Natsume Nakamura

Get any Marshmallows? Alright I'll make you a device.

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a character in “Neet Detectives”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Natsume Nakamura
Gender: Male
Age: 17
S/O: If he thought about it probably Bisexual
Love Interest: Not sure as of recent
Role: Detective 2
Job In NEET: Expert on spying devices
Natsume has an obsession with building and developing new technology, he loves designing new tools and creating the most strangest of electronic creatures to do his bidding. His intelligence is naturally at a skyrocket high for him to be able to create his own robots to fetch him tea whenever he wants it, not to mention the superb camera’s and listening devices.

He can offer you any spy equipment you want just give him an hour’s notice and he could make you something out of the spare parts of a television. Give him a computer and he could hack his way through FBI security should he wish to get a direct vision on their millions of security cameras.

However the thing about Natsume is that he carries an almost impossible to believe lazy attitude to everything, he would rather sit and watch the T.V rather than make it into something else, so if you want him to do something for you it normally requires some bribery. This bribery doesn’t have to be anything lavish though which is strange as he normally settle for a bag of his favourite marshmallows.

Otherwise Natsume tends to bug people lounging around in their houses or stations not really doing much other than sleeping or munching on the contents of your fridge whilst he plays video games. The only reason he does this is because secretly he hates being alone even when he’s being lazy. Not that he would ever tell you that as getting a straight answer out of Natsume is more difficult than getting a stubborn horse into its box.

So seeing Natsume at your door for no apparent reason is something to be expected.

Getting Natsume to talk about himself is a difficult task and he will always change the topic to you or seem disinterested. However if something excites him he won’t fail to tell you, often it can result in a complete personality change if something suddenly catches his eye which is why often many people find him strange or too weird to talk too.
However Natsume only ever has good intentions towards other people and always chooses to turn a blind eye when made fun of which can sometimes irritate his few friends but he simply doesn’t care for insults towards him. At least not in the open anyway, if you manage to get him mad than an outburst from him can be dangerous though.

  • Marshmallows
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Sweet food/Junk food
  • Video games
  • Making robots
  • Making spy devices
  • Messing around with electronics and junk
  • Showing up at people’s houses

  • Sudden loud Noises
  • Being on his own
  • A robot breaking
  • Losing a game
  • Being woken up
  • Spicy food
  • Getting into an argument

Making things
Hacking into systems
Reading past papers involving robotics

Natsume’s father is actually the company president to a very large and famous bank known as Mizuho Banking. He was an illegitimate child to a woman who worked in a bakery, his father never had time for Natsume growing up choosing to ignore his existence and his mother did the best she could to look after him but she was often busy with work bringing in an income for the two of them to survive. Left alone most of the time Natsume was never very good looking after animals despite how much he liked them so eventually discovered his talent for inventing things when he broke a stereo and played around with the contents.
When Natsume turned 16 however his father finally made contact after learning of his brilliance and gave him boat loads of money. However Natsume turned him down to be the heir to the corporation which had made his father mad, but still determined to make him accept his offer.

Secrets?: That his father is the company president for Mizuho Banking. – He doesn’t tell anyone about himself.

Theme Song:

He will always have a spider robot with him as well, it is capable of fetching him things and also has a convenient camera on its head recording everything it see’s whilst during with Natsume to his random places.

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Natsume Nakamura's Story