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79 views · last seen in SunShadow Academy
a character in “Mutant High”, as played by Auricambrflaym


Age: 16
Mutant ability: Catgirl(Tigeress)/Empath
Basic description: Red/brown hair, Bright Green eyes, around 5' 6", tigerlike ears and tail
Class Schedule- 1) Band 2) English 3) Chemistry 4)Mental Control 5)History 6) Geometry 7) Weapons Skills


THe quiet girl in the back of the class, one isn;t likely to notice Julye unless they're looking for her. However, once you get her to open up, it's hard to make her stop talking. She is seldom seen without a book of some sort in her hands, and a pen or pencil is ALWAYS in her hair.


Colorguard flags


Julye is a military brat with a troubled past. Born with her catlike appearance, she was often picked on and beaten as a small child. Before SunShadow, she spent time in a mental institution for "attempting suicide"(In reality, a telepath was forced to make her attempt to hang herself). Her voice still bears scars from the event. During her first year at SunShadow, she was a selective mute, only speaking to her teachers in private or mind to mind(at their prompting; her mindspeaking gift is pretty weak). It was around this time she met the Panther-child Myran.

So begins...

Julye's Story