United StatesIsaac Newman

"bet you can't catch me."

a character in “Nightbane”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Nickname: smoke
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 144
Race: not sure
Age: 19
Appearance: Isaac looks average, perhaps a little lanky. he has sandy blonde hair and ice blue eyes. usually, he wears loose fitting clothes
Personality: Isaac is mischievious. he loves to play pranks
Dislikes: bitter things
likes: women, sweet things, gold, helping people
Biography: Isaac was born into a family that absolutly hated him. he and three of his sisters did whatever they could to provide for their parents.
Talents: Isaac can teleport. for every two inches, he has to wait two seconds before he can teleport again. if he teleports up to five times in too quick a sequence, then he will throw up. he can't hold in this urge, or stop it in any way. when accompanied by mass, no matter how much, not including his cloths or weapon, his stipulations are halved.

he carries with him a wrist blade. it's the only thing he knows how to use.

So begins...

Isaac Newman's Story