Land of BearsYamamoto Jin

Statue Fighter of Iwagakure

a character in “New Jinchuriki Tales”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Name: Yamamoto Jin

Age: 21

Land/Village: Land of Earth, Iwagakure

Rank: ANBU Squad Leader/ Elite Jonin

Specialty: Ryushi Shihai (Particle Control), Doton

Jin stands at just under 6 feet tall, with shaggy black hair and dark eyes. He has a deceptively thing build, even though he is actually very strong. When not on the job he wears something similar to the above outfit, a black shirt and pants with ninja boots and a brown jacket/hoodie. As member of the Iwagakure ANBU he wears a uniform similar to that of the Konoha ANBU; black pants, black boots, black sleeveless shirt with long black gloves, and similar body armor, only instead of grey it's a dark brown color, and of course his mask (see equipment), as well as a simple black cloak with a hood. And no matter what he always has his Stone headband on. His kunai case is strapped to his right leg, and around his waist there are a few different pouches, one specially made for his statues, his ninjato is always on his back, and his single tonfa is stuck in the back of his belt on the left side


(in story)


ANBU Mask: Image

Explosive Tags
Smoke Bombs
Single Tonfa

Jutsu List:

Summoning Technique: Senso and Heiwa- Jin summons a pair of Shisa, one male and one female. The male, Senso, repels incoming jutsu, if possible, and the female, Heiwa, is then able to launch a counter attack -> pic Image (Silver/white is Heiwa, the gold/yellow is Senso)

Ryushi Shihai: Shisa Armor- Jin gathers all the dust in one area to himself, covers all or part of his body in it, and then compresses it down into a stone armor which has the features of a shisa

Ryushi Shihai: Compress- using his ability to manipulate dust and other particles of earth and stone, Jin is able to use his chakra and compress anything earth/stone-based, making it smaller, denser, and heavier

Ryushi Shihai: Expand- the opposite of Compress, by placing his hand on a stone/earth surface, Jin is able to send his chakra into it and expand the particles away from one another, creating dust, which he can then use to attack with, as well as several other uses

Living Statue Technique- Jin carries around, in a special pouch, several animal sculptures, which he makes at full size, and then compresses down to be only a few inches in size. Using his chakra he can expand the particles, causing the animals to grow back to their original size, and animate them with his chakra, so it is as if they were really alive

Stone Clone Technique- similar to an Earth Clone, Jin creates a clone out of solid stone


Jin has already delt with Gyaku and the Uragiri on at leat 2 seperate occasions, and already knows Roku, as they took their Chuunin Exams together

So begins...

Yamamoto Jin's Story