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A New innovative Naruto Storyline jumping forward in time at least 60 years, with all new characters the possiblities are endless for this new world order.

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Over 60 years have passed since the end of the shippuden Era and naruto is now an old man in his early eighties. The world has entered an era of peace and most canon characters have gone on to die of natural causes. In this time of renewal the arts have flourished, the villages now have a chance to explore ruins and relearn forgotten history.

During this renaissance of enlightenment the villages have banded together and created a place known as the Archives of Light. A grand museum within a building of the likes that the world have never seen, its contains some of the most important artifacts of shinobi history, some beautiful, some Macomb. With in the archives are a sect of shinobi know as the Collectors Of Lights Tower, other wise known as COLT. It is the duty of COLT ninja so scour the world in search of artifacts of great power and enshrine with within in the tower.

Our story flows the lives of the COLT ninja, and there adventures through the shinobi world.


(1st) What you can't do

NOT HAVE FUN, enjoy it, I'll try to make this as enjoyable as possible.

No God modding. (We should all know what it is or have a grasp of it's origin. If not ask, I'll tell :)

No creating tailed beasts.

No mixing dojutsu

Shinobi do have chakra, that is limited. No infinite chakra (In other words after a while, make your shinobi tired)

2nd) What you can do!!!

Limit your shinobi's power.Sorry for those who might not know this :SPOILER: In the Manga, Sasuke fought 2 Kage and their guards at the same time. Sasuke is far from a God, but he is very strong. Eveyone has limits, massive chakra reserve or not.

Sage mode can be learned, by anyone (with proper age and what )

An OC can have a curse mark. (Please note, the curse does have side affects. If used often)

You can create your own Jutsu.

You can create your own kekkie genkai, so long as it's reasonable.

You can create an Uchiha, any they may have another kekkei genkai or hidden jutsu (however they may not hold both a Byakugan, and a sharingan)

Ask the user of any character before taking any major action and it has to be logical. Genjutsu's don't really need asking, but the whole shinobi world is not full of pros at Genjutsu and countering them.

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