New Dawn

New Dawn

15 years set in the future,a group of vampires and werewolves have evolved and now are taking the fight to the Volturi with a little help while a new vampire clan emerges and threatens La Push and Forks likewise ( Twilight RP )

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( All credit goes to crybloodredtears , she made the first RP and now i've generated a new story to hers )

Fifteen years ago, the Cullen family had to leave due to their inability to age.

After they left, the black pack had grown larger in size and jacob settled somewhere else with a loyal wife and his own children to look after.

Some years later a new clan by the name of " The Italic Coven " had started to settle in Forks and the pack started to evolve in their first change after.

The pack then made a treaty and both sought out to protect forks and the humans involved but they both wanted to take on the Volturi and this day would come.

But, when a new clan of vampires start to raise an army from England to Virginia they threaten both sides and want to take over forks but now it's up to the italic coven and the Pack to take on the army and the true threat , the volturi have a war on their hands.

New Pack

Katalya Muntain(Beta):Taken By Sullenkiller
( If you want a character PM either me or crybloodredtears )

Black Pack
Embry Call (Alpha) :Open
Seth Clearwater ( Beta ) :Reserved by Fruity_Loopsxx
Third-In-Command : Open

New Imprints
New Alpha's Imprint-Rose Bell:Taken By HorseyGirl
Embry's Imprint-Rowan Wyeth:Taken By crybloodredtears
Third-In-Command's imprint:Open

Italic Coven
Vampire 1-Male:Open
Vampire 2-Amelia Blackwell:Taken By crybloodredtears
Vampire 3-Female: Reserved

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She isn't Seth's........ She's crushing on two people at once.

Re: New Dawn

you can just go ahead with being seth's

Re: New Dawn

Um since like the same person is Seth and Embry's imprint if its all right with her can I be Seth's imprint it seems kinda unfair for her to be the imprint of two people

Re: New Dawn

Yes I would like the spot

Re: New Dawn

for the black clan

Re: New Dawn

Can I reserve the third in commands imprint?

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jigokunoshinzo wrote:Um... I was going to submit to the other ro but do I do it here instead? I'm kinda confused.

They're actually both a bit different from each other. :p
You can join on or the other, if you'd like. Or... join both! :D
I'd give you an imaginary cookie for thaaat! :)

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Um... I was going to submit to the other ro but do I do it here instead? I'm kinda confused.

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yea do you want the part ?

Re: New Dawn

Can the Alpha of the new pack be a girl?

New Dawn

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