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{Remake} Five high school boys will be chosen to guard the human race from an invading enemy. Upon being chosen, they are rewarded with an Accomplice- A female demon!

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Owner: Axel4win
Game Masters: Axel4win
Tags: action, anime, demons, magic, romance, teens (Add Tags »)
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Five regular high school boys will be chosen to begin their destiny as the supreme guardians, and help to stop the evil society fixed on destroying the enemy race, the Cirens. But how?! These boys are nothing more than average students, with no super powers or supernatural skills. Well, the boys will be awarded with their own personal demons. These demons will be awarded as a fighting companion for the guardians. They supply the energy needed to give the guardians their own elemental powers. The power of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and lastly, light magic . As the demons help train the guardians to control their powers, they begin to develop feelings for their masters, and the battle between the Cirens and the human race is beginning!!!

No Godmodding.
No one liners.
No OOC fights.
If you have read to and agree to all of the rules write your favorite color in equipment.
No mary sues.
We can add rules if they are reasonable.
Check the OOC daily for announcements.
If any problems PM me or a co-GM.
Have fun!!!

Character Sheet.
Name Here

What do you look like? (Please Provide an Anime Picture)

Who are you?

What's your personality?

What race are you? (if guardian or demon, What Element Are you? If Ciren, what magic powers do you have?)

What's your history?



Air Guardian (M):
Air Demon (F): Charm Aero by Enexral

Fire Guardian (M):
Fire Demon (F):

Water Guardian (M): Caleb Latham by Axel4win
Water Demon (F): Nagisa by NekopirePrincess

Earth Guardian (M):Mizuumi Kurayami by Lakesters
Earth Demon (F):

Light Guardian (M):
Light Demon: (F):


Random NPC Cirens yay!

GM: Axel4win
Co-Gm's: Maci Care, Jadebud98 and Tabris
Originally made by Quelights, Jadebud98 and Maci Care


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Nagisa
0 sightings Nagisa played by NekopirePrincess
Water can be as gental as a ripple or as lethal as a tsunami.

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Character Portrait: Charm Aero
Charm Aero played by Enexral
"As long as he's safe, I'll be ok."
Character Portrait: Mizuumi Kurayami "If I just point at something and a rock goes at it... can I beat the crap out of someone who annoys me with these pebbles?"

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Character Portrait: Nagisa
0 sightings Nagisa played by NekopirePrincess
Water can be as gental as a ripple or as lethal as a tsunami.

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Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

Could i reserve the Fire Demon I will send in my Character very soon as I am in the middle of making it.

Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

I feel horrible that Im not on and Im bailing on you guys, but I wont be on much for the next week or so. I gma passed this morning and we have alot of planning to do. Plus Im just not emotionally stable at the momment. Sorry, but if you want you can kick my chara or just guide her along. What ever causes you guys the least amount of trouble. Im sorry again.



Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

Just so you know i will accept any one who has a good character sheet tonight i am just making sure i gave everyone who wanted to keep playing the Rp a chance to join. So no worries guys i will tell you if you need to change elements but from the looks of it you guys will all be fine at this rate.

Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

Yeah, I'm wondering what happened to my Fire Guardian character? I sent it, and I'm just wondering what happened to it.

Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

Did you get my wind demon entry? I don't like to be rude, but I sent one in when this RP was still on the new rp list and noticed it didn't show up. I was just wondering about it.

Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

hey i will take reservations sorry i didn't notice that. Just so you guys know this is a remake because the old was flat out dying. So i will be giving them rpriotity if you don't get accepted for that reason i will PM you and allow you to be a Ciren. We will need them

Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

I'm sorry! I know it says no reservations And all but the thing is I'm on my touch and I can't get a proper chara profile up. I won't be home till later tonight so if you could save me a female (water/air preferred) till I get hOme I would be very grateful. If not it's cool I'll deal, well hopefully the spot will be open/saved. Thanks

[EDIT] Oh hi tabris! We keep running into each other huh? x3

Re: [OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

May i reserve the Water guardian guy and have his profile up sometime tomorrow?

EDIT: I was hoping for a reservation because i have work tomorrow, but want to join. ^^; I would make it right now, but i would have to go to bed before it was finished.

[OOC] My Demon Accomplice! {Shonen?}

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