EquestriaConrip Johnson

"'Least I don't make it be the night forever,"

a character in “My Little Pony: Friendship Carries On”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Conrip Johnson

Cutie Mark: Image

Talent: Can trick others very well, mainly in getting them to buy (mainly fake or cheap things) for high prices or just scamming others out of their money in general; i.e being a con artist. He’s also a good pickpocket. He can also do more elaborate scams.

Type of Pony: Pegasus

Personality: Conrip may seem fairly calm and relaxed as if he doesn't care about what happens to him, but really he's very secretive and careful about what he does, though he chooses his actions quickly, but not without some thought. He often analyzes what others do and tries to form patterns of how they do certain things, like how they buy things. Despite how secretive and careful he is, he has a rather confident air about him and is confident in his actions and in himself. He always seems to think that he's right, even if he checks his assumptions, and is surprised when he isn't, but will quickly try to form another 'plan'. If he's confronted by someone he might get somewhat nervous or uneasy about having been found out and quickly try to move away from the area, along with try to figure out an escape route, though this depends on who confronts him. He often makes excuses for his actions or at the very least compares them to more 'heinous' crimes to make his not look so bad.

Background: Conrip was brought up thinking that the rich, along with Celestia and all other royals, are just keeping the others away from all the riches while they hog it all to themselves, when really it was just his family taking it out on the ‘higher ups’ for being so bad with money. His father often bet all their money away while his mother had been an expert in supply and demand, yet she always horded all the ‘treasures’ she bought, claiming that she waiting for them to gain more value in money. His parents would often fight about whose fault it was about money matters, when really they had an equal part in fault. But then one day his father won the lottery big time, but soon moved away from his family, never sharing any of the riches.

He got his cutie mark after having successfully scammed a bunch of foals for their baseball cards. Ever since he’s only gotten better and better at his scamming. He often moves around, since after awhile some tend to catch on, though how long he stays depends on the location. Currently he’s heading towards Ponyville…

So begins...

Conrip Johnson's Story