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A corrupt mayor who doesn't care about anyone's well-being but his own

a character in “My Boy Builds Coffins”, as played by syrafay

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William Beddingsford is a man who had never been attractive in his entire life. His pock-marked face and squinty eyes are repulsive, made even more so by his grotesque size. He is large to the point of not even being able to climb stairs anymore. He is rarely seen without a young whore by his side and a cup of alcohol in his hand. His clothes are generally stained and in disarray, and he always has a drunken, evil grin on his face, as if the world is his oyster.


The mayor is a self-serving imbecile. He doesn't have the brains to do anything but drink and go whoring, but he doesn't need them anyway. The only reason he has his position is because of his marriage of convenience to Elizabeth. Because he believes his wife to be ugly, he treats her cruelly. Anyone else in his life isn't worth it enough to pay attention to, unless they get in his way. He is a bit of a sadist and is a malicious person overall. The only 'kindness' he shows is to the prostitutes he pays for, and that only lasts as long as they please him.




William Beddingsford was born to a middle class family out in the country. Disapproving of his situation in life, he went to school to find a better life. When he was there, he met Charles Middleton, a rich aging man who was soon to die. William, ceasing a rare opportunity, fooled the old man into believing he was a good person and worthy of trust. In his will, Charles dictated that William was to marry Elizabeth, his granddaughter, and inherit all his fortunes. Apparently, Charles Middleton had also been the mayor, so William forcefully inherited his position. Now, he seeks the pleasures of life.

NOTE: William doesn't even give a d*** that his own daughter died. She was only a girl anyway.

So begins...

William Barnes's Story