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10 years after the Fourth War a clan of Uchiha have surfaced outside of Konoha. Now the seek revenge on Konoha for what happened to the original clan.

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Several years ago, shortly after the founding of Konoha, there was a small group made up of members from the Uchiha clan, who did not like the way things were going in this new village. They felt that there was no way the Uchiha and Senju clans could ever live in harmony within the same village. For a time they tried to convince the rest of their clansmen that staying in Konoha was lead to the end of one or both clans, but none would listen.

Eventually, this group left Konoha, their numbers around thirty, and headed west, towards the Land of Wind, in search of a place where there were no other established ninja clans, a place they could call their own.

After a log journey, they arrive in a small, unclaimed area just north of the Land of Wind, and this is where they settled down, choosing to create their village within a large stone formation, at the end of a valley, with tall walls of stone on either side, and the stone formation, which might have well been a mountain at some point, at their backs.

When it came time to appoint a leader, they chose the elder that had made the journey with them, and he decided to call their new home, the Village Hidden in the Mirage, in honor of their genjutsu and fire release abilities.

While the other villages and lands were getting involved in wars and fighting for power, the Hidden Mirage was growing, gaining new villagers, training new generation of shinobi, and all around not worrying about the outside world unless they didn't have to. Over the years the Uchiha blood was diluted, and while over half the village is still officially a member of the clan, and posses the Sharingan, none of them know of their heritage anymore, and none know of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

However, this all changes one day with the arrival of two brothers. After stumbling upon the village by accident they are amazed to see that the Sharingan still exists, and when questioned they tell what they know of the Uchiha massacre in Konoha, and that outside of this village there are no more Uchiha. The new leader, a young, hotheaded shinobi, becomes enraged by this, and now seeks revenge against Konoha.

So, what's going on?

In a nutshell, this roleplay takes place 10 years after the end of the last Shinobi war, in which the two remaining members of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke and Madara, were killed. However, in reality, many years prior to all of this a group of the Uchiha clan broke away and moved from the Land of Fire to create their own village, staying ignorant of their clan.
Now they have learned that the original clan from Konoha was wiped out under orders from the village leader, and that he used one of their own to preform the task. In light of this, they are about to mount an attack to destroy Konoha as we know it today, and then take it over, reclaiming what they feel should have been theirs all along.

Where do you come in?

You have 2 main options.
If you want, you can be a shinobi from Konoha. You can be from any of the canon clans of that village, or you can make up your own unique character. The choice is up to you. If you like, you can even be the child of one of the original character, but be warned, if you take this path you MUST be a genin, unless your character was shown/mentioned earlier on in the show. Though I can't think of any right off that were.
Option two, you can be an Uchiha. This, in general, means you're going to have to be a bad guy, at the start at least, because THE ONLY UCHIHA LEFT are from the Hidden Mirage, and Sasuke never had a child. Now, as the story goes on you can decide that you don't want to destroy Konoha, and switch sides or whatever.

Character Rules-
No Canons
Any child of a canon character has to be a genin, because they'll only be around 10 years old
Sasuke died without any children.
No Mangekyo Sharingan, none of the Uchiha know of them, not yet at least
Uchiha characters must start out against Konoha, but they don't have to stay bad guys during the whole rp
Kakashi is now the Hokage, not Naruto, because while he has grown a lot, he just wasn't ready, though he is next in line
If you want to be the son/daughter of a character that's fine, but once a canon character romance is established it won't be changed. As in, if someone created a Hinata and Naruto child, there can be no Naruto and Sakura child
If you want to create a new kekkei genkei, that's fine, but it has to be approved first

General Rules-
No God-moding
Be fair to everyone
If there is a dispute take it to PM or bring in a GM, don't fill up the IC or OOC
If you have to drop the roleplay or won't be able to post for a while, it's fine, but please let us know beforehand
Try and keep up with what's going on, we have the OOC for a reason, ask people if you need help or if you think you've missed something
Don't drag one-on-one fights out, take it to PM, then post it all up at once rather than wasting IC space


Character Sheet and Guide-

Name: (Japanese format please, meaning Last Name, First Name)
Rank: (from lowest to highest, Genin, Chuunin, Tokubetsu Jonin, Jonin, Other, Other meaning anything like ANBU, Missing-nin, etc.)
Village: (Mirage or Leaf, though a few exceptions can be made if you want a character from another village)
Specialty/Kekkei Genkei: (if you have a kekkei genkei list it here, along with whatever your character focuses on most, like Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, etc.)
Appearance: (this is what your character looks like, you can have a picture here, but you ALSO need to describe them with words as well, otherwise your character will not be accepted)
Personality: (you can leave this part out and let it show in the roleplay if you like)
Jutsu List: (you need to list at least 10 jutsu that your character can use, and you need to have at least 2-5 of them be completely unique, meaning you made them up. We will be looking at the rank of the techniques, and if they are too high for your character they may have to be removed. You can find a list of all the jutsu from the manga/anime here. You can use more than the listed techniques provided, but we need the main 10 your character is likely to use.)
Equipment: (basically, anything your character has with them, from weapons to supplies)
History: (just give a decent paragraph or so about your character and their past, list important things, like if they have any family, if they want to be something besides a ninja, anything like that)
Other: (anything else you want to add to your character)

If you need any help there are two GM's for this roleplay, Soul_Alchemist and DemonofBereavement, feel free to ask either of us for help, either through PM or in the OOC. If you like Naruto roleplays and would like to see more plot-lines like the one above, please feel free to visit Konoha Chronicles, a pure Naruto rp site made by roleplayers like you and me.


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Okemuta Kokiro Beast of Konoha
Character Portrait: Uchiha Shion
Uchiha Shion played by Inos
Time to test my capabilities.
Character Portrait: Yuki Ayane
Yuki Ayane played by Delkura
The "All Seeing Kunoichi."

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Setting: Konoha2011-06-19 23:30:28, as written by Inos
Shion looks at first at the waitress then looks at Mitsuki and thinks that his partner does not really know what to order so he says smiling"I guess we need a bit more time,don't we sis?"
While saying this he thinks to himself that after paying the waitress he can as well ask her where there would be an inn to stay for a while.

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Setting: Konoha2011-06-19 23:43:00, as written by Luna Star
She nodded, smiling. "yea we do" Mitsuki was glad Shion said something, the waitress nodded before going off to help other customers.

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Setting: Konoha2011-06-23 18:36:56, as written by Inos
After Shion already made up his mind to what to order and on what to do after leaving the restaurant he smiles at Mitsuki and asks with a rather silent voice
"Since we will stick together for a while...mind to tell me a bit more about you,after all we did not see each other for while before joining back together right before konoha?"
Of course Shion only adds the last part in the unlikly case that anyone bothered to spy on them.

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Setting: Konoha2011-06-23 19:31:26, as written by Luna Star
She looked at Shion calmly. ....what shall i tell him...? After a moment of silence she begin to speak. "tell me what you want to know, and ill answer with the best of my ability, brother" Mitsuki didnt want to tell to much information about herself, so him asking what he wants to know instead was a more comfortable choice for her. Waiting for Shions question, she started to tap her fingers on the wood table, while looking around.

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