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Ninja Assassin 2: Reborn

Ninja Assassin 2: Reborn

This is the final battle. The Ozunu will fall once and for all

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Ninja Assassin 2: Reborn


The year is 2017 and the Ozunu clan has once again rose to fame in the underground criminal world. But they have changed there style very much in an attempt to not have the same disastrous ending that they had before Raizo died. Raizo has died of cancer due to the long years of fighting, and the police can no longer detect the Ozunu clan. Many changes have came to the Ozunu clan. They now have added race to the mix. Giving them a whole new face lift to avoid the FBI. Koreans, Hispanics,Japanese,Africans,Americans,and The Chinese have all been added into different divisions in the clan to create more depth. They also have began to teach there assassins how to use untraditional weapons such as guns to expand there horizons in the underground assassin clans. But still mainly stick with there traditional weapons. There rise to fame once again is documented here:

2010-Ozunu clan rebuilds and there new clan leader rises as they start where they left off

2011-The Six divisions are made and leaders are made for each division giving the Ozunu clan Six clan leaders and 6x's the amount of assassins in the clan

2012-The Ozunu begin teacher the art of using guns and begin even crueler measures to make there young assassins better

2013-Six assassins from each division escape unnoticed until morning

2014-The Ozunu once again is the top reigning assassin clan in the world

2015-The Ozunu leaders get a note from the six escapees saying they will have all sixes heads before the end of the year 2017

2016-The Six are not found and continue to train in Moscow,Russia while the Ozunu still search for them

2017-The six declare war on the clan as they go back to Berlin for the final battle


Ozunu Clan Leaders-(Names Listed here)

Right hand man to clan leaders-

Korean Ninja Assassin(Male)-

Hispanic Ninja Assassin(Female)-

Japanese Ninja Assassin(Female)-I think it's reserved for Lovely Spade, I guess.

African Ninja Assassin(Male)-

American Ninja Assassin(Male)-Taken By JustQuit

Chinese Ninja Assassin(Female)-Reserved for Pimpette, wait no, Yeah! I can't remember

CIA Operative 1(Female)-

CIA Operative 2(Male)-

FBI Agent 1(Male)-

FBI Agent 2(Male)-

Character Sheet:
Name:(Just first you have no last)
Age:(19-22 for Assassins, 50-70 for Leaders, Right hand,CIA and FBI can be any age over 22)
Role:(You should already know what this is)
Favorite Weapon:(Traditional and untraditional; for assassins)
Race:(Same as your role for assassins)
Appeareace:(Real only Please)
Personality:(Paragraph at least)
Reason for Escaping:(I hope you know what this means)
History:(Not to long, Not to Short)
Theme Song:(Just pick your favorite song or something don't read to much into it)
Other:(Favorite saying or something, I don't know)

I do not own Ninja Assassin

Rules (I know everyone hates the rules section if it doesn't make you laugh):
(1)This thing has romance in it, don't blind us Though!
(2)If you have seen the movie it's kinda gory, if not then forget what I just said but this RP is going to require some gory detail so beware, if you want to see the backstory click the URL above(I would suggest you do if you haven't seen the movie)
(3)Not everyone is a cold hearted killer with no personality, switch it up be a funny guy or a complete stoner who acts stupid, or maybe even a sweet hearted little girl. Switch it up a little!
(4)Super long post are for the beginning and end of an RP not the middle! Make a three paragraph if you want but not a five. This is not an essay so just put the important stuff out first then the trivial last. But if that's just how you post it's ok.
(5)Reserves only last 48 hours. I have more important things to do than wait for people that will never deliver.
(6)Don't curse to much unless you put in your Charrie they have a Sailors Mouth. No surprising us with sweet little Cary saying "Fuck This Shit Ya'll can suck my damn ****!!". NO!
(7)Make your character sheet look decent please noslobs. If you want observe my charrie if you can't come up with your own special way.
(8)Do not ever, ever godmod unless on accident, if it is it will be forgiven, if not there us no going back.
(9)Sorry for all the rules, just last but not least when you put in a reserve or submit character go to OOC and put on it your favorite funny saying please, thanks for your time and have a Bootyliscious Day!


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Sorry it's taking a while to get my character up, I'll have her up today!

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Thank you muchly, I'll have my character up tomorrow! ^^

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They are both reserved you two

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Oooh, I saw the movie when it first came out! Very good stuff ^^

The rules made me giggle, especially #6, therefore I shall join! May I reserve the Chinese assassin?

Oh and....'There are no stupid questions, only stupid people'

Oh and Lovely, I love Regular Show!!

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Hello there! Can I reserve the Japanese Femal assassin?

I watch 'Regular Show' a lot, so my favorite saying is from Mordecai "The death block!" haha it's sounds lame but I thought it was hilarious :)!

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