. Alyania noted the brief glance to the two women before the dwarf went to join the hooded elf. Alyania glanced back to the women wondering if they knew him but they seemed as puzzled as she was.

Alyania decided to keep watch trying to see if she could make out anything the dwarf and elf said.