Village hidden in the sandAi-ren

An Akatsuki ninja.

a character in “Naruto”, as played by EternalSonata

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Full Name: Ai-ren

Manditory Picture: Image

Affiliation: Akatsuki

Rank: Uhm.. villain?

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Family members, akatsuki members, or close allies call her Ai or Ai-ren. In general, she is known to be "Ai-ren of the Heavenly Fist."

Preferred name: Ai, to those who she can trust.

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 6"3

Weight: 97 pounds

Build: Ai-ren is slender and taller than most men and women. She is considered an oddity among people who know her, since she towers over them.

Eyes: She has egyptian looking, ruby red eyes.

Hair: Ai-ren has thick, midnight black hair that is always messily put together into a bun. It falls down to her shoulders, if it isn't put up.

Tattos or Scars: She has a tan colored windmill tattoo on her left shoulder. It was the special insignia women and girls had to bear when they came of age. It was a tradition that belonged to her village.

Personality: Deadly, strong, and silent.. she bears great burdens and does not tolerate failure. Although she's merciless with her assassinations, she is kind to those who are deserving. she prefers seclusion away from others, for fear she would hurt them in one way or the other.

Special Abilities/Skills: She is a trained assassin. Meaning, although she may not have the most powerful attacks, her speed and agility matches no others. Her skill is invisibility. Ai-ren can conceal herself in almost any place and almost make her presence unknown.

Kekkei Genkai(No more than one): She is able to shape-shift into different animals and appearances. This was a special art from her old village which was passed down to each generation.

Hobbies: Her past time is blade-forging. Most of the weapons she wields is of her own makings. Ai prefers making swords, kunais, and shurikens as their metals are easy to smelt together.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Her worst fear is failure and disappointment. With her dark past, Ai is prone to extreme temper tantrums where she loses control and is able to kill everyone around her. This cannot be stopped until somebody beats the rage out of her. She resents her outbursts and violent behaviors.

Place of Birth: Ai-ren was born in a secluded, assassin village called Mizuho where ninja art used to be practiced. Villagers tend to shy away from the troubles of others surrounding them, therefore, nobody has ever noticed their existence.

Now lives: She doesn't have a specific home. Ai-ren is a traveling mercenary with no specific destination in mind.

Relationship History: Ai-ren was married to an assassin in her village before they suffered numours ANBU attacks. He was brutally killed by ninjas and she's vowed to avenge her lover by joined Akatsuki.

Family: Her family of 6 children were all killed during a night raid.

Ideal Partner (Name their traits): Strong, protective, and wise.

So begins...

Ai-ren's Story