New Earth

New Earth


After a terrible epidemic that occured in 2028, right at the peak of Earth's golden age, everything was in turmoil. After 97% of the world's was killed off, a few have attempted to rebuild human society. But after all that's happened... much has changed.

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An epidemic in 2028 killed off 97% of the human race. Now, a few remaining people have planned to rebuild human society. But with the environment and the primitive technology provided on Earth, it may be difficult. Some say the year is 2046. Some say the year is 2385. Even some say the year is 2748. But no one knows. Your job is to form a tribe, and eventually, a civilization. Many tribes have been formed over the Western communities, but only few will reign successful.

Toggle Rules

1. You must sign up for a tribe or join a tribe. When a tribe evolves into a civilization, you may no longer join the group. I will allow up to 5 tribes.
2. Evolve normally. You must be knowledgeable enough to start a civilization.
3. Please, no godmodding.
4. You may cuss, just don't do it every other line.
5. Do not force actions. Before doing anything serious, contact the other and Me before doing it!
6. Keep it PG-17, please.
7. Tribes may only be formed in Africa, asia, europe, australia, etc. No americas though, I may just allow 2 over there.

To create a tribe, enter it in your description info when submitting a character, here is the form.

Tribe name; Tribe location; (Arabia, france, spain, etc.) Tribe goal; (financial, cultural, expansive, etc.]

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Earth by Florenai


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Character Portrait: Johnny Blitz


Character Portrait: Johnny Blitz
Johnny Blitz

A man whose sole intention is to make sure that his people get the lives they deserve


Character Portrait: Johnny Blitz
Johnny Blitz

A man whose sole intention is to make sure that his people get the lives they deserve

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Johnny Blitz
Johnny Blitz

A man whose sole intention is to make sure that his people get the lives they deserve

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Re: [OOC] New Earth

Hello, people, you may now begin posting. As we will not be meeting eachother for a while because of primitive uses of transportation and our variety of areas to go to, there is not much of a difference.

Re: [OOC] New Earth

Kawai Maria wrote:umm question. I can do all this easily but what age do we start in. Are we back in the stone ages and pretty much just grabbing stone tools....or middle ages.

Please read the actual roleplay topic on the tab. Thank you!

Re: [OOC] New Earth

umm question. I can do all this easily but what age do we start in. Are we back in the stone ages and pretty much just grabbing stone tools....or middle ages.

[OOC] New Earth

This is the OOC topic for the roleplay "New Earth"

Here you may find all information regarding the roleplays. Please sign up for characters on the actual topic, so I can approve or discard them. When signing up, please put your tribe form in here:

Tribe Name:
Tribe Location: (I may allow one or two tribes in the Americas considering they are pretty much unknown of in this futuristic time.)
Tribe Goal: (cultural, technology, etc.) Pick just one
Tribe Leader: (name of the tribe leader)

Include this form in the 'Description' part of the sign-up form.
Here are the current tribes.

Tribe: Ayari
Location: Southwestern Arabia
Leader: Anaisha
Tribe Goal: Culture

Tribe name: Black Wharf
Location: England
Tribe Leader: Johnny Blitz
Tribe Goal: Cultural, Technology, Knowledge

Here is an 'field guide' of certain animals that are in the game.

Name: Sentiger
Size: Tiger-size?
Description: It is the cross between a tiger and a Black Mamba. Before the epidemic, this creature was genetically crossed and it developed into a deadly, venemous creature. It's sharp teeth can kill you in its venemous bite. They are significantly widespread, and can be found over most of the world. When encountered, stand your ground and it should mainly run away. But if it sees your weak point, it strikes quickly.

Name: Hura Beetle (nicknamed skitter)
Size: Cockroach
Description: It is a small beetle, renowned for its camouflage that is uses. It can take down a whole Lustire. They have poisonous glands on their stomach and they pounce on you and stab them in. Once stabbed, the subject has about 10 seconds to live. However, the beetle dies after doing so. It flies somewhat fast but too fast that it cannot be stopped in time.

Name: Lustire
Size: Elephant
Description: These are very violent, creatures. With sharp fangs and deadly tusks, It takes a lot more then the stab of a spear to kill it. If they are destroyed, just about every part of their body can be used to their advantage. The heart can be used as a house decoration. The stomach acid of it preserves food very well. And the meat in it can last a group of 20 people about a month. They are herbivores, but will just about always attack the human, even if it does not threaten. It runs very fast, at about 50 miles an hour. They mainly roam the jungles of China but some are in Europe.

Name: Yusui
Size: A large zebra
Description: These calm, gentle creatures roam the jungles of Asia and the deserts of Africa. They cannot live in Europe, because of the climate. They are easy to domesticate. They can be used for many reasons. Attacking, travelling, or trading with other tribes. They gallop at about the speed of 30 miles an hour, but even because of their reliability they cannot take down a Lustire. Herds of Yusui are often hunted by the Sentiger but when domesticated they can put up a fight.

Name: Tuana
Size: A flamingo
Description: These intelligent birds are thought to have the same intelligence of a porpoise. Easily domesticated to be used as house pets or messenger birds, they can fly sky-high and they dive at an extreme speed at 180mph. With strong beaks, they mainly feed on Hura Beetles, which can also be used for human's advantage. They know how to pick off the poison glands and eat them. They mainly run the lakes and streams of Europe.

Name: Polariditus
Size: Mobile home
Description: These odd, unfamous creatures roam the areas of Northern Russia. They are extremely rare, some people believe they are even extinct. Legend tells that whoever travels to the Polariditus is, they never come back. Reports show that they are covered in white silk fur and have somewhat short curled tusks. They have a mouth that can swallow a car-sized object whole. Not much else is known.

Name: Waylus
Size: Chimpanzee
Description: These small humanoid-type creatures are friendly but they are also annoying. They ravage tribes and eat their food then run off. They mainly are in the areas of Asia Minor, or between Asia and Europe.

Name: Batusa
Size: Pony
Description: These friendly royal creatures roam the areas of Europe's plains. Easily domesticated, they travel in hordes. They have a far relationship with the Yusui but because of their location they have evolved differently. They have thick fur, and for those that are hunters it makes a great blanket or cloak. However they can be used for many purposes. They require a lot of water, however, so don't travel to the deserts with these little ponies. They gallop at the speed of about 40 miles an hour.

Name: Enka
Size: Cat
Description: These vicious, violent creatures are covered in black scales. The most rabid creature on Earth, they strike at first sight. They jump at least 10 feet, and can be very dangerous when travelling through dangers. Groups of them take down whole Lustires, which they mainly feed on. Contact in a bite with them spreads rabies and their rabies can be very, very effective. They have marble eyes and one glare makes you hate them. Rarely they are caged and when a Lustire comes by, they let them loose to kill the Lustire and then the humans kill the Enkae, for free Lustire meat. They mainly cause danger in the jungles of Asia.

Name: Hasan
Size: Great Dane
Description: These hunter dog-like creatures roam the whole world, you could say. They can be domesticated to be used as guard dogs, and/or sled dogs. Not as versatile as a creature like the Enka, it would lose to one in a fight. A group of these could not take down a Lustire. But they can be used to advantage by humans, especially for hunting/spotting.

Name: Rabbit
Size: Rabbit
Description: Rabbits have not gone under any changes from the disaster. They still roam the Europes and are still eating and drinking the same things. Enough said.

Odd creatures roam the seas, and anyone who tries to cross gets devoured. :)