My Name Is ______.

My Name Is ______.


It seemed harmless enough. A question : Would you like to go to another world? And a completely new name. After all, what harm could a poor homeless beggar do? A role play based off of Miyazaki's Spirited Away.

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For years Yubaba's family had dedicated their lives into building the bath house, spending well over hundreds of years planning, designing, and laboring day after day. Yubaba was 13 when the bath house was finally finished - she could literally see success and wealth just on the horizon....However, only days before the grand opening a famous spirit, well known for her readings of the future announced that the bath house was cursed, and destined for downfall. In just a matter of hours, all of the bath house's sponsors and promised customers abandoned the project, spreading word of it's predicted destruction. Three years later, Yubaba's parents had both passed away, only encouraging the rumors involving the bath house's ruination. No matter how desperately she begged, no one would agree to help. It was then, at the age of 16 that Yubaba decided to take matters into her own hands.

How it all started

Finding him or herself lost in a shady alley, each and every character came across a "homeless" woman who asked them whether or not they wished they could live in world separate from their own. To those who answered yes, the woman asked them their name and gave them a new one. She then took a cigarette out of her coat pocket, lit it, and then blew the smoke into the individual's face. When the character next opened their eyes, they found themselves in the Spirited away universe.

It turns out that the poor homeless woman was actually Yubaba ( In her much, much, much younger days - and before the bathhouse was up and running ). Yubaba tricked them into coming to her world so that they could help her set up the bathhouse. At the time, all of her peers refused to help her because they believed the bath house to be cursed, and would never be successful. Figuring that humans would be the easiest to trick and take control of, Yubaba decided to choose a handful of humans to help her - refusing to take them back home until the bathhouse became a success.

The Gameplay

If your character should turn against Yubaba : Upon receiving their new names, your characters were bound to Yubaba's contract. Should they refuse to help and disobey her demands, it would result in death without reincarnation.

What the world of Spirited Away really is : The world of Spirited Away is a place where the spirits of the dead wander, and stay until they regain their memories. Should they remember their pasts, the spirits are then taken up to heaven, or down to hell. Some spirits choose not to bother, and live forever in the land between heaven and hell. For those who wish to regain their memories, absolutely no hints are given; not even what they used to look like. Even their appearances change when they enter the Spirit World. A human could be a mouse, a mouse a dragon, a spider a fly.

The tasks your characters must do : To be announced in the role play itself.

Who your characters is : Every single character is a modern day, typical human being. That means that elven archers are a NONO, neko-humans are a NONO, vampires, werewolves, etc... ALL NONO'S. Gangsters, Lolita's, Otaku's, are ALL ACCEPTED AND OKAY.

Something I encourage : Adding in your own details when describing scenery or events. For example, your character could hear, see, touch, and describe things that the gm hasn't mentioned. Just because the gm hasn't stated that "the bath house is red", doesn't mean that you can't say so. Also feel free to make an imaginary NPC interact with your character. As the GM, I seriously don't care whatever it is you want to add, unless it goes against the story line. If that does happen, I'll simply let you know through pm :)

Character Skelly!! :
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Name :
[size=150]NOTE : The following are just a list of what I require you have in your skellys. Feel free to mess around with the format and order, as long as you cover everything.[/size]


Nickname : Yubaba renames every character as a way of forming a contract, so under Nickname, please write down what you want your character's name to be changed to. This is the name that your character will be calling themselves for most of the roleplay.

Age :  8-18 ONLY!!

Gender :

Sexuality :

Height :

Weight :

Appearance :

Personality (Include likes and dislikes) :

Background Info :

Theme Song :


Toggle Rules

I feel like I've come across as really strict, but really just go all out in this roleplay. All I ask is that you follow typical RPG rules.
The one thing that I will stress, is good grammar. Please double check your grammar and spelling, and be literate.
Also, when describing things, go into detail; don't just describe a table as being rectangular and hot pink.
Finally, I request that all of you at least type one or two paragraphs. There's no limit to how long your posts are, just don't write us an essay.
Oh, and one more thing :P Please keep your characters as original as possible. So no two characters that look alike, like the same things, dislike the same things, etc..

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Character Portrait: Yubaba the Witch
Character Portrait: Haru Itou (Aya)


Character Portrait: Haru Itou (Aya)
Haru Itou (Aya)

"Hmm? Wash the bath? No problem Ma'am!"

Character Portrait: Yubaba the Witch
Yubaba the Witch

"Do me a favor and shut your-- Wait, is that gold you've got there?"


Character Portrait: Haru Itou (Aya)
Haru Itou (Aya)

"Hmm? Wash the bath? No problem Ma'am!"

Character Portrait: Yubaba the Witch
Yubaba the Witch

"Do me a favor and shut your-- Wait, is that gold you've got there?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Yubaba the Witch
Yubaba the Witch

"Do me a favor and shut your-- Wait, is that gold you've got there?"

Character Portrait: Haru Itou (Aya)
Haru Itou (Aya)

"Hmm? Wash the bath? No problem Ma'am!"

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I'll be gone from Monday until Thursday~ ^W^/ Just so you know that I haven't completely disappeared~

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lol, that's fine :P He sounds awesome ^^

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Oh, I forgot to say I finished my character... (ใ€‚โ”ฐฯ‰โ”ฐใ€‚)

Well, I'm definitely still here!


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Just a quick check in to see if everyone's still alive, lol. First post will be up tomorrow morning, so If you're still here....say a quick hello, I guess. :P

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Sure, go ahead :) I'm glad you're interested ^^

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Hope you're willing to take in another reservation, even as a noobie to this website xD (Don't worry though! I used to rp on a website that dealt with BBCodes!)

Couldn't help it, I was just browsing this today and I found Hayao Miyazaki's name. Had to ask!

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Definitely still accepting :)
The only time characters are no longer being accepted will be by Friday Night/Saturday (seeing as there are still people interested, I extended the start date)

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If you are still accepting them, I would like to reserve a character.

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@Totoro LOL, no problem :P

We'll be able to start the role play this coming Saturday! <333

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Omg! Thanks for giving me the opportunity and I definitely will if I get the chance. For the mean time, imagine the desperate me holding my phone to the skies, like it's Simba from 'Lion King', as I attempt for better connection.

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D'aww, It would've been great to have had you in the roleplay ;~;
If you do happen to have wifi wherever it is you're moving to, feel free to comment on (and possibly join) the roleplay <3

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Ehrmahgerd!!! I love the concept of this. My family is currently living in a hotel with crappy wifi and may have to move soon. Possibly a place without wifi TT.TT Other than that I have all the time in the world, but I may not send in a character simply because I don't want to join such an EPIC rp and end up not being able to reply DD: Want to join so badly, but due to life cockblocking me... lol yes I meant to say cock block, I will just STALK this rp as often as I can!!! Just had to show some respect for this whimsical idea. By the way, I've read the three characters and they're fantastic :D

Re: My Name Is ______.

Sure! Go ahead :)

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May I reserve a character please? ^^

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Thanks :D

I'll be posting an example skelly, but really...all I ask is that you have the basics down. What I'll be looking for in skelly's are a minimum of two anime pictures, Name, Nickname (if your character has one), Age, Gender, Sexuality, Height, Weight, Appearance, Personality (which should include likes and dislikes), Background Info, and a Theme Song.

AH, and the most important thing is what you'd like your character's new name to be. Since Yubaba renames each character as a way of binding them to a contract, I'd like for everyone to add in what they want their character's new name to be.

Re: My Name Is ______.

This seems fun, how do you want character creations? Can we make our own skelly?

My Name Is ______.

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