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An air nymph. (( slave ))

a character in “Nevari”, as played by EternalSonata

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---Slave Profile---

Name: Aeri
Race: Nymph
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Collars: Purple, red, white, orange, black
Charms: Barbell, star, skull
Personality: She's stubborn and unwilling to give in. Previous masters have had troubles with her obedience and willingness to work. Aeri hates being weak, as she's often portrayed for being a water sprite. She will vehemently fight her master until maybe one of them can finally control her wildness. Her spirit is VERY hard to break.

Bio: As an air nymph, Aeri lived high in the mountain ranges and was a well-known assassin hired by various sorcerers and mystical beings. She was shot down by a group of archers for murdering a local noblesman and was put up for sale in the slave market.
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A magically enhanced bow and arrow. And her wings which can fly to great heights due to their large wingspan.

So begins...

Aeri's Story