Mystery of the Raids

Mystery of the Raids

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A young inventor (in his early 20s) builds a portable dimension-travel machine to traverse different planes which would be impossible to reach otherwise. When he tests it, he ends up in a realm which combines sci-fi with fantasy. He discovers that the people are ravaged by goblins. Will he travel home or help these people? And what's his relation with the scout who found him?

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Edward looked over the schematics and saw no error in a piece of equipment he made. "Well, that is good!" He picked up the device, somewhat like a memory stick, but also has a scanner. "If I did this correctly, the recording stick will carry data of all the conversations in the city, then we can playback the important ones to be sure we did not overlook anything." The inventor read the schematics again. "The scanner on it will be handy for when documents are out of reach, and has an emergency stun clip to go with a paralysis one. Both clips are good for one use each, so I better make them count."

((That is just one of several pieces of equipment he made. X3 ))


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Labyrinth sighed and flew back towards the city. There was no use in even crying over her kind anymore. She was the last Elf, she knew this. She hated that fact though. The war had ripped every last Elf to pieces, but her. She landed on her roof and slid down to the door, narrowly avoiding a landing on Apollo, who was waiting. She opened the door.

Apollo burst through the door, barking, yipping and just being loud. She followed, taking off her gear and setting it in the proper places. Apollo nudged and tugged on Edward's pants, whining softly. Labyrinth had stopped and sighed again.


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Edward turned around and petted Apollo. "You're just hyper, aren't you?" He suddenly noticed Labyrinth sighing. The way she acted made the inventor curious.

"What's wrong, Labyrinth?"


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Labyrinth looked up at Edward, startled. She had forgotten the man was still there. "Just thinking about faraway things..." She said, cryptically. She ran a hand through her hair and took it out of the bun she had tied it up in. Her silver locks tumbled down and she combed through it with her fingers.


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"I see. Well..." Edward put away all the schematics he used. "I've got all the gadgets ready for when we are in the goblin city. I also created a little helper." Just as he mentioned a little helper made, a floating rectangular prism with a visor on one of the smaller surfaces appeared from behind him. "Delta A4 will come in handy for a number of things."

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