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Kazuki Miyamoto

"Here's the deal, try to keep up. Because, there's no way I'm slowing down for you pal." (stat)

1,780 views · last seen in Airdalen Academy
a character in “No-Go AA+”, as played by Pandora's Melancholy



x.XxKazuki Dio J. Miyamoto

x.Xx☬ Kazuki「和希」 harmonious hope
x.Xx☬ Dio「Διό」 wine
x.Xx☬ Miyamoto「宮本」 base of the temple

x.XxKaz 「 shorten version 」
x.XxAzu 「 pet name by parents 」
x.XxTsukino 「 pen name 」
x.XxDio 「 a peeve of his 」
x.XxHellion 「 police and teachers call him 」
x.XxJ 「 used only by Fuyuki 」


x.XxSixth of June


x.XxSenior - Graduating



x.XxMai Kon

x.XxPart-time Novelist 「 erotic ones 」
x.XxAirdalen Student 「 reluctantly 」
x.XxShinjiro Miyamoto | Father
...xMegumi Miyamoto | Mother
...xMr. Hayashi | Distant Uncle

x.XxNo Attachments


x.XxThe Rebel Delinquent

x.Xx「 neffex| dangerous


x.XxOops. They found out.

It feels like I don't even try, it looks so good that I might die,Image
ImageAll I know, everybody loves me, get down, sway to my own sound

x.XxBlack with Blonde streaks

x.XxAmber Gold


x.Xx193 lbs

x.XxAthletic Muscular Fit

x.XxTan White

x.XxBar code tattoo, back of the neck
ImageKazuki is rather easy on the eyes and because of that manages to stand out no matter where he is or what scenario he gets involved in. Why is that? Let's start with his unorthodox hairstyle which most people would call 'layered' because of its uneven edges. Others call it also messy which was eventually seen as a style. It was effortless since he doesn't need to do anything about it since it's au naturel, a talent where it is perpetually in a mess while the longer strands trailed behind his neck covering it like a makeshift collar. There is also the odd coloring of his hair where most is black while having the occasional blonde streaks popping out in chaotic formation. No one knows what his true hair color really is, because of how it looks so natural. Did he dye his hair black? Did he put blonde highlights? The question is never answered because he's not very helpful about it as well.

Another thing which makes him stand out among the crowd is his eyes. They're similar to a cat, having that feline shape which radiates a flair of mystery and allure. It also helps that the color of his eyes is of bright gold and also seems to possess its own inner glow, making it dangerously captivating to anyone who would be placed under its gaze. It also doesn't help that he seems well-aware on how to use the natural charm of his eyes and often uses it to reflect his rather devilish intentions with style. When it comes to that, no one could really resist him. It is indeed a predator's most effective weapon against its prey so to say.

Other than that, his face is remarkably handsome, chiseled with fine features and strong cheekbones which also extends to his rather muscular physique. He is by no means slender or lean. His body is finely ripped with strong muscles, giving him an athletic built, making it tough, never soft. It seemed he won the roulette when good genes were being given out as he can compete with no trouble against career models or even sculptures with ease. It also adds that he's not an average stock of Japanese men when it comes to height. He stands at 6'2" which makes him an easy one to spot among the crowd of Japanese people. It also does make him more intimidating when needed, so kudos for his gene pool.

Because of that, no one can really say that he will be a push-over, because his built definitely shows that he is a predator created for the kill. He is someone who doesn't dawdle or waits to take his meal and when he does, he eats it completely, not leaving scraps for others. He is by far a man who knows his appeal and uses it to his advantage in every turn. His lips always hold that devilish and seducing smile or smirk of his. It had actually became his signature look in most cases while those eyes of his gleamed with an exciting thrill that most could not dare to look away.

As for his clothes, he had never been the proper and prim type. He is a slacker and that shows in how he dresses. A missing button, crumple pants, missing jacket, loose clothes and the likes. He prefers his comfort and is not the kind to worry about how he looks like, because he knows well he still looks so damn sexy even then. It wouldn't be even far-fetched that whatever he wears becomes a fashion statement.

Deceit, natural, but a wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warningImage
ImageBlack sheep, have you any soul? By the way, what are morals?

ImageKazuki from head to toe is the epitome of a delinquent. There is no other way to label him in society than such. He drinks, smokes, have fights, and womanizes without any limits or fear of authority. He does whatever he wants and to hell with the consequences, so to say. He can be described as an easy-going person or it would be more appropriate to say he's just lazy with a mischievous smile plastered in a perpetual tenure on his face when he does his pranks and the occasional harmless banters on anyone he fancies. He is simply the kind of guy who is the life of the party. It's like he has his own personal spotlight on him all the time, but he's not the kind that does it for the sake of attention. Truthfully, he could use a little less of that especially from those do-gooders or people who have a stick up in their asses. Still, it would be a lie if he doesn't find it nice once in awhile having people shower him with their time. So, everything has a balance to him and he seems completely down with that.

He is also someone who is able to see the hilarity in every angle and then makes the most out of it. There's no use brooding or taking too long to depress himself on things he really doesn't have any control over. So, it would be best for him to do things that are fun especially to himself. Additionally, he seems to never run out of tricks and appears not bothered by any retorts snapped over his way whenever one finds his jokes going too far, insincere, or annoying. He takes it with a shrug and a personality that only seeks to make fun of the person more. He is persistent, a redeeming trait used in terrible situations, then again, it would be just because he does have a sadistic streak on him.

It would not be surprising as he is rowdy, brash, without manners, and has a very outright rebellious nature. Kazuki is the kind who acts on whatever he thinks about no matter what. He just likes doing what he wants whenever he wants and dislikes authority or rules that limits himself at every turn. He believes that restrictions are just for the cowards and stupid people. He has his own idea on how to live his life and he likes to do that instead of other people's idea. Typically, he is seen as selfish, obnoxious with his high-to-the sky confidence, but that's just how he is. Listening to people all the time would only get him to nowhere and he has his own mind, so he's better off using it than having other people make him a stringed puppet. There's no fun in that and life is far too short to cage himself inside a small box.

One might say that he's irresponsible. Well, there's reason for that since he does act and appear that way. But, he actually takes responsibility for all of his actions no matter what it is, though he has the reputation of a complainer. It's more of airing out the circumstances than dislike or arrogance. He just doesn't like keeping much of his thoughts to himself and tends to speak it out, though it may appear random with a sense of tactlessness. Well, he's not a poet and doesn't filter his words as he finds it complicated and just plain confusing. Simple things are better. But, it's actually the opposite as he makes certain that these kind of outbursts are in accordance to the situation and person in front of him. Confusing isn't it? Well, he still has some consideration left in his bones.

He doesn't like complicated things even though most of his relationships are somewhat like that, especially with women. He has a policy of no attachments and never settling down with anyone. It does get problematic when women gets clingy just because of a one time deal. Then again, there's nothing too tough to ruffle his feathers as he simply does not take anything happening around him too seriously. He also doesn't cower or hide behind anyone and would face his problems or fights head-on with a smirk on his face. One would wonder if he has some kind of death wish or just likes the idea of always being on the edge of danger. It could be both or not when it comes to Kazuki, but mainly he just lives the way he wants and also life is supposed to be exciting, dangerous, and fun and that's how he is.

You'd never know this was an empty smile or that my days haveImage
ImageFelt like this for quite a while, but no one seems to see it

x.Xx Street Smarts
「 Kazuki is literally a street brat
and is well-acquainted
from its affluent residents
to its poorest crumbs.
He knows how to live on and off it. 」

x.Xx Brawler
「 He's always been in fights from common
riots to gang fights. He has his share
of police chases. He can stand on his own
and known as a strong combatant. 」

x.Xx Parkour
「 It's useful when he escapes or runs
away as he has quite the sense
of balance, agility, flexibility, and a
great amount of courage. 」

x.Xx Alcohol Tolerance
「 Drinking even when he's not in the legal age,
he developed quite a resistance and
it's not easy to get him drunk. 」

x.Xx Excellent kisser and in bed
「 It might be pure self-confidence, but
it's proven by a lot of... women. 」

x.Xx Lock-Picking
「 Just because someone said he
can't enter or do not open, it doesn't
mean he won't and can't. 」

x.Xx Computer Stuff
「 Actually, he's rather good with computers
and anything electronic. He could even hack
them, if only he would attend his classes. 」

x.XxIntellect x.X「 1 」
x.XxAthleticism 「 3 」
x.XxCharmx....X 「 0 」
x.XxPopularity.|. 「 1 」
x.XxNotorietyx.. 「 5 」




x.XxIntellect x.X「 10 」
x.XxAthleticism 「 10 」
x.XxCharmx....X 「 20 」
x.XxPopularity.|. 「 33 」
x.XxNotorietyx.. 「 22 」
x.Xx Nearsighted
「 He couldn't see anything from afar.
It's really bad that he wears
contact lenses or eyeglasses. 」

x.Xx Vehicles
「 He doesn't like using them as much as
possible and limits himself to walking
unless, he's forced to. Probably, due
to the accident he had before.」

x.Xx Owls
「 This bird really creeps him out that
he leaves the area or make some
excuse. It's a good thing they're
not an everyday animal. 」

「 This is one of the main reasons that he
couldn't sit still or can't pay attention
to anything that he doesn't find fun. 」

x.Xx Trust Fund Baby
「 His parents are wealthy. They left Kazuki
a large amount of money to
ensure his future. 」

x.Xx Erotic Fiction Novelist
「 Believe it or not, he writes them and
is rather popular, he goes by the
pen name, Tsukino 」

x.Xx Orphan
「 Kazuki is actually an orphan as his
parents have died when he was
still young. It's not known. 」
But, we don't want the truth, we just want control, c'mon on manImage
ImagePut it on me, if you want it, cause I'm sick and tired of all of this

ImageKazuki was born to Shinjiro and Megumi Miyamoto. His parents were very happy to have him and they raised their son with much love and devotion. They were wonderful parents and no one can deny that seeing how they dote on their son. For the first five years of Kazuki's life, he was blissfully contented and quite spoiled. His every need is addressed promptly. It was no issue as his father is a big-time contractor while his mother runs a successful law firm.

But, the rest of his growing-up years had to be spent without his parents. They died during their trip to London where the car they were using suddenly broke down and fell from the cliff. His parents were able to shield him as much as possible, so he only suffered cuts and bruises. Help came but it was too late for his parents. As for him, he was suddenly left all alone in a foreign country. No one knows how much trauma he suffered but eventually, he was aided by his mother's assistant who brought little Kazuki back to Japan.

He was now an orphan and the known closest relatives have all passed away or unfortunately unknown. Kazuki was a minor and would need someone to take care of him. Money is not an issue as his parents beforehand had made sure a Trust Fund was established in the eventuality of their untimely death. Its amount was enough to make sure that their son would be able to live comfortably for a really long time. For the next 6 years, he was taken under the care of his father's best friend who was also his father's business associate.

Actually, he was living on his own and his so-called guardian only visits him from time-to-time to see if he is still alive or if there's a meeting at school or something to be attended. He doesn't have any ill will towards the man as his temporary guardian also have a family to take care of. He was simply an additional obligation. After 3 years, a relative was finally identified. It was his mother's cousin who was supposedly his uncle. He was then formally turned over to his uncle who turned out to be a Math teacher at Airdalen Academy.

It was then Kazuki was enrolled at the exclusive school, though, he still lives on his own. But, it's rather different now as his uncle is quite the busybody and quite the nagger who is always on his case. It's also the reason he was employed at the ridiculous Junior-Senior Program because of his uncle. But, it is not really that bad if he would honestly say what he feels. He likes the thought of somebody who really cares for him even if it gets annoying at times. It's like a family the thing he lost long ago.

If you got a lot of heat it just makes it hotter, the blood in this water'sImage
Imagemaking us stronger, no one knows the walls that we've climbed, no one


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxKazuki MiyamotoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMai Kon
Oh god! Just look at this handsome creation!
What else could possibly go wrong, right?

FAMILY |That much is a given.|

FRIEND |Me, Myself, and I. It's perfect.|


LOVE |Obviously, why I share with the girls!|

ENEMY |Good form of encouragement, really.|
They had to pair me with a midget. I'm
not a pedophile. Well, now I have a runner.

FAMILY |The chance of that is nil.|

FRIEND |Someone I can order around.|

ADMIRE |Probably height advantage.|

LOVE |It's like dating your kid. No way.|

ENEMY |Well, I can crush her like a bug.|
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxCassiopeia ArgyrisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAkira Blake
That girl is a lot of work, but I'll admit it,
she just gets to me in a way no one else can.

FAMILY |No thanks, I'll grow bald.|

FRIEND |Even if I don't want to, it's a given.|

ADMIRE |That belief of hers is something.|

LOVE |It might be fun, annoying that a**hole|

ENEMY |Let's just say, I won't win ever|
Oh that girly-looking boy? Not bad.
If, he's a girl, but is he really a boy? Hmm...

FAMILY |Well, he could be a new character|

FRIEND |As long as he don't get in my case.|

ADMIRE |Ahhh.... He's short? I don't know.|

LOVE |Dude, I don't swing that way.|

ENEMY |I can enjoy fujioshi attention.|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxAeon ShirokamixxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYuuki Fujioka
Tsk! That bastard just pisses me off! Who the
hell does he think he is!? He just ARRGH!

FAMILY |The world would die, believe me!|

FRIEND |HUH!? You want World War 3?|

ADMIRE |There's nothing good about HIM!|


ENEMY |I'll make him grovel! Mark it!|
Is she glaring at me? Nothing new about it.
She better be careful. She might fall in love.

FAMILY |Nope! One Nerd Uncle is enough.|

FRIEND |Study? She can do my homework!|

ADMIRE |Smarts is good nowadays.|

LOVE |Well, good girls can be exciting.|

ENEMY |Battle of the Brains? BORING.|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxShiori KitogawaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRhys Browning
Icy Small Fry right? Eh... Well, I won't mind,
warming her up, if you know what I mean.

FAMILY |If she's fine in a harem, I'm game!|

FRIEND |Hell would certainly freeze.|

ADMIRE |Hmm... Sharp tongue? It's cute.|

LOVE |Not my type, really.|

ENEMY |That would be a treat for me.|
Like me? That's impossible! Don't play me!
Ain't no punk like me! 200% Legit here!

FAMILY |Hell no! Don't need those things|

FRIEND |If he's like me, we won't get along!|

ADMIRE |If he has tits, probably, but no.|

LOVE |Do you want me to punch you?|

ENEMY |Advice? Better not get in my way!|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxTadashi KiominexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMao Nozomi
Do I know him? I do? Hmm... It's Boaring?
Really!? I guess telling the obvious helped!

FAMILY |If he wants to be a punching bag.|

FRIEND |Nah, he's still BOARING.|

ADMIRE |Well, it's thanks to me anyway.|


ENEMY |Hate me if he wants, I welcome it.|
Who? The black one? Hmm... Let's see...
Not bad, But, we'll have to see if she's fun.

FAMILY |No interest whatsoever. ZERO|

FRIEND |That depends on how we get along.|

ADMIRE |Black is interesting for me.|

LOVE |Fun is good enough for me.|

ENEMY |If she wants her world ruin, come.|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxGen FukuixxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRocco Murray
The beautiful Lorelei, it's interesting really.
Will she play a game with me? No take-backs

FAMILY |I have no time and never will.|

FRIEND |She's a good classmate.|

ADMIRE |I like her eyes. It's cool.|

LOVE |If that's what she wants, well, sorry.|

ENEMY |Now, that would be a fun thought.|
Nah, don't know the guy at all. Well, as
long as he's not a sourpuss. I'm good.

FAMILY |You're joking.|

FRIEND |Better keep up. No time for losers.|

ADMIRE |I've never seen the guy.|

LOVE |And I'm Jesus, right..|

ENEMY |Another guy to beat up into pulp.|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxSora HarigaexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxTsukiko Kitogawa
You're talking about the Truth Robot, right?
Nobody likes the truth after all so, go figure

FAMILY |Never happening in any lifetime.|

FRIEND |Ah, we just don't mix in our likes.|

ADMIRE |None. Zippo. Zilch. Get the idea?|

LOVE |Better luck with Boaring.|

ENEMY |It would definitely be annoying.|
The vixen who likes to play with fire and I
am willing to burn her for the second time.

FAMILY |She has her own, no need with me.|

FRIEND |Well, I can play with her anytime.|

ADMIRE |She's fun! I get to try many things.|

LOVE |That's nonexistent with me.|

ENEMY |We can play matches, but I'll win.|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxDevone KimxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKei Watari
Witches are just disillusioned princesses.
That's why it's fun playing with them more.

FAMILY |Not even crossed in my dreams.|

FRIEND |I prefer the benefits, if she deals.|

ADMIRE |The way she plays is interesting.|

LOVE |Now, that's something won't happen|

ENEMY |I'd like to rumble with a witch.|
Not registering at all, I'm fine with the dude
as long as he isn't some geekazoids.

FAMILY |Not even worth the effort.|

FRIEND |I'm all up with buddies in arms|

ADMIRE |Can't say at all.|

LOVE |I feel sick...|

ENEMY |Do I have to bully someone again?|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxRyou GiouxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJohnny Farelli
I just have this feeling in my gut. He's a
beast and I want to let it out, it's exciting!

FAMILY |Hmm........... NO.|

FRIEND |He's my best bud who always runs.|

ADMIRE |I want to see that darkness.|

LOVE |In your dreams, not mine.|

ENEMY |I feel it would be one amazing fight.|
Another tall guy? I think I saw him or not?
He better not stick with Ryou. It's all good.

FAMILY |For the many times, nope.|

FRIEND |He better not steal my rival.|

ADMIRE |Can't think of anything.|

LOVE |Don't swing that way.|

ENEMY |He'll fall like Goliath with me.|
ImageImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxsssxxxFuyuki HakuryuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxssssssxxxxxxxxxxBishop Trander
WHAT!!!!? Suzu... Suzu is going to attend here!
That girl... I need to see her. I need... to know.

FAMILY |Once upon a time, like any story.|

FRIEND |She's.... a complicated one.|

ADMIRE |Like a moon, I can't reach but want.|

LOVE |Nothing is simple with her at all.|

ENEMY |She's going to be my death for sure.|
He's her partner... Hmph. He better make
sure to be there for her or I'll K.O. him.

FAMILY |N-E-V-E-R and that's it.|

FRIEND |We'll have to wait and see.|

ADMIRE |None... and never in the future.|

LOVE |..............NO! NO! NO!|

ENEMY |I'll enjoy ripping him apart.|

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Inspired By Many.

So begins...

Kazuki Miyamoto's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Gen Fukui Character Portrait: Aeon Shirokami Character Portrait: Mai Kon Character Portrait: Saburo Inoue Character Portrait: Kazuki Miyamoto Character Portrait: Sora Harigae



Her little junior seemed surprised by the balloon's impact and well, who wouldn't be? Gen was not athletic or strong by any means but anger had found a way with her. Gen was equally surprised however when Saburo lost his cool again, grabbing the balloon only to pop it and make mockery of her wish. While she had no reason to be ashamed of romance as a subject of which she was passionate about, she was still very much angry behind her cold but relaxed gaze. He had no right to read her wish or otherwise invade that sense of privacy. The situation became a lot more serious when the junior continued to mock not only her wish but her attitude as well by mimicking 'Oopsy daisy~'. Instead of saying anything though, Gen's gaze did the talking. She was not happy about this and she was more than 100% certain that she hated this little brat. His category in her eyes had been officially locked in and decided.

Her gaze trailed away from him when she noticed Ms Araya had announced the conclusion of school for today. It was both a source of relief and enough to make her sigh in dread. Her pairing had been a disaster yet again, as if her troubling junior year wasn't enough. At the very least, she was the senior in this insufferable duo. Gen had the most authority and it was more likely that Saburo would need her rather than the other way around. Those odds were good.
Another reason for her displeasure was she didn't feel that her and Kazuki had gotten any closer after being grouped together for this team task. Not to mention I went about this all wrong.. he's now a witness of my not so carefree temperament. Gen folded her arms uneasily, looking from Mai to Kazuki noticing that Saburo had departed already while she was not paying attention. It was more than fine with her as she couldn't care less about what the junior did in his spare time.

"It seems you're going to have your hands full with that one, huh?"
Gen moved her head abruptly to look up at Kazuki, her folded arms pressed harder against her chest with tension. "Yes, I suppose so" she replied as politely as possible about the distasteful topic, looking away slightly. Although polite, her tensed body position and change of tone were clear give away signs that she was still unhappy about the ordeal. When Gen felt a hand on her shoulder, she felt threatened and alerted because she was still angry. Fortunately, it occurred to her that the problem had already left the vicinity.
"Better show him who's boss, right?"
Gen blinked a few times realizing the hand belonged to Kazuki and that he may be making an attempt to comfort her. She chuckled before closing her eyes and wearing a confident but dangerous smile, "Dear~ how could I not? Gen could not foretell what the future would hold nor was she one to plan ahead for such a feat, but she would not bend or break to a mere junior boy. She had been dealt worse fates than this.
"Well... I'm off! See you around, ladies!"

Gen gave a small wave but when Kazuki was out of view, released her suppressed sigh of displeasure, slouching slightly for a bit with a hand on her chest to steady herself. She felt more comfortable with Mai as a fellow girl. Additionally, a junior who appeared harmless. "I'm really sorry for the trouble.. Gen said with a sad smile, her eyes staring downwards at the floor. She felt bad that she may have contributed to ruining this other junior's first day experience at Airdalen even though it was not at all her intention.

Before she could continue conversing, she felt someone bump into her from behind. While surprised, she didn't let out any audible sound and just focused on steadying herself before looking to see who it was.
"Thoughtless sheep."
The initial sight of blue hair had her recognizing the fellow senior in no time. It had always been quite to her liking to the point they were once mistaken as relatives. "Sora darling~ are you alright?" He looked fine but the polite thing to do would be to ask. Gen was also genuinely concerned with a comment such as his in reaction to the bump. She knew that he would tell the truth as well if something were the matter with his blunt nature.
"They should have apologized."
"I know darling~" She answered although not completely agreeing to his words. As far as she knew, the boy had bumped into her but she could understand that he was referring to other students who had bumped into him in order to cause the situation. It had gotten quite rowdy in the hall as students rushed for the exit.
"Your junior looks underage. Are you sure she is not a grade-schooler borrowing a sibling's uniform?"
Gen wished Mai was her junior but that was not the case. She looked in Mai's direction as the adorable girl did a head tilt in confusion. "I'm sure he means to say 'cute' not to offend.." she whispered over to the little one before returning to the question of her peer. "-but Sora, she is not my junior. Ka-zu-ki's in fact~ Gen had unintentionally playfully sounded out her love interest's name.

Before she could say anymore, Sora had taken the initiative to introduce himself to Mai and Mai in turn, hid her face shyly behind the remaining balloon. Gen watched them talk as Mai introduced herself in response and clarified herself to him as a student. It was a very cute scene in her eyes to the point she thought, a romance might blossom here~ She giggled before excusing herself, deciding to give the two some room to get to know each other if that was where it was headed. Besides, she did not see Sora as a bad person. It was apparent in how he was treating Mai with care."Well Mai darling~ It was a pleasure to meet you! Feel free to turn to me if you need any help." Gen turned on her heel but looked over her shoulder not quite done. "I feel I owe you for the lack of fun today.. if you stop by Inryoku sometime right by the cafetoria where I work? I'll be sure to treat you." she offered, giving a small wave to both her and Sora before heading out.

Gen was overcome by relief when she had set foot outside the building. It was as if the anger that had washed over her disappeared. She started to grow worried though being at the steps with no Vika in sight. Gen did not think the girl would just up and leave without her as they were living in the same apartment as well. She looked around from where she stood for her friend but was easily distracted by the commotion coming from the other students. Gen's eyes followed where they were looking to see a welcoming surprise. "Father~!!!" she ran and leaped into her dad's arms completely oblivious that he was working at the moment. She could not help herself. It had been a while since she had last seen or been able to talk to her dad besides text messages as he was always busy. It was so comforting as her dad caught and hugged her back. He had always been there for her even when people thought of her as a bad omen. When Hiromasa had released his daughter, returning her feet to the ground, the two family members looked to be at their happiest.
Gen's eyes finally looked elsewhere, noticing Aeon the most. She didn't expect this. "Aeon...?" she gazed at him questioningly, tilting her head slightly before gesturing from him to her father. "Are you two already acquainted?" She had to ask, not wanting to make assumptions about her dad who was very precious to her. She would not interfere if it was a work related matter. Gen was aware her dad took his work very seriously.


Notoriety (to Saburo) +1


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kazuki Miyamoto



"Just remember one thing, if I ever do this. There's no way that I would not make it fun and that would be my way. So, be ready? No turning back."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||

"And she moaned in ecstasy as she felt the..." Arms wrapped around his neck, delicate and slender, as the hands traced his skin with ease and then a playful bite at his right ear. "What are you doing, handsome?" He stopped his writing and closed the journal in front of him and then grabbed hold of the arm around him. That's right he did have some fun with a girl he picked up last night. "Having an early breakfast." He noted with that devilish smile. The girl blushed at that insinuation, knowing the sexual connotation behind his words and that lustful gleam of his eyes as he positioned his other free hand behind her head and then pushed her to deliver a deep french kiss. Of course, his other hand which held her arm was now... going places over her body without... any limitations.

Oh, he was going to have breakfast alright... and screw school.

Let's say after that rather.... heavy breakfast of his, he was now lounging in his living room couch while enjoying a refreshing smoke. He had finished his manuscript and that would silence his editor for the time being. Anyway, he wasn't able to come to Tsuyoshi's party, since he decided coming to an entirely different one. He wasn't sure which party was more fun or whatever, but it was the same for him anyway. That's because he'll be having fun no matter where it is. His thoughts were interrupted when he could see his phone at the coffee table vibrating. He did put it into silent mood as he was getting a headache from the calls he was receiving from his editor. If it was some sexy girl, he would have answered it and would make this novelist side job more desirable.

He reached for it and looked at the LCD screen who was calling and literally he felt himself shiver in dead cold. It was his uncle.. That man was like a warden or parole officer, no that man was far worse, but he didn't answer it. There was in no way he would do it. He was in no mood hearing one of those blasted sermons that really does no good but hurt his ears. He put his phone back on the table and continued with his smoking until, the main door of his house was broken down. He jumped from the couch in surprise and ready for combat, "What the f*ck!?" He was half-naked actually, he was just wearing some pants, but his face quickly changed from irritation to full out disappointment. The blazing eyes of his uncle met his and the girl he was... yeah went downstairs. "What happened?"

His uncle was immediately quick to assess the situation and pointed at him angrily. "You poor excuse of a student! Get on your feet you're going to school now! And you!" He directed his attention to the girl who stiffened. "Be asham of yourself! Sleeping in a guy's house at your age! Know better!" He shook his head and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Just shut it, okay? I ai---" He was not able to continue that sentence as his uncle quickly reached for him and chaos ensued afterwards.

That's how the day starts for the young Kazuki Miyamoto...

Begrudgingly, Kazuki found himself within the school grounds while scratching the back of his head. There were a lot of people because as he was informed... it was club day recruitment. Yeah, whatever. He was not interested in any of them. They were useless in his eyes and won't waste his precious time in anyone of them. But, he then felt a very strong overwhelming presence behind him. He didn't need to look as he was well-aware who it could be, even more so when it spoke. "You must join one. You understand!" He clicked his tongue and his eyes narrowed in clear irritation on how everything was turning out at this point. "Hell no, why do I have to join some sissy a*s club?" At the end of his words, a rather loud smack landed on his head.

"Hey! That's physical abuse, I can sue you for that!" He held the back of his head and looked at his uncle. Their machinations were attracting quite the audience while those who knew Kazuki's reputation could not help but find this normal and comedic in every sense. "Don't go against me! Just do it!" His uncle then looked at some of the security that apparently was designated by his uncle to make sure he was going to join a club.... any of it. "This is dictatorship..." His uncle glared at him once again. "Watch over him." Then, he was gone like that. He then released a frustrated sigh and even rolled his eyes as he looked at the club booths.

There was really nothing interesting even one. Sports club don't interest him. Cultural ones don't as well. Academic ones, hell no. Why can't there be a club about partying all night? He would join that one in a heartbeat. Anyway, he began to walk around the grounds looking around and even making fun of the propaganda the other clubs are doing... like a singing contest... That was freakin' hilarious that he laughed aloud. "That should be banned, man!" There were other guys who joined in as well. After that, he couldn't help but laugh at the swimming club as well. This was like a gigantic comedic show. "This is a field day of psychos." He snickered as some of the guys who knew him and began talking with him. They were giving him options on what club to join, but really... "Club thing is not really my style, dude...." He shrugged his shoulders even when he caught the security staff looking at him.

"...Gessh... Stupid old man. Better sign up on one to get these lackeys off my back."
Like that, he went towards the nearest club booth which was....


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"Go ahead, as long as you're serious. Because, I won't go easy on anyone, Blake-san."

"I wouldn't want you to, Senpai." Akira replied with a genuine smile, grinning with both of her eyes closed. She meant every word of that. It was the sole reason that she was pretending to be a boy, other than the fact that she did not want to be googled by her classmates as the girl who sent a boy to the hospital. Even though she never killed the guy, she didn't want her classmates to think she was scary or anything.. She was just in a dark place back then, and she doubted that anyone would understand,

"In basketball, I respect skills and drive. Nothing else."

"Hai~ I'll work hard." Akira chimed in a cheerful voice, kind of a little thrilled that no one commented on her height. Somehow she managed to sign up for the basketball team, which depended a lot on someone's height, and no one seemed to bat an eyelash. She wondered if it was somehow related to the tall senior, Giou, Ryou, but she decided to take the win instead of dampening her mood. She knew that it was more than likely because the others were too concerned with the tall, dark, and handsome senior, but she wanted a moment of triumph, at least she wanted it more than she wanted to be socially correct at the moment, "Please take care of me, Senpai." She called out to Ryou as he walked away, folding her arms behind her head. As far as Akira's opinion was concerned, everything went well. She joined the Basketball team with no teasing, so she was more than thrilled. Today was so much brighter and enjoyable now, like a movie scene.

There was another booth nearby that seemed interesting so she lingered long enough to read the pamphlet and signed up for it as well. Akira began to wonder if it would be anything like her job at the maid cafe, and if so, she figured she'd do fairly well in that club, but she wasn't sure if it would be the same so she tried to remain open minded. Would male hosts behave a lot differently? She wasn't really sure, but it wasn't like she was a super girly maid whenever she worked anyhow.. Akira wasn't really sure how to be a 'girly girl', so she doubted she'd have a lot of trouble acting like a boy host. Besides, this was day two at this prestigious school and no one suspected a thing. Inryoku in-waiting..? It seemed pretty interesting.. I wonder what we'll do in that club.. Will we dress up with themes? She was so lost in her trail of thought that tripped over someone's foot.

She managed to catch her balance, but she bumped directly into someone in the process. Akira found herself literally face planting into the unsuspecting victim's chest. She vaguely caught the scent of cologne, and a bright red tint polished her cheeks, "G-Gomenasai!" (Sorry! -Polite form-) Once she realized what was going on, Akira stumbled away. She rubbed the back of her neck, hesitant to look up. She knew that it was impolite to bump into someone and ignore them. She at least owed whoever it was an explanation and common courtesy, right?

Akira reassured herself that it was the right thing to do, only to look up and realize that she'd bumped into the boy from yesterday that she'd protected Mai from in case she became a victim of friendly fire. M-Miyamoto!? W-Will I have to call him Senpai? Maybe he won't notice that I didn't...? Maybe he won't care? I really don't want to acknowledge him as my senior! Why did it have to be a guy like him!? She looked up mostly in horror, but she also tensed a bit. She wasn't going to let her guard down just because he thought that she was a boy. In fact, she had a feeling that he wouldn't go easy on her just because she was a 'boy'. Just what kind of delinquent was this guy? Would she have to fight him? Would he embarrass her in front of everyone somehow?

She wasn't sure what to say anymore, so she spoke the truth. "Someone tripped me.. Gomenasai." She replied with an uneasy smile, refusing to close her eyes or rub the back of her neck like she usually did when apologizing. She couldn't be easygoing around him, she had to stay alert and she wasn't going to occupy her hands until she was perfectly sure she wouldn't have to dodge a bullet. [color=steelblue]This is bad, this is really bad.. Akira thought to herself, slightly sweat-dropping at her current situation. She felt like she had just dropped dynomite inside of a dormant volcano.


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"Just remember one thing, if I ever do this. There's no way that I would not make it fun and that would be my way. So, be ready? No turning back."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||

In truth, Kazuki has no interest towards the club booth that was nearest to him. He was simply going to sign up to stop the blatant harassment of his good-for-nothing uncle, but as he was approaching the said booth. He felt something colliding on him or landing if one would be accurate, particularly on his chest. Well, he was not against that idea, especially if it was a girl. He looked down and saw short silver hair and a voice that he was not certain could belong completely to a boy or a girl, apologizing to him, but somehow, this person regained some sense and like a cat who hates water backed up.

That reaction made him smile in his ever mischievous way, especially when he noticed that expression filled with horror and surprise. This was interesting since he had not seen this person before, well, he doesn't know much of the students here due to his habitual absences, but even with that, his reputation seemed to precede him no matter who it was before him. "You should pay more attention then." His words didn't held spite but a sense of underestimation. Those golden eyes of his locked on this person that seemed to be a mix of a boy and a girl. Really, this world was becoming a circus the more he interacts with it, but hell, that's what makes it fun.

The distance between them was instantly shorten with step due to his rather long legs, being tall does have their advantages. He leaned forward and bent his body so, his face would be in front of this person. It was awfully closed and once could breath in his scent masked with smoke and scent of rain. "Are you a girl? Because, frankly you look cute, and I wouldn't mind having something extra instead of that useless apology." He added with his ever dangerous and playful edge. "What do you say?" But, before he could get any answer from that, he could feel that his right ear being pulled. "Aw! Watch it!" He swatted the arm away, but that didn't budge and he was once again face-to-face with his uncle which made him exasperatedly sigh. "Don't you have some work or something?"

"You moron! The guards told me that you have yet to pick any of the clubs and a long time has passed!" Yes, his uncle was always shouting and added to that his ear was being twisted further."Stop it, already! I got it! This kid blocked me!" His ear finally realized freedom as he rubbed it to sooth the pain. He then clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Stupid clubs..." His uncle glared at him. "You lousy good-for-nothing! It would make sure you stay in school than be a hooligan!" There it was... the beginning of another sermon and he was not in the mood for that... ever. "Whatever, not my fault." He answered back and as his uncle was on the verge of hitting his head, he pointed to the student who bumped into him.

"You;re making a bad example, in front of a student you know." This effectively stopped his uncle as he smiled in a wicked fashion. "Who knew you have some use, short stuff." He glanced at the silver-haired boy before continuing on to the booth. The ones managing it looked at him with surprise. Why not? It was completely unexpected to see someone like him waltzing around here and even joining a club. What was this club again? He looked at the name and released another sigh. It seemed he was having some sort of bad luck streak going on. Maybe, he should go to some monk or miko to cleanse him or something, wait miko is much better.

"Uhm... are you going to join, Miyamoto-senpai?" Kazuki returned his attention to the one behind the booth and shrugged his shoulders. It's not like it really mattered what club he was going to join. It's not like he would participate in any of it. "Sure, why not? Are the members of gardening club all that cute?" He noted playfully as he wrote his name on that sheet of paper while the female student tending to it blushed at his words. "So, are you free later? I know this good place where we can--" But before he could continue his sentence, he could feel that his collar being grabbed and dragged away from the booth. There was only one person capable of that.

"What's wrong with you?! I already joined one!" He retorted while pulling away from the firm grasp of his uncle who was dragging him to who knows where. "You're also joining this one." He was soon dumped in front of another booth. He read the signage and it says about Overachievers or something. "A study group? You must be pulling my leg? Hell no, I'm joining another one!" He looked at his uncle angrily and put his arms in a cross. "I have enough of this. I already joined one and I won't ever join whatever club this is." In his effort to run, he made a dash away from his uncle, but in the midst of that, the many people made his evident collision with another student (Rhys). The sheer force of the collision was enough to make him step back and fall on his bum, which was a rather a feat. "The hell! Get out of the way!"

He angrily yelled as he returned back on his feet and could hear the rather shrill screams of his uncle. Why couldn't he have those laid-back type of uncles or a gorgeous aunt. It would have made his life fun and easier to deal with. "Screw it!" He then once again made his sprint causing quite the ruckus on the school grounds.


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"All the world ‘s a stage,
and all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…"

Gen liked this quote the most from Shakespeare’s comedy, ‘As You Like it’. It sounded beautiful to view the world with that acuity. She continued to read, turning the page to the next but heard someone approaching. Gen gently shut the book, handling it carefully like a collection of precious artworks before looking up to see who was visiting. Their visitor gave the impression of a foreigner… in a swimsuit. The blonde’s abs was also a spectacle with only an opened jacket on top. There’s no mistaking he’s a member of Upstream but I didn’t think they would assert this much uhm… ‘effort’ in advertising this time around. The boy sure was a handsome one, blonde hair and blue eyes a western rarity at a Japanese school. It reminded her of her club president.

"Like a glacier.."

Oh? Gen’s thought trail was stopped, a bit surprised by the blonde’s observation. It sounded like he was trying to be poetic but she still wasn’t certain what the boy meant. All she determined was that he was looking at her as he said it. A glacier? She delicately brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear with her fingertips, her earrings shimmering. The blonde seemed uneasy after saying what he said, instantly shifting his attention toward the flyers. Gen smiled with closed eyes, her hands clasping together in front of her lap in a feminine fashion. “Thank you, I sincerely hope you aren’t insinuating that I am as cold as one though.~” she remarked, teasingly. It had dawned on her eventually that he was pointing out her uncommon hair color in a more expressive way. She opened her eyes, her elusive smile still present as she spoke. ”I’m Gen Fukui, can I help you?”

"O-Ohayo... So, what does this club do exactly?"

It was a basic question she had been asked so many times by almost every single person who dropped by their stall. Gen didn't even have to pause and think about what to say as she responded with the answer already mentally ingrained, "As Airdalen Showstoppers, we believe acting is an invaluable skill. Our goal is to present professional, memorable and equally heartrending and heart touching performances for the student body when called for. Our personal goal for each other, is to push each individual to new heights of their acting and performance abilities." Gen made sure to stick closely to Arietta's public declaration of the group as the president but also added her own touch to it as the individual being personally asked the question. While she represented the club, she didn't feel the need to be scripted on it. What was most important to her right now, was that the club set the right impression, in the appropriate light and was not misunderstood. She hoped she could trust her fellow Inryoku members to feel the same way about their booth in her absence.

"Showstoppers is, a theater group?"

Gen wasn't surprised when the blonde foreigner summarized her speech so simply but she also wasn't happy with that description on its own. "I suppose you could call it that..." she nodded with closed eyes solemnly, while the other drama members around them appeared to be more displeased than she was. It wasn't the statement that was offensive to her personally but the lack of enthusiasm that always came with it. If they were an athletics club, people would be far more enthused and appreciative of their skills and talents. Gen felt the ability to act was often overlooked and went unappreciated, paling in comparison among the masses.

What she couldn't stand for however was the foreigner's swimming buddy labeling them as 'theater nerds'. Gen turned her eyes to him piercingly serious. She could not let that one slide. Gen could feel her fellow club members also stirring in their seats behind her. She signaled them to leave the case to her, raising her hand in their direction as if to say 'stop' before returning her attention to their guests. “Would you call a filmmaker a nerd? Or a beloved actress? I highly doubt that because almost everyone values cinema but fails to appreciate acting in its rawest form- that being, in theater.” Gen's voice had significantly changed, dropping the sing song tone she usually used. She was being completely serious as well as formal. This was her passion, her fellow club members passion as well... she could not let someone who knows nothing about what they do judge them. “There are no retakes, camera angles to direct and limit the audience’s eyes or a screen between the stage and the onlookers. There’s just acting, as it is, nothing more or less.”

Thankfully, the unpleasant one of Upstream left before the subject could take a turn for a heated debate.
"G-Gomenasai... I didn't think anything like this would happen. Y-You can ignore anything he said about me audition- not that I don't want to join your club! It's really interesting, it's just that um.." Gen inhaled deeply, her lips slightly parted as she breathed out to sigh. Her purple eyes landed back on the blonde's own, "Do what pleases you darling~" she advised, her smile returning albeit softer. She was just glad her temper wasn't tested.

Another incident was taking place before she could completely cool off, eyeing Kazuki in trouble again but he had bumped into Rhys. "The hell! Get out of the way!" Gen was startled by this and could only watch as Kazuki made a dash out of the crowd and away from the resilient maths teacher, Mr. Hayashi. She was unable to notice the commotion earlier because she was occupied assisting the swim team members. "Apologies, please excuse me." she bowed her head, leaving the sign up sheet and pen in his view in case he was still interested then made her way to her friend. She grasped Rhys' shoulder as she reached him. "Rhys." Gen called her friend back down to earth, aware if she hadn't he might have run off to hunt down her crush. She was preventing a fight from ensuing for both their sakes.

Intellect +1
Popularity +1 Bishop
Charm +1 Bishop


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Rhys’ fidgeted by messing up his hair a tad after finding himself in an awkward position. Shiori was lecturing the rest of her study club for judging him without restraint. He appreciated it, as always. Rhys felt that she had been defending him from these judgments ever since they were allocated as junior and senior. On the other hand, he did have a sense of guilt for the trouble he was generating for his senior for just being around her. He would try to ignore those discriminating as best as he could if he was alone. Is she the president or what? He thought the possibility over, hoping she was so her lecturing wouldn’t be taken too badly with that level of authority. He would hate for backlash when Shiori really came across to him as a genuinely caring person. It was just a shame she wasn’t the best at voicing it... Rhys was confident with his gut feeling, that her motives had always been caring. She had been on his side since the start too. There was no reason to doubt Shiori, save for the fact she didn’t always say the nicest things.
The more he looked over her, the more he realized he respected her as a woman. A girl as small and dainty as Shiori, standing up for herself and others was definitely remarkable. It’s kind of hot when they’re assertive. Although like any other guy, it was a quality that was hard to appreciate in girls if being on the receiving end of those rebukes. The thought about her in a sensual way faded when he reflected more on that along with the fact she was his senior. He put an end to that thought sprouting from his adolescent mind.

"You guys are running off candidates more than I am! We accept anyone willing to learn, understood? All of you will be reported to this year's study group leader after we cast a vote.”
Nope, not president... That made her actions more worrying. Was it okay that she was mad at her own club members? Would it create tension between them? Rhys figured he couldn’t do anything about it right now except sign himself up for the same club. It was his aim for the day anyway and he could also return the favor if the other members started to harass her. He added his name to the list without delay and the deal was sealed. After signing, he had mentioned that they would be seeing more of each other to receive a smirk from the petite girl's lips in response. He took it as playful or mischievous whether or not she had meant it that way. He froze up a bit, looking away momentarily for the first time becoming uncomfortable in his senior's presence. He always had a thing for 'bad' girls and Shiori was looking less innocent in his eyes by the second. When they had first met, he took her for a goody-two-shoes but the girl had her own recipe of spunk. He wondered how it had taken this long for him to notice it. Probably all that school responsibility talk had me wrong... Truthfully, it was also his fever and lack of sleep affecting him. Rhys was out of sorts and not entirely himself, perhaps even more sensitive and responsive than normal. His normal self was definitely not the type so easily distracted by sensual thoughts. He normally had more control than this.

The bump in was shocking and uncalled for but jolted him away from being uncomfortable around Shiori as he focused his attention on the person responsible. That attention soon shifted to him being unstable from the dizzy wave, Shiori noticing. "If sorry is always enough, then why does Japan have laws or police? I won't forgive you if you pass out on my watch." The lecturing was back with him on the receiving end but he wasn't annoyed. He managed to keep in mind this was Shiori's way of worrying over him but Rhys didn't know what to say. He was bad at lying and something was up with him. He couldn't deny that he had just experienced a dizzy wave and call it 'fine'. "If you don't feel well, just spit it out. It's my job to make sure you're okay." Rhys moved his head to look back at Shiori, the girl looking away from him so he was unable to read her expression now. He felt incredibly stupid to be troubling her so much today, beating himself up in his thoughts. She didn't deserve this. He did not want to be a burden. Whoever his father was, was a burden. That's the whole reason I left Britain, to prove myself... Rhys felt very frustrated and emotional as his temperature had risen and he couldn't look anyone in the eye. The flood gates to his emotions had opened, moving onto his difficulty assimilating into Japan and starting over alone in this foreign country. He wasn't like the rich and spoiled kids, he had to work hard just to be here.

"Who am I kidding? You're going to do what you want anyhow. What clubs are you interested in?" "I'll go with you to make sure you don't hurt yourself, but only`cause you look kind of red."
Rhys placed a hand on his forehead, feeling himself heat up. Maybe he was red, maybe something really was wrong with him. He hadn't felt this need to vent in a long time. He had bottled a lot, his first friend here (Gen) a girl he also did not want to rely on. For some reason, relying on women too much was a touchy topic for him. He didn't want to be 'weak'. Before he could respond to Shiori's offer and answer her questions, another person had bumped into him with more force than the last time. Rhys' body smacked against the stall causing the signage to fall. When he jerked his head and found out he had in part, been responsible for that happening to the study group's stall... he was even more pissed. He was creating even more problems for Shiori and additionally, his future club. What the fuck? Everyone’s up my ass this morning. Being bumped into incessantly was not helping his mood improve. "The hell! Get out of the way!" Rhys recognized the voice of the guy (Kazuki) who had bumped into him, the one everyone was talking about, the 'delinquent'. He had no reason to dislike this guy before but now he had one or two. The black-haired, blonde-streaked freak was getting away. "Get back here! Fucking piece of shit!!" He took a step forward ready to fight the bastard but felt a gentle yet firm hand grasp his shoulder.

He jerked his head over his shoulder to make eye contact with his friend, Gen. Seeing her made him feel instantly embarrassed at his behavior. She had witnessed him lose his cool before at the bar they frequented. He turned back to where he last saw Kazuki run off to before breathing heavily, realizing he could not chase after him. Another wave of dizziness hit him. Unable to bring himself to 'spit it out' in Shiori's words that he wasn't okay because of his manly pride, he resorted to holding his head and closing his eyes in an attempt to regain stability. While endurance was a strength of his, it was also a curse. It made him stubborn and prideful not wanting to accept what he considered 'too much' help. "Sorry...I-I can try to fix that." He voiced concern for the club's stall and slid Gen's hand off his shoulder to signal that he was fine. He nodded to her, a subtle way of saying thanks before brushing past her. He was sure Gen would be able to understand and they could talk more later.

Rhys was also trying to avoid talking about his health at all costs. He was sure Gen wouldn't leave him be if she knew he was having more than an emotional breakdown. As he walked a bit away from the scene, he stopped and looked down at Shiori when he had returned to her side for a moment before then turning away with shame. He couldn't avoid her even if he wanted to. "I'm especially sorry to you... you don't have to tag along with me as your responsibility." Rhys said much softer than he had ever spoken. It was between them. He had vaguely but finally managed to express to Shiori the pangs of guilt he felt in troubling her. He wasn't sure what she would make of it. He picked up the sign off the ground and started working to get it back to how it was before, trying to ignore the onlookers the commotion had attracted.

Popularity +1 (Shiori)
Charm +1 (Shiori)
Notoriety +1 (Kazuki)


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Her reply back was a bit surprising in that she hadn't expected to be called dude. Isn't that a term used for men? Oh no do I look like boy!? The worrisome thought flashed through her mind then again it was the only word she actually got out of what he said. The boy she had bumped into was quite tall, much like her Senior, however he seemed nicer. This was further justified by him repeating himself. Not having to worry about some punishment was a relief to the small girl. Now that she thought of it her relationship with Kazuki was something like s&m. A term one of her cousin's friends used when he came by one time.

Tilting her head slightly, Mai pondered what it meant but it wasn't of importance at the moment. Her thoughts were brought back when said boy (Johnny) asked if she had looked into other clubs. At first Mai wasn't sure who he was talking to but she then realized the question was meant for her and whoever (Katsumi) that was beside him. The ebony haired girl peered around him to see who it was. It was a rather pretty girl, in her opinion, but she also seemed kind of scary. Could she be a bad person? She noticed how others stared at the girl. Mai wondered if maybe she was new or had something on her shoulder. Then again the looks the other students gave her (Katsumi) were ones of disdain. Without even thinking Mai gave the other girl a small smile before looking back at Johnny to answer his question.

Fiddling with her hands, Mai took in a deep breathe as she prepared to speak. "I-i h-have j-join-ed a st-stu-dy gr-group b-but I w-would l-like to f-find t-the g-gard-dening c-club." Her stutter wasn't too bad as she answered him with a tight lipped smile. Mai looked around quickly to see if she could find the gardening club however due to her small height it wasn't very easy. "E-Excu-cuse m-me" she pardoned herself with a bow and went in search of the garden club. It was the one club she knew she'd be most comfortable with. It's generally a small group that partakes in it and that's just the way she likes it. Plus she absolutely loves gardening since it's an activity one can get away with doing on their own.

The Junior walked around a bit more and finally caught sight of a banner that looked like it could spell Gardening Club. With a newfound energy Mai hurried over to the small booth. Upon arriving she took note of the smallness of it compared to the other booths around it. The only thing that made it standout from the others was that they incorporated actual flora into the booth. A smile spread across her cheeks as she had hope for this club. There was a nice looking girl manning the booth along with two others, another girl and a boy. Going to the table, Mai signed her name onto the signup sheet without much hesitation. If she had she would have certainly noticed the name that was to be the source of her embarrassment, Kazuki. Mai looked up at the members and gave them a shy smile as she put everything back in place. Suddenly a commotion could be heard some distance away from them. Not one to get into those sort of situations when she could help it, Mai refrained from going towards it, even with the yelling. She was a bit curious but Mai knew she might get hurt if the commotion as a fight. I hope everything is okay over there. she thought with a look of concern.


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"You should pay more attention then."

....She really couldn't argue with the logic that Kazuki presented her with. Akira rubbed the back of her neck with a nervous laugh, unsure of what else to do with herself now that she had signed up for her clubs and apologized to the senior, all while being able to avoid calling him 'Senpai'. She was proud of her small rebellion, but she hoped that it continued to go unnoticed. While she had been trained in a dojo, this guy was rather tall and intimidating, not to mention she wasn't looking for a fight, "I-I suppose you're right.." She responded, slightly surprised that he wasn't being aggressive or flirtatious. She was glad that this seemed to be smoothing over rather nicely, but she couldn't help that gut feeling that was still in fight or flight mode.

Her stomach was right, she had relaxed too soon. Within the blink of an eye Kazuki's face was now maybe a mere inch from her own. She could tell that he was a smoker immediately from the musky scent of smoke, but why did he smell like rain? Had it rained earlier that morning without her noticing? It took her a moment to realize the severity of the situation, but she immediately turned beat red after reality sunk in. W-Why is Miyamoto so close!? I'm supposed to be a boy! Is he bisexual!? ...He's kind of hot... No, I can't think weird things like that right now!

"Are you a girl? Because, frankly you look cute, and I wouldn't mind having something extra instead of that useless apology."

Akira's eyes widened a bit. How did he know? E-Eh Cute..? Immediately her fist clenched and she was ready to strike if he drew any closer. The way he spoke his words sent shivers down her spine, what was he playing at? Akira wasn't the smartest on the block when it came to flirtatious innuendos, or otherwise. She was a straight forward type of girl and any other approach was rather confusing for her, "I-I'm not a girl! I'm a boy. My name is Blake, Akira and I transferred to Airdalen from Britain." her British accent became quite noticeable as she grew nervous. She lived closer to London based on her dialect, but once she realized she was letting her accent slip through the cracks of her composure Akira reprimanded herself. She took a silent calming breath to get her thoughts together and reminded herself that she had to remain under control. He doesn't know or he wouldn't have asked, stay calm..

"What do you say? Aw! Watch it!"

Akira snapped into action, finally mustering up the courage to step away from Kazuki, but at that moment help had already arrived. She couldn't help but smirk when the teacher grabbed him by the ear. She held back the urge to snicker, but her amusement was evident on her face. Serves him right.. She thought to herself with a sigh of relief, though she couldn't help but wonder why she didn't punch Kazuki at the first sign of movement. She could have prevented that entire scene with one good punch...but why didn't she? It was nerve wracking, but her thoughts were torn from her failure to defend herself when Kazuki began talking again.

"Don't you have some work or something?"

"You moron! The guards told me that you have yet to pick any of the clubs and a long time has passed!"

....Are these two close...? She thought with a sweat drop beading down her forehead, shaking her head a bit. They both were a bit of a headache.. so she could see a slight personality similarity, if that counted. She began rubbing her shoulder, feeling like a third wheel. She began to walk away, but was immediately brought to a halt by Kazuki's accusation.

"Stop it, already! I got it! This kid blocked me!"

"Eh!? I just accidentally ran into you thirty seconds ago! You're the one who stopped to get all up in my face! If you were mad you could have just hit me and got it over with if you're so busy!" Akira snapped at Kazuki in an outraged manner. She couldn't believe that this guy was trying to shoulder her with the blame of his tardiness. She could feel her eye twitching from her irritation, and she was starting to wish that she had punched him when she had the chance. Remembering that she was in front of a teacher however, Akira simply bowed, "E-Eh? Gomenasai, Sensei. I apologize for my rudeness and involvement." She bowed once again for good measure.

"Stupid clubs..."

"You lousy good-for-nothing! It would make sure you stay in school than be a hooligan!"

She kind of had to agree with the teacher.. When she lived in Britain she got in all kinds of trouble due to the lack of having anything else to do with her free time. She hoped that this year would be different, but she didn't get her hopes up too high. Her grandmother was enough to drive herself crazy, but thankfully she was nothing like this guy's...whatever this teacher was to him. She was grateful that her grandmother's anger was mostly passive.

"Whatever, not my fault. You're making a bad example, in front of a student you know."

Akira realized when she was pointed at that Kazuki was once again using her for his own gain, "I don't care what Sensei does to you. I'll turn a blind eye." Akira mumbled back at him, getting rather fed up with the senior's childish and entitled behavior. What gave him the right to behave this way? It was infuriating that some of the students at this school seemed to think that the rules didn't apply to them, and Kazuki was the worst of them all.

"Who knew you have some use, short stuff."

"I'm not your damn toy! You can't pull me out whenever it's convenient!" She snapped, finally cussing. She wasn't one to do that oftenp, but this guy was really pissing her off. She could even feel her clenched fist trembling under the pressure of her grip. Somehow this guy managed to get under her skin, and it gave her the creeps. Yes, he gave her the creeps, he was in no way hot at all, she was totally deluded when she thought that earlier. It was faulty lighting and she had hurt her head on his sternum. She was thinking clearly now, right? Of course.

Akira couldn't really tell what was going on, but apparently Miyamoto joined the gardening club and was flirting with the girls. She let out a soft sigh, glad that she wasn't the only one, but it did make his compliment feel cheap. Akira closed her eyes and turned away. "Sayonara, Sensei." She called out to the teacher that was constantly badgering Miyamoto. She made her way outside of the crowd, but still nearby and bought some juice from a vending machine. She could hear music in the nearby and thought about checking it out, but honestly she just wanted to sit and enjoy her fruit punch. Akira did just that, taking a seat at an empty bench and stabbed her juice with the accompanying straw before sucking up a large amount of it's contents with a content expression on her face. Heaven... No more. Miyamoto, I've signed up for two clubs... Today's going rather well now... When she opened her eyes, a pink haired student (Tsukiko) crossed her path and she was immediately left dumbfounded. She'd seen that girl somewhere... but where? The girl was absolutely gorgeous, and her entire body practically sparkled. Although her hair color was similar to Cassiopeia, it was the only physical trait that the two females shared aside from femininity. This girl dressed rather wild, kind of like Kazuki, and she held an air of confidence that Akira couldn't ignore. S-She's! She's pretty and assured of herself.. Akira was nothing less than captivated, but the trance ended as she faded into the crowd. Akira's eyes were glued on the girl until she drifted towards the source of the music playing. She couldn't help but wonder if she had imagined the girl entirely.

Charm +1 @ Kazuki
Popularity +1 @ Tsukiko, Kazuki


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Johnny "Jay" Farelli

Johnny barely caught “study”, and imagined the tiny girl was referring to a study group. He never learned the word for “gardening”, so that part went way over his head. He feigned his confidence though. Being so short, Johnny also imagined she would have a very difficult time finding clubs. He could lift up the small girl- it wouldn’t be difficult, and he’s done it plenty of times before with far heavier-looking people back home… but wait… Is that polite over here? Is it proper? Would it be considered an insult?

Before he could ponder further, the tiny girl appeared to excuse herself and left Johnny alone in the small clearing with Katsumi. He was reminded of the two girls who just up and left yesterday. “Ah well,” he said with a shrug. It was no skin off his nose.

There was suddenly much yelling. Johnny glanced up over the sea of student heads to spot a familiar head of hair bounding through the crowd to escape an older-looking man. The older man appeared incredibly pissed off, but Johnny did not recognize him. The one he did recognize was that one guy who was running amok yesterday, the… trouble-maker? Johnny wasn’t sure if the kid was actively causing trouble or trouble was happening to the kid. Johnny never knew the full context, so maybe that’s why he seemed pretty chill about it.

Johnny couldn’t help but laugh. The dude with the gold-streaked hair certainly made the days interesting at the very least. The laughter was short-lived when he suddenly realised that the reckless movement could’ve gotten someone hurt. The crowd, beyond the empty space with Katsumi, was pretty damn thick, though. He wouldn’t have made it in time to offer any useful help. Not like the packed-up crowds would do the foreigner himself any good anyway.

He had a sudden change of heart regarding whether he wanted to join band or the drama club. Ah jeez, he thought as he put a hand to his forehead. He was honestly considering the option of flaking out after having signed up for it. It just wasn’t his style to flake. There were so many interesting clubs, and the foreigner was informed that he could only pick a maximum of three. He had to follow his interests, but he had slightly more interests than time would allow.

Then again, the drama club was not a guaranteed thing. He could fail the audition, or the intended productions could not be musicals... But then again, the drama club could also offer tech and stage management skills he would need in his future career... but then again, band would offer the same thing... and guarantee music...

But flaking wasn't his style either way...

“Only one way to decide on this,” Johnny suddenly said as he produced an American quarter-dollar from his pocket. He glanced at the subtly scratched silvery profile of a man whose name the foreigner kept forgetting. On the side, in capital letters, “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Johnny blinked his eyes; he knew they would’ve faded slightly. The coin was an unpleasant memento, but one he carried all the same for the sake of it’s primary function.

More like in chance I trust, Johnny huffed in amusement before turning it around to view the more interesting side- the side with a bald eagle surrounded by the name of his homeland- the one he left behind. With a light ping, he sent it skyward. With the same hand, he caught the flipping coin in mid-air and slapped it onto the back of his other hand.

“Alright. New plan: Heads, I flake on Drama and join Band,” Johnny said sort of to Katsumi- mainly so he would have a witness to this immensely important choice of two paths. “Tails, I stick with Drama.” No regrets... He removed his upper hand. The man’s profile shone back with the reflection of the fluorescent lights high above. “Guess I’m flaking,” he laughed with a slight hint of nervousness.

The foreigner once more glanced around the gymnasium. Band was on the other side of the crowd. Johnny had a few choice words on his mind about that. None of which he ever voiced. He decided he would make his way there when the crowd would thi-

A large segment of the crowd erupted in applause and what Johnny had to assume was a cheer. The cheer was in a different language, so it sounded quite different from the cheers he heard back home. The segment of crowd were enamoured with a display going on at the archery club.

At that point, a number of students seemed to move towards the archery club to see what was going on. Johnny saw a clear, relatively spacious path opening up. “Yo Kat,” he turned to face the purple-haired girl as he began stepping towards the target booth, “I’m heading to Band. Wanna come with?”

Regardless of the answer, he'd weave through the crowd with relative ease. Though the claustrophobia was real, he kept himself focused by humming a tune and keeping an eye on the booth.


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The crowds were deafening due to the size, and it resulted in a few confused looks from Katsumi. Johnny's words faded in and out, making it hard for her to understand, but it didn't seem to matter much. Besides, the two made it to a clearing that allowed some conversation or more specifically decision making. Stuffing her hands into her varsity style jacket, she tilted her head curiously, "hm?"

“Only one way to decide on this,” First puzzled, she immediately knew what he was going to do with the sight of that type of currency- it brought mixed memories, but she looked at the coin with nostalgia more or less. "How cliche." she joked, while the coin flipped into the air, determining Johnny's next cource of action.

“Guess I’m flaking,” She laughed along with him, giving him a reassuring pat on the back before slowly walking past, "Hey do what you got to do man." A grin pulled at her lips, but unlike previous ones, it was soft and light hearted. But it only lasted a rare moment before the crowd nearby picked up in volume, she peered over curiously. 'Archery..? maybe.' She couldn't imagine a mafia child like her take on the art of archery... But she wasn't one to give in to those kind of things. Keeping the club in mind, she slowly turned her attention back to Johnny who was shooting her a question.

“Yo Kat,” She hummed in curiosity, “I’m heading to Band. Wanna come with?”

"Sure." Katsumi answered smoothly, almost unaware of the new nickname she gained- it made her grin grow. 'Wouldn't the gang be proud.' she thought, thinking of the girls from her home town. Then she thought of her father- she inwardly cringed.. 'Guess I won't be bringing this up anytime soon.'

Stepping forward, she glanced back at the many people, only for her eyes to linger on a few individuals... Two people who she decided to keep her eyes on: the purple hair (Kazuki) male who ran furiously, and the red haired (Saburo) both looked and acted very similar.. to well... the people she usually sees on a daily basis. Now whether she sees them as potential friends or foes is undetermined, but she is definitely watching out- she didnt want to get even more infamous than she already was. At that very moment she felt the usual hesitant glances, but they seemed to increase due to their presence.

'We'll see.. shouldnt be a hypocrite about it'

Finally her eyes focused on the last one- long haired brunette...(Rhys) She blinked, he looked familiar..? 'From where though..' Squinting her eyes, she tried to find more distinguishable features, only to remember what she was previously going, "go se.. (shit)" Murmuring a certain curse word in her native tongue, a habit of hers, she easily ran and dodged the crowd, finding her way to Johnny who was way ahead of her. "Sorry, got distracted."

Looking up at him, she caught the audible hum, and saw the intent focus in his eyes which made her wonder if something was wrong... With less then a second thought, she laid her palms against his back, and began to run, pushing the huge lump of a man out of the crowd. It was pretty comical really, since Katsumi was significantly smaller, but seemed to easily guide and plow him through. It was totally unexpected too, that it caught most people off guard. She would have laughed.

Getting out of the crowd faster than they would have at their previous pace, she pulled away, before walking past him, saying in a casual tone.

"You went too slow."

Without turning back, she made her way to the booth, causing a few nervous glances, but she picked up one of the many pens, and waved it in the air. "Cmon Johnny, no flaking on this one." She teased.

- Popularity: +2 (for previous post as well- forgot to update for that one) Johnny
- Athleticism: +1


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"Just remember one thing, if I ever do this. There's no way that I would not make it fun and that would be my way. So, be ready? No turning back."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||


Kazuki was able to get away from the buffoons who called themselves educators or staff. He was also rather pleased that the bell finally rang. This was actually a miracle if anyone knew about. The reason for his liking to it because it meant his uncle would be busy with his classes. The man would not be coming after him anytime. Good riddance. As for him? Well, he had no intention of attending class. Hell, he does not even know what class he was supposed to be and really, he had no interest. Instead, he would just lay down here upon the roof of a certain school building. He could leave but that would be rather troublesome as those hounds what he refers the security at the gate would prevent that He would just take his time and find an opportunity later.

For now, he laid down with both of his arms as his pillow and closed his eyes. The sun was up, but it was not that hot to begin with. It was rather a nice weather today as the clouds rolled by above. This was a perfect time to sleep as he always say. It was also a good thing that the club recruitment time has ended. The grounds now lacked the noise it had earlier. That's right he was forced to sign-up in one of the clubs. What was it again? It was something starting with a G.... Oh, right, Gardening. That was.... dumb. He has no hate for the plants or whatever, but does he looked like someone you would see playing around those green things? But oh well... It's not like it was mandatory, he could just not attend it all together.

He released a yawn before settling himself down again. He had too much fun last night and yes, this morning, but really he wouldn't mind having many seconds of that dish. It was just his luck that his uncle had to barge in. He should change the lock of his house or something. He has no privacy and he values that highly which contradicted from the popular opinions about him. Speaking of which, he could use this time to think about the next chapter of his novel. His editor won't stop yapping at him if he stretch another deadline. Really, it's not like he cared anyway, but he did take this as a responsibility so, he would do it, but of course at his own pace which usually does not benefit anyone but himself.

He recalled that steamy night and translated it into words in his head. Well, there was no better inspiration than having the experience, right? Then again, he had been told once that his work missed something. Though, it was still quite popular and he was rather well-aware what it is. In compensation, he tried to cover it with lust and the sense of seduction. So far, it was working, but he knew well, that in the future that may not be so. At that thought, he opened his eyes and looked at the clouds passing by. "Is it that important...?" He muttered under his breath, before sitting up and releasing a sigh. All that contemplating made him hungry as he stomach growled as a result.

"I should get something to eat." He jumped off the roof without a doubt as he grabbed onto a nearby tree branch and then used them as a sort of handle bars before he landed on his feet. He placed both his hands inside his pockets and proceeded to the school cafeteria. It might be too early for lunch but there should be some vending machines there. He could get some snacks and a drink. It was better than nothing. He soon reached his destination and procured bills and coins to go with his purchase. He soon got what he wanted and looked for some place he could enjoy it at his leisure without anyone harping at him, but then again, the hallways were rather empty since everyone was in class... Scratch that, not all. He was not in one after all. He couldn't help but smirk at that.


Anyway, he decided to take his chance at the courtyard. There were many vacant benches there and he took one as he munched on his snacks and his canned drink. It was at that point he noticed something on the bench he was sitting on. There was a book, probably someone left it in their hurry. He took it and read if there was a name there. "Hmm... Not ringing any bells." He said to himself as he took his time looking at the pages except discarding it. He had nothing better to do at the moment, so why not? It was a book about Management Information System Database. It was rather advance so, he knew that it must be owned by some nerd.

It was a good thing he was interested in anything related to computers. Just like that, he was engrossed in it as he turned page to page, comprehending everything written in it, while occasionally sneering and nodding in clear obviousness and understanding. He only stopped reading and was actually halfway finishing it when his drink was all gone. His snacks have already been downed by him at a much earlier time. "Bummer. Oh well..." He closed the book and left it at the bench as he stretched his limbs and even released a big yawn. "I should go and head out already, before that goon find me." He walked towards the gate while using the trees as a cover from being detected by the security.

There should be a way to get through them and, he would do it no matter what.

Intellect +1 to Kazuki


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With the song coming to an end, Katsumi opened her eyes, before joining the crowd in their applaud.

She had to be frank, that was pretty good, and now she understood why an athletic looking guy like him decided to join drama club. He was talented. 'That bastard.' She grinned, slightly envious with his skill, but proud of him nevertheless.

So when he got close, she patted him on the back, giving her congratulation and praise, before noticing the crowd thinning out. "Ah. Crap." She tched, guess it was their time to split.

“I gotta hit up my locker. I’ll see you later, Kat!”

"Yeah, later."

Nodding, she watched him walk off, before taking her own way down the hall, out the door, towards the courtyard. Finding herself wanting some fresh air, to reevaluate how her day was going, or well, just to take a break.

Her hands now again stuffed in her jacket pockets, she peered up, bored. Again. As much as she loved having Johnny as a friend, she needed some more. 'But then again, I was damn lucky to get aquainted with him in the first place.' She tilted her neck and closed her eyes in frustration, before opening them to the sound of footsteps.


She blinked, before huffing in amusement. '..What is he doing?' Her eyes locked themselves on the male student (kazuki) she saw earlier, who was then running, and now hiding himself in the greenery of the school. 'Does he have money on his head or something.' She joked, finding him being quite ridiculous, that it got her to softly laugh. After a moment of laughter, she now found herself curious, so inching behind him with family trained stealth, she tilted her head, "You trying to skip or something?" She asked, looking casually at the gate, that he too was staring at.

Slowly, she turned her head to look at him, "Because hiding behind a tree sure wont get you there."


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"Just remember one thing, if I ever do this. There's no way that I would not make it fun and that would be my way. So, be ready? No turning back."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||

The defense was tight. He would give them that credit as he pondered on how to break through that without causing much ruckus, though that would be quite impossible as he seemed to have a knack to cause a scene pretty much wherever he goes. That must be just his God-given talent. His eyes of gold narrowed much like how a predator was about to go for the kill. There was the opportunity he had been waiting for. He found it as the guards were about to change shift. Yes, that was the chance of a lifetime to get out of this crabby hole of boredom, but before he could do that, he was taken in surprise by a voice in which he was visibly startled.


Let's just stay Kazuki was now on top of the tree while hugging the impressive trunk. How he got there so fast? Well, that was one of the many mysteries that the universe would answer with the number 42. At this very moment he looked like a cat who had been thrown into a bat of water and was throwing a hissy face. His eyes narrowed into a glare as it tuned in into an unfamiliar face. From what he could tell, it was.... a girl? Yeah, a girl without doubt about that. "What the heck!?" He countered and removed himself from his rather awkward perching position from the top of the tree. "Are you trying to give someone a heart attack or something?! Geez!" He jumped down without much provocation and landed on his feet far more graceful than how he looked earlier on top of the tree.

He dusted his clothes and then looked at the gates and had a very disappointed look. His opportunity was now gone. "F*ck. Just my luck..." He released an exasperated sigh and then looked at the person responsible for the missed opportunity. "You better take responsibility for this. You just took my chance to get away from this boring place." His expression was still of irritation and a very noticeable frown. "Who the hell are you anyway?" He managed to ask, because clearly, she was a new face to him. She was not typically the kind of girls he hangs around with, but he did meet some girls dressed like her in the other circles of his life and really he was not judging at all.

She might just be a poser or she then might not be. He crossed his arms over his chest and began assessing her. Somehow, he was guessing that she was not a poser which meant that she could be what he was thinking, and really that does not scare him one bit, but the one thing which interested him was the fact she was here out in the grounds with him. There were classes going on and she was HERE. That frown of his turned into that of a smirk. It did give out that dangerous vibe much like how a devil would smile, but it probably gave that intimidating sense because he was attractive physically. "You're skipping out too, aren't you?" He said with the hint of mischief in his voice, but before he could continue on.

"Oi! Miyamoto! Is that you!?"

Kazuki instantly froze and knew that the guards had finally found him. "Sh*t! We're leaving!" By mere instinct, he grabbed her (Katsumi) hand and made a dash for it. The guards of course were hot on his trail, because well, he was always known for skipping out on his classes, and basically that was a bit bad for reputation, but more than that, they were going to be grilled by that goon of an uncle of his and that was not a pleasant thing at all. He would know, he had been at the end of that many times. He really knew how they became related, the weirdness of genetics.

In any case, he made a mad dash through the grounds while tagging her (Katsumi) along the ride. The guards voice calling out for him to stop echoed behind and all he really did was raised his free hand and gave them the F sign which of course infuriated them further. Well, they should not have expected Kazuki to show any piece of remorse or even respect to his elders. He never did that to begin with ever since he went to Airdalen.

With the many dodging and avoiding, soon enough, he was able to get out the guards on their tail. He leaned on the wall behind him and released a sigh. "Tch... They were persistent. I'll give me them that." They were really earnest in capturing him or something. Well, he could be a part in that rather than facing his uncle's wrath or something, but really, they couldn't expect him to sit in a classroom, listening to all that babble.

In any case, he managed to find a blind spot which was behind the school building as he released her (Katsumi) hand finally, and then ran his hands through his hair in a rather suave manner, but this time, it was just a natural thing. "That got me thirsty again." He straightened himself and then looked back at her (Katsumi) "You're not that bad, huh. You managed to keep up kid." He said with that playful smirk of his before taking another peek at the corner to see if there were still guards lurking about. "Looks like it's clear." He muttered under his breath and gave an approving nod. If those guys are still looking for him, it means that the gates are vulnerable.

"Well, I'll see you around or something." He looked at her (Katsumi) and gave him a wink before walking away.


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Character Portrait: Kazuki Miyamoto Character Portrait: Katsumi Kurosawa


A lopsided grin filled her face as she watched the student gave a fit, "Nah, just curious," Her grin grew, "For someone to get a heart attack from something like that... maybe shouldnt try to be a bad kid." However, what she said wasn't true, from his landing, she could tell he was pretty skilled.

"You better take responsibility for this. You just took my chance to get away from this boring place." She shrugged, not caring too much, before looking at him, expecting the next question. "Who the hell are you anyway?" She blinked, and began to rub the back at her neck in wonder, 'Guess my notorious rep. isnt as well known as I thought it was...' She then huffed, with an amused grin, 'Thats a good thing though.'

Now before she could answer, he had an excellent observation, "You're skipping out too, aren't you?" He said with the hint of mischief in his voice, but before he could continue on.

"Oi! Miyamoto! Is that you!?"

Her head snapped towards the unfamiliar voice which was a particular guarded instinct, and took a double take. 'diao...' She inwardly cursed in her native tongue, as Kazuki did the same. "Sh*t! We're leaving!" Finding her hand taken, she was about to pull away with her surprising strength, but they already took afoot. "diao!..." She cursed seriously, but as they took speed, her eyes shined, and her grin turned wicked, "diao!" She laughed loudly, and almost ran past him. This reminded her too much of her time in china, running with the girls, the "gang". But, she wasn't stupid, this wasn't them. 'Its just this guy.'

But with the sight of the birdie, she could only chuckle, 'He isn't too bad either..'

Now as they slowed, she didnt even break a sweat, so she only looked around for the coast was clear. "Tch... They were persistent. I'll give me them that."

She nodded, "Feel bad for ya."

Katsumi turned her focus on him, noticing his nature, she smirked smugly. He sure reminded her of one of her brothers... "That got me thirsty again." He straightened himself and then looked back at her, "You're not that bad, huh. You managed to keep up kid." Shrugging, shooting him an expecting look, "duh~" He had no idea who she was, and not only her school reputation, but whom she belonged too. 'However I could say the same for him... whats with those goons...'

Her family would perhaps do the same if they heard she was doing what he was doing.

"Well, I'll see you around or something." She gave him a look, "Have fun running in circles." She gave him a curt wave, before turning to head indoors before looking over her shoulder. Katsumi was like that, always skipping class, especially in America... For different reasons. But it was when her mother sent her own goons after her and when the chase never stopped, Katsumi eventually put a pause to it by going to school. 'But whats a guy like him to listen.'

Tucking her hands into her jacket pocket, she started to class.

[will add more later]


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"I have no intention
to tell people what they have to
do, but they're my responsibility
and that alone makes me
cringe, because you don't
want me to get involved."

Those silver eyes landed on Gen's form when he heard his name being called. There was familiarity flashing across his eyes. They were on the same year and classmates, so it was not hard to show that. The only thing he doesn't understand is her calling him darling. It was one of her speech habits, but he found it odd which was on the same category on how Cassiopeia treats him with unguarded emotions. It wasn't really his problem, so he won't say anything about it. This was not the case for the hovering and snipping girls at a respectable distance who pouted and glared at Gen on the sides.

Ryou was not sure how to reply to that invitation. It wasn't like he was rejecting her out of selfish preferences or anything. It was more like, it was an activity meant for pairs, isn't it? From where he was, he could see that she already has a partner who was the unfamiliar guy (Tadashi) beside her. They were already a pair and he didn't want to be interrupting anything between the two of them or at the very least be a third wheel. "Ah, it's fine. Thanks for the offer." He noted as he then looked towards the direction where most of the students are looking at.

His eyes narrowed a bit to get a better look and he could see familiar faces over there, yet he was uncertain what it could possibly be. If it was something serious, the teacher would be by now investigating or even dispersing it. There was no teacher; it only meant it was not that serious. He looked away not wanting to be bothered by other people's matters, but that wasn't the case as he heard his name being called out. It was not Gen or the unknown guy.

This voice belonged to someone else and it was coming from above him, just like that he got involved, into another matter.

"People are nothing
more but a firework that
shines and sparkles for one
big moment and that's the end
and I'll find that moment of mine."

Kazuki managed to find his way back at the main gates. He was even half-through when all of his efforts were dashed by the appearance of his ever-dictatorial uncle who by chance was also the Math Teacher of Airdalen. He will never know why this person, who he had recently known to be a relative was overly concerned about his education, when he himself couldn't even give a rat's a** about it? That was one of the million questions the world should bother to answer, but for now, he will be running away like always while in his background were a string of curses and sermons all relating how d*mb he is and how he should be in class right now.

Geez! It was appearing that his entire day was going to be about running. It does give him a good sweat, but come on, he rather be sweating on his bed with a sexy lady than, running around here in the school grounds being constantly harassed. He managed to find a breakthrough by climbing on to a tree. He jumped and grabbed on a lower branch and the swung himself up on it, but apparently the goons of his uncle were now proactive in physical activities. "Tch! Just give me a break!"

He then jumped to the nearby emergency exit deck and it was not that difficulty given his parkour abilities, but the chasers didn't stop and was now steadily climbing the steel stairs. "When will this end!?" He grumbled as he used the steel balustrade as mechanism to propel him. There was no way he would allow himself to be caught. That's why he was going to take his chance through the window this building which was apparently the gym. He swung himself a couple of times before hurling himself to the window as he felt his body not breaking any glass. Next thing he knew, he was in the middle of a hater and a rival.

"If you believed that
I care about your well-being
do perish that thought for
in the end you are a liability
and a burden on which I
would dispose of eventually."

"Of course." Aeon answered as he saw no reason to delay the activity. However, it seemed his phone received another message which prevented him from starting the trust fall exercise. He had every intention of ignoring it, yet the possibility of it being urgent did not leave his mind. "Excuse me." After saying that to Cassiopeia, he took out his phone and then saw upon the screen it was from a certain personnel of Airdalen. There was a brief moment of silence before it was disrupted by his sigh. "Cassiopeia." He started as he kept his phone again and then looked at her with those grey-blue eyes of his. "I will pardon myself from your presence for a little while. There is a trash I must clean up."

With that said, he did not waste time approaching Kido-sensei. The conversation seemed to be serious and from the eyes of the other students, it was a curious thing. No one could make up what was being spoken, but at the end of it, they were certain that the school idol had been given permission. Aeon politely showed his gratitude with a bow of the head before walking towards the upper portion of the bleachers. His focus did not allow himself to bother with any other troublesome matters along the way. Though, the situation he was about to attend to also falls into such a category. If only he was not bound by a contract, he would not be here. Yet, a deal is a deal.

As it would appear, a certain student was up an about. Aeon had been informed to handle the situation before it gets a bit out of hand. Silly fights and silly altercations were not something he was needed to intervene with and strictly speaking. It was something he has no care for. Students who involved in such fights are simply reckless and foolish. Yet, this trash was probably the master of such idiocy. It would have been best if it was such scenes, yet it was not. Just like so, he proceeded to his destination, Really... he was not animal trainer, but alas, he must be, at the moment.

Aeon soon reached a flight of stairs which led to the upper viewing deck of the gym. He climbed up, then walked towards one of the windows where he stopped. The eyes that followed him were filled with inquiry as the school idol stood there in complete pristine form. Fortunately for them, the answer was soon revealed as he opened the window and as if on cue, a figure came flying in completing a hasty entrance which announced itself with a...

"SHIT!" Kazuki cursed aloud as he noticed that he would overshoot his landing. He didn't calculate for the fact where the window was opened. Who the f*ck opened it!? Because of that, he would go over the railing and plummet to the ground. He could see his life flashing before him, and really... He has NO intention of dying anytime, soon. He prepared himself to lessen the damage if he reaches the ground, but he had a better idea. He enacted a twist in mid-air to shift his body and to grab onto the railing, but something else was waiting for him there.

His hand reached out as Aeon grabbed Miyamoto's collar which effectively dangled the fellow senior. His gray-blue eyes met with those golden eyes. This person was once again skipping classes and had every intention of destroying school property on the way which would interrupt the class. An animal which he has no intention of interacting if not for the business arrangement. "Giou-san" He spoke in a voice that reverberated throughout the gym. There was no need for him to shout, instead his deep tone echoed enough with just him adding a fine degree of emphasis. As to why that name, the said senior was exactly below them at the moment.

Ryou responded by looking above him. He was welcomed with the scene where the known delinquent, Kazuki who was being dangled like a bait for the fishes due to Aeon grabbing hold of the guy by the collar. It was impressive. He knew that Aeon was an athletic person, but was not aware of his strength. "Catch the trash" A reference to none other than the infamous hellion of Airdalen, Kazuki by Aeon, yours truly which was of course countered by... "The hell you're calling trash, you transvestite!?" Even with the perilous position, Kazuki was in he does not fail to talk back in the most vexing manner as his golden eyes glared with intensity towards the dog of this stupid academy.

There was no need for Aeon to respond any further as it was simply a waste of breath as he released Miyamoto from his clutches, so to say, as his fellow senior plunged towards the ground which was rather high and would have resulted in a lot of broken bones, and a possible fatality.

"You dipsh*t! I'll kill you!" Kazuki shouted which without a doubt can be heard through the gym. He tried to grab hold of Aeon and pull that b*stard with him, but it was useless as he prepared for the resounding pain of falling down as he closed his eyes and brace for impact. It never came though.

"You okay?" Ryou asked as he looked at the senior now in his arms. Aeon's words did not make sense first, but when Kazuki was released, he knew for a fact that the school idol was certainly someone who was not meant to be trifled with. By instinct, he caught the falling senior and then looked towards Aeon. That guy must have placed complete trust on his ability to catch Kazuki, but then again he was directly below them. Did that guy really thought this through or by chance? He could never tell about the the elegant, proper, yet stoic school idol. Well, Aeon does appear like a angelic being from this angle.

Meeting Giou's gaze, Aeon simply gave a small nod and descended from the upper balcony deck. He had done one part of what he was asked. The second part of it was only effective with a certain connotation. At this very moment, he does feel some sort of a trainer for some spoiled chimpanzee. This was troublesome and more so when he does not like dealing with Miyamoto.

Kazuki opened his eyes as he heard a voice, it was definitely not the voice of something supernatural and was it a voice of woman. D*mn it! He was instead welcomed with the profile of Ryou. Well, he was handsome, but he doesn't lean that way and also, "Eh?" It was not really a pleasant thing at all, especially when he finally learnt that he was in his arms like a princess or a bride. There better be no pictures being taken at the moment, because he will screw them over so hard! "Hey! Put me down now! You overgrown toenail!" He flailed around, doing his best to get down.

Ryou has the advantage at this point being much bigger than Kazuki and really, all that the flailing was doing was hitting someone unnecessarily. It also appeared that Kazuki was throwing some kind of tantrum even with the name calling. He ignored it. "Stop it. You're going to get others hurt. I'll put you down when you calm down." He was still beside Gen and the unfamiliar guy (Tadashi).

There were others? Did he hear that right? Hell no! "Sh*t turd put me down now!" Kazuki continued flailing around that he hit Ryou on his face which of course, he couldn't care less.

For Ryou, it was enough as a notable vein could be seen pulsing on his forehead. "That's enough, you brat." He then unceremoniously dropped Kazuki to the floor with those silver eyes of his looking down at the troublemaker senior.

Well, Kazuki did not take kindly at that as he landed on back. "What the hell is your problem!?" He went back on his feet and meet those silver eyes with his golden ones all fired-up. "If you want a fight, I'll give it to you right here, right now."

"Fight to your heart's content, just never here in this academe." Aeon's voice instantly cut through without much effort as he stopped at the row where Giou and also as he noticed Fukui and Kiomine. "Fukui-san. Kiomine-san. Please excuse the rabble."

Kazuki gritted his teeth as Aeon just have this way to get into his skin. "I'll punch you first! You tried to kill me!" There was no hesitation as he did throw a punch at Aeon, closing the few distance between them.

Ryou was faster though as he grabbed the fist that would deliver the punch. "I don't care if you want to knock him out, but this is not the place." He was considering Gen and the other guy (Tadashi) even to the extent of the other people inside the gym. They could do this outside later, but not now.

"Don't you touch me!" Kazuki forcefully took back his fist from Ryou and turned around to punch him instead. Aeon saw this and simply kicked the delinquent senior's knee from behind which should make a balance as an issue, buckling. In response, Kazuki did buckle and was falling again. Ryou caught him, preventing from another meeting to the floor. "I will leave you to it, Giou-san. It seemed you have your partner for the trust fall activity."

The words haven't sunk in, but when it did Ryou and Kazuki spoke at the same time. "What!?" They're synchronized expression of disbelief and shock was quite a feast to the eyes. Aeon however, was calm as ever as if he did not drop Kazuki from such a height or was being pulled into a physical fight. "Giou-san caught you already twice. It is time to return the favor."

Ryou shook his head and pushed Kazuki away from him. "I'll be making my own decisions here." Kazuki chimed in as well and glared at Ryou before transferring that to Aeon. "I second that! Hell no, I would partner with this scaredy cat!"

"Do as you wish, however, I only hear excuses, afraid that you two would fail with each other. In any case, do not disrupt the class any further." After saying that, Aeon turned his moment's attention to Fukui and Kiomine. "Fukui-san. Kiomine-san. Excuse me." He then turned his back at them all as he returned to where Cassiopeia was waiting as he also gestured towards Kido-sensei, that everything has been dealt with.

Golden eyes shimmered in irritation as he was going to follow Aeon and speak his mind. "Come back here! You A---" Ryou sighed and grabbed Kazuki by the collar which cut the other senior from speaking any further. "Just be a man and deal with it. We're partners. I won't give that guy the satisfaction to say anything else." Kazuki forcefully removed himself from Ryou's hold and the clicked his tongue as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Fine! This is just a one-deal thing. I'll show that arrogant piece of sh*t." He nodded his head in a confident assurance as he glared daggers at Aeon's retreating back and then looked back at Ryou.

"So, how do we do this?" That was when he noticed finally Gen and another guy's presence. "Were you two had always been there?" He blinked a couple of times and shook his head as his rather disgraceful appearance which was falling into Ryou's arms not once but twice have witnesses. Actually, there were far more than just two. "I swear I'll punch him so hard that it will knock his teeth out."

Ryou sighed at this and somehow, he just got himself into a troublesome situation. It would have been best if he had said yes to Gen's offer earlier.

Kazuki: Athleticism + 1 | Notoriety + 2
Aeon: Popularity + 1 | Notoriety + 2 | Athleticism + 1
Ryou: Popularity + 1 | Athleticism + 1

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"Oh! Ha, no, I can read, just not… what’s-it-called, Kana? The squiggly symbols where a lot of ‘em look like the letter T.”

"I see, me neither. I'm half Korean, and was raised in North Korea my entire life. My second language is English, so my Japanese isn't that good, at least not when I write or read..." Tsukiko winked at Johnny in attempt to reassure him, realizing that her words were much harsher than she had meant for them to be. She had just honestly expected a warmer welcome from her cousin and it dampened her mood that the girl did not seem to happy to see her, like at all. Tsukiko's eyes shifts down the bleachers noticing that a ruckus was forming, but that was none of her business so she effortlessly returned her attention to Johnny. She did not feel a shred of guilt for ignoring the bullying that Yuuki was had been receiving.

“To keep my bangs out of my eyes, I wanna grow it out longer eventually, but what I have is a good length for sports.”

"You play sports?" She asked in an oblivious tone, trying to strike up conversation more than anything. She could tell just by looking at him that he was athletic, but she decided to play dumb for the sake of their conversation. She wasn't exactly book smart, but she was definitely smarter than she was currently giving herself credit for, "Are you joining a team?"

“Dude, I know this tune,”

Tsukiko held back the urge to smirk, seeing as he did not entirely recognize her yet. He did not mention her stage name or the title of the song, so she refused to get ahead of herself. Though knowing that her song seemed to at least stir a reaction from him was enough to satisfy her. She was pleasantly surprised, keeping silent as he hummed along with the chorus of her song. She said nothing, wanting him to make the connection on her own. Tsukiko was a confident and somewhat arrogant young woman, but she did not often shamelessly brag. She preferred for her achievements to speak for themselves.

“This is… Teardrop, by…”

Ok~ So he does actually know the song.. That's a start. Tsukiko thought to herself, anticipation forming in her stomach as he struggled to place a name to the artist, a name to her. It still hasn't clicked in his head yet, but she was certain that it would, seeing as he knew the name of her song. She did not grow nervous as he gazed into her eyes, in fact, she blinked even less in order to give him a better look.

“Wait… you’re,”

She waited for him to say it, not wanting to coach him into it, because that would ruin all of the fun. If he was a fan he would surely remember anyhow, at least that is what Tsukiko told herself. It was frustrating that no one recognized her, but she wasn't going to throw a tantrum like a spoiled child. She was far beyond those antics now. She had better ways to get what she wanted these days.

“You’re Mae Seung Jin. I knew I recognized that voice.”

"Aren't you observant." Tsukiko grinned, her pearly whites shining as she did. She was definitely satisfied with his answer, her entire day looking brighter now. She had not expected anyone aside from Shiori to remember her, so this was definitely a much better start at this school than she had anticipated.

“I only got a few of your songs, but damn girl, you got the voice of an angel.”

"My mother would certainly disagree. Would you believe me if I told you I was discovered at a playground? I climbed to the top of a jungle gym one day..." She laughed as she thought back to her situation as a child. She grew up extremely bratty and spoiled, and she knew that several times throughout her childhood she deserved more than a few punishments that she never received. She was raised very strangely, practically bred for limelight. She'd been to so many pageants and talent shows that she couldn't remember them all, "I began singing when I grew bored of just sitting there and an agent heard me, but not before the police were called and the local news was quick broadcast the spoiled Korean girl that needed to be beaten for her level of disrespect."

After Tsukiko relayed her personal story, she grew quiet and let him enjoy the song, stifling a laugh. She'd never actually witnessed someone listening to her music outside of concert, aside from her producers and sound crew, so the head bobbing was definitely a foreign motion to her.. She would often dance around with her headphones on, but this was something that she'd never experienced. She wasn't sure what the movement did for him, but he definitely seemed to be enjoying himself. Tsukiko put her phone and earbuds back into her pocket when he returned her earbud, smiling warmly to Johnny afterwards. She wasn't really sure what to say next, but she definitely wasn't going to let that stop her from holding a conversation, and if it did, she would definitely leave first to leave him guessing... Yes, that is what she did best after all. He adjusted his stance, and she eyed him discreetly, Do I make him uncomfortable or am I imagining things..? She thought to herself with a smug attitude.

“Anyway, Kitogawa-san, there’s this event being hosted by the school at some castle,”

She immediately knew where this was going, but she blinked innocently at Johnny despite that. She tilted her head in feigned curiosity as she pretended to be surprised by this news. Of course she knew that there would be a dance, but she did not have to make that known to him, "Really? At a castle? That sounds intriguing."

“And the thing’s calling for, like… I mean, since I don’t know anyone, I was just gonna ask until I get someone to join me. Not sure if you got a buddy already, but if you don’t, didja wanna go?”

"So it's a date required event?" She asked with a confident smile, twirling a loose pink strand of her hair around her index finger. It was in a high and messy ponytail, so there were several such strands to choose from. She couldn't accept, not this early in the game at least. She'd just got here today, so she couldn't officially make a confident choice, "I just arrived in Japan today so can I take a while to think about it?" She did not want to insult him, but she also did not wish to sacrifice her options so early on. Also she preferred to ask guys out, not the other way around. She hated not being in control of a situation. Johnny was definitely attractive, but he was far too nice. She didn't know how to deal with 'nice' guys.

"At the end of the day if we're both still dateless, I'll say yes, if you've found someone else by then I'll understand, and vice versa. Cool?" She replied, quirking an eyebrow. Sure, Johnny was attractive, but who wasn't at this school? She wanted to meet as many people as possible to make a well informed decision. Besides, she preferred taking the initiative. She felt that being asked out was so seventeenth century. She liked to believe that she was a highly evolved feminist. Johnny rushed to break up the fight that she had witnessed, so Tsukiko made her descent down the stairs just in time to witness another interesting moment.


Those golden brown eyes of Tsukiko's raised to find the owner of the voice, a single eyebrow quirking. The owner was a highly attractive blond specimen, and she was highly impressed. Her eyes were transfixed on the situation brought upon by the blond male (Aeon) and the equally attractive dark haired male (Kazuki) that the blond was dangling like bait on a fish hook. She was definitely intrigued by the uproar these boys were causing, perhaps because they were both much taller than herself. Guilty as charged. I suppose I've always had a soft spot for tall guys.. She stood back, seeing as she could hear from where she chose to stand anyhow.

"Catch the trash"

Her interest was immediately piqued as the blond (Aeon) referred to the darker haired male (Kazuki) as trash, she couldn't help but wonder what would illicit such a response from what appeared to be a calm and refined male (Aeon). She would definitely have to investigate, because she could no longer think of anything else. She would never get to these so called trust falls if she did not satisfy her curiosity.

"The hell you're calling trash, you transvestite!?"

She met her lips with her fingers, hushing the laughter that dared to voice itself, she did not wish to make matters worse, but the bluntness and general crude vocabulary of the wild looking male had taken her by surprise. Most individuals of Asian descent would not have spoken so abrasively, which made her wonder just what type of person this guy truly was. He appeared to be one hell of a troublemaker, but now she wished to find out for herself. If she knew one thing about rebellious types, it was that they were exactly her type, the type that did not expect monogamy and would allow her room to breathe. The ebony haired male's bravery was definitely compelling, Tsukiko doubted that she could be as mouthy if put in such a dangerous situation, but then again, it was difficult to shut her up when she was pissed, so she assumed it would be a situation she would have to experience before she could properly gauge how she would react.

"You dipsh*t! I'll kill you!"

I think I'm going to ask him... I rather like this one. He's got spirit, if nothing else... Well.. His looks are quite nice as well, so there's that also. she chimed to herself inside of her head, practically having full on conversation with herself. She was like that though, she often shared her deepest and darkest thoughts only with herself, so it became customary for her to talk it over on her own in her mind. Was it crazy? Maybe. Did she care? Hell no. She ran the thought over in her head, standing alone on the gym floor lost in her own thoughts. She was still standing in the same spot where she had been watching the three boys (Ryou, Aeon, and Kazuki) from a safe distance. She finally wholeheartedly agreed with herself that the dark haired wild child would be a fun and entertaining date, returning her attention to her surroundings just in time to watch the wild card with blond streaks in his hair (Kazuki) make a direct whack-in--the-face contact with the other dark haired male (Ryou). She grew a few steps closer, but stopped when she noticed how angry the taller and once calmer male became. Honestly, he was scarier than the rest now that he showed his temper, and that was enough to delay her approach. She did NOT want to be on the receiving end of that look.

"That's enough, you brat."

She winced as she watched the boy she wished to ask to the dance make an abrupt collision with the gym floor. That definitely had to hurt.. Poor thing~ She thought to herself, but she was also quite amused by how rough the boys at this school were being with each other. If she hadn't known any better she would have assumed this school was for delinquents. The boys were definitely acting far from refined at the moment.

"What the hell is your problem!? If you want a fight, I'll give it to you right here, right now."

Fight? As interesting as that'd be, we've already seen one of those... Pass? Unless it's shirtless, then please do. There were practically two separate fights occurring at the moment, albeit this one was one sided, although so was the other one, but this was different somehow! No one seemed to be taking the wild card that seriously, in fact, they handled him for the most part as if this was the daily norm.

"Fight to your heart's content, just never here in this academe."

Suddenly the blond was far more of a spoiled sport than she had originally pegged him for. She managed to keep the disappointment from her facial features, but it wasn't like any of the three were paying attention to her, well not yet at least.

"I'll punch you first! You tried to kill me!"

....He does have a point. That drop was very dangerous... Perhaps there will still be a shirtless fight? Tsukiko closed her eyes, attempting to imagine a fight between the tall blond (Aeon) and the wild card (Kazuki). It definitely would be an appealing way to pass time, but fantasy and reality hardly ever intertwined. When her golden eyes reopened, the wild card threw a punch at the pale blond haired male (Aeon), but the more mature ebony haired male (Ryou) managed to catch the incoming fist before it had a chance to do any damage. She zoned out for a bit more as she tried to let everything she'd just witnessed compute, but she did not have a lot of time. Tsukiko pulled her schedule out of her pocket and ripped off one of the corners, writing her number on it before folding up the unused paper and putting her pen and paper back inside of her pants pocket. She slowly approached the pair of boys who seemed to have paired up for trust exercises, surprising Tsukiko immensely, but perhaps she would never truly be able to understand the male mindset?

Once she was within the socially acceptable speaking range, Tsukiko couldn't help but notice that the blond (Aeon) was no longer with the two ebony haired boys (Ryou and Kazuki). Tsukiko tilted her head curiously, softly clearing her throat to get their attention, "Excuse me?" She began, blinking a few times as she waited for her point of focus to make eye contact with her. She smiled brightly, with an air of confidence about her after gaining the black and blond haired student's attention (Kazuki's) and decided it would be best to get straight to the point, "Ano.. I'm Kitogawa, Tsukiko and today is my first day here. I couldn't help but notice the two of you, so I thought I'd just come right out and ask." She began twirling her hair around her index finger as she spoke, though not out of nervousness. This was simply somewhat of a flirtatious habit of hers.

"Would you be interested in attending this evening's Halloween dance with me?" She asked, her eyes landing directly on the wild card (Kazuki), unwavering so he would know that she was referring to him. She did not know his name, so confident eye contact was her only weapon. She lightly bit her pink and glossy bottom lip after her question, realizing that she really ought to get started with the trust falls, and held out the slip of paper towards the rebellious golden eyed boy (Kazuki), "I really should start the activity..." She trailed off with a disappointed sigh, intentionally making the impression that she did not wish to cut the conversation off so short. If there was one thing that Tsukiko knew, it was how to show her interest in someone. Her lips formed a brief pout, but she continued speaking soon after, "Think about it. then get back with me so I'll know whether or not to ask someone else. Kay?"

Athleticism +1
Popularity +1 to Kazuki, Aeon, and Ryou


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"The timing is wonderful~ If I recall correctly, you love Halloween? What better way to reunite with your classmates than at a Halloween party." Gen's voice was lively with enthusiasm as she spoke with Tadashi about tonight. She could tell in his smile and light blush that he was excited about it too. As she was receiving her phone back, her mind briefly drifted on who she would be going with to the dance. Gen wasn't the type of girl to take the initiative but being insecure, she was also very uncertain if anyone would ask her. It was baffling how Gen could be insecure despite receiving many confessions.

"So~ how many lovely suitors will you have to choose from my dear Gen?"

Tadashi's voice broke her out of her thoughts as her posture tensed up a little. Gen was aware that he was teasing her but the old Tadashi she was pretty sure would have never been confident enough for it. It was a bit of a surprise compared to the question itself. She had also just realized he had been calling her 'dear'. It was a wonder if he was doing that aware of her personality. Gen laughed lightly with her eyes closed, fiddling with the hair tie's beads at the end of her braid so they knocked together. "You flatter me but I would graciously accept to be the partner of any man who shows genuine interest in me to the dance." she said earnestly. As a hopeless romantic, Gen was not too worried about choosing a partner. If anything, she was more worried if someone would choose her with her insecurity. So long as the one to ask her was as she already stated, genuinely interested in her be it as a person or as a potential lover in future? She would be fine with any arrangement.

The more time passed thinking about that subject, she realized she wasn't close to anyone in her year despite knowing of them. Tadashi was an exception as she had met him back in the early days while her junior self was more carefree but now... Her eyes wandered among the rows of students from senior to senior. Gen could recognize their faces and tell you their names without doubt but there was a distance between them. She couldn't call any of them friends as they were more like class acquaintances. Gen had spent her Airdalen years with them but there was little more to go on besides that. It was a sad thought but Gen decided then and there that she should try to get more involved with her peers. It was their final year after all. At the very least, I should make the most out of my time here. Some I will love, some I will hate but everyone should be given some effort. I might make a new friend. She patiently waited for Ryou's answer to her trust fall offer while the commotion was ongoing in the bleachers below them. Gen couldn't get a good view of what was happening so she had cast her interest aside.

"Ah, it's fine. Thanks for the offer."

She simply nodded at his response before returning her attention to Tadashi. Gen had offered and that was all that mattered to her. It was Ryou's decision to proceed with the activity as he wished. It was possible he already had others in mind of who to team with. Either way, Gen did not take his refusal personally. "Well, we better get started. I suppose you can catch me first? I am honestly unsure if I can catch you after though darling~" she expressed her doubt with a sheepish closed eyes smile. Gen was nowhere near athletic with her small and delicate form.

"Giou-san. Catch the trash."

Gen opened her eyes hearing Aeon above them. Although he had asked for Ryou not her, she was seated near enough to him that dropping trash above them was a concern. "What?" she had a slightly startled tone as the situation started to sound odd to her. It did not make sense why Aeon would be dropping trash let alone holding it to begin with. It didn't sound like something the stoic man would do. It was far too random. When her purple eyes pinpointed the 'trash' he was referring to, she froze and felt her heart stop. At the sight of Aeon dangling Kazuki by the collar at such a height, Gen was very concerned but tried to be optimistic about it. He wouldn't... She of course, could not be sure. She did not know Aeon well enough to be sure but she hoped she was right. Dropping someone at that height was no laughing matter. It was serious and most definitely dangerous.

"The hell you're calling trash, you transvestite!?"

When Kazuki spoke, that was when he was released to fall by Aeon. Gen felt herself lurch forward in that direction out of instinct even though she would not be strong enough to do anything about it. The drop happened all too fast and her reflexes were slow. Gen had only managed to get up from her seat and take a step in their direction. Ryou had caught Kazuki's fall much to her relief. She stayed standing close behind him still trying to process what had just happened. It was the most cold and dangerous display she had ever witnessed with Aeon not even batting an eye as he did it. Gen was shocked but her expression was vacant rather than outwardly showing how much confusion she was going through. Her Inryoku in-waiting mannerisms of hiding unpleasant emotions was a habit hard to bite back surfacing even in some of the most extreme circumstances it seemed.

"Fight to your heart's content, just never here in this academe." Gen had missed out on the majority of conversation running between Ryou and Kazuki until Aeon had joined them. While Gen was worried for Kazuki's well-being, her strongest emotion of all was yet to emerge.
"Fukui-san. Kiomine-san. Please excuse the rabble."
Gen said nothing when Aeon spoke to them. This in itself was a sign that something was clearly wrong with her. It was unlike Gen to ignore anyone addressing her. Being the president of Inryoku, she had to accommodate many different types of people from the weirdest of the weird and yet she was ignoring one of the most popular boys in the school. Some of the girls observing even whispered to criticize her for ignoring him when they would love the opportunity to speak but she couldn't care less. Her mind was occupied on other things.

Gen continued to miss out on segments of conversation. So many emotions were running through her out of shock in the moment but she knew which side to take. It was a no brainer especially when someone she held dear to her heart was the victim. What he did is inexcusable. I can't understand nor accept how others can react so nonchalantly about what he did. Even with Kazuki as a delinquent, he is a person and should be treated as such. Aeon is lower than him for resorting to that. It's enough to be labelled under psychopath for risking another's life without a hint of hesitation or guilt. That was cold, cruel and should not be tolerated. She started to clench her hands into fists when the shock had passed.

"Fukui-san. Kiomine-san. Excuse me."
Gen continued to ignore him in word but felt her body move to follow after him slowly as if she had no will of her own. Her emotions were festering within her mind and the rest of the world appeared to be a blur. Something in her mind had snapped. She had even missed out on the girl (Tsukiko) asking her crush out. Her eyes were glued to the back of the target of her hatred alone. She clenched her tiny fists even tighter.

I've had it with you Aeon,
I don't care if the whole school adores you,
You're dead to me.

Athleticism +1
Notoriety +1 (Aeon)


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Tadashi Kiomine


"The timing is wonderful~ If I recall correctly, you love Halloween? What better way to reunite with your classmates than at a Halloween party." Tadashi had a genuine smile across his lips as his dear friend reminded him of what time of eyar it was. She seemed to remember every important aspect of his character, which was very flattering to hear. Finally he nodded in recognition. "Yes it is... I love this holiday, and this time of year. Autumn is my absolute favorite and Halloween just..... Speak to me." He smirked and chuckled remembering the one time he was reading a horror manga during lunch, Gen insisted that he tell her about it which ended up in her getting scared. He didn't scare very easily and loved horror movies and anything of the like. He reminded himself on playing a light and innocent prank on Gen when he got the chance. Maybe a box that shot confetti out, nothing harmful.

Her reply to his tease was typical, Gen always took comments gracefully and had a natural talent for deflecting them back at whoever delivered them or made the monetary spotlight not about herself. He nodded listening to her explanation not finding it very surprising, she was a woman that appreciated genuine character. There wasn't much he could say, but internally he wondered who did she get to know and become closer with during the time he was gone. When Ryou addressed them both declining her offer, Tadashi became curious. He seemed to be the type of person that chose his company very carefully. Tadashi would take note in attempting to get to know that person better. But a familiar voice caught his attention as well as some commotion.

"Giou-san. Catch the trash." Tadashi gazed up to see what was happening when his eyes lit up, turning completely red as he watched Aeon holding Kazuki in the air as if he just pulled a cat out of water. He took a step back to gauge the entire situation beyond shocked to see what was happening. His mind kicked into overdrive for this moment. In the background he heard a fight happening, people gasping and shouting for things to stop. Then this event unfolding in front of him, with Kazuki seemingly dangling with his life on the line. When he was dropped Tadashi's heart sank. Sure he was mercilessly bullied by the troublemaker (Kazuki) in the past but the last thing he wanted was for him to die! In a flash it all happened and his former bully ended up in Ryou's arms safely. He let out a sigh, cupping his hand over his mouth in shock. He looked to Aeon as he left in a seemingly careless manner, giving them all a formal yet dismissive goodbye. No doubt the students in the gymasium were split into two directions, with the fight happening between a junior and senior (Saburo and Sora) and the Kazuki incident that wasn't necessarily his fault... But it was almost expected.

When Tadashi was done claming his own nerves he noticed Gen beside him who was..... Well absolutely fuming. He'd only seen her that mad one time. And it did not turn out well. "Gen-" He would call out to his female companion after casting a glance towards Ryou and Kazuki noticing his junior Tsukiko approaching them for who knows what. <One thing at a time.> His mind was working at a steady pace, deciding what steps to take while simultaneously thinking on what to say to calm Gen down so she could avoid any unnecessary conflict. Though he was curious to why Tsukiko was approaching the two seniors (Ryou and Kazuki) now of all times. "Gen." He called louder and stepped to move in front of her. His eyes were mismatched, his right eye completely purple, the other was red. "Gen- take a moment and breath." She looked intimating like that in all honesty but he didn't waver. He already knew what to say, back-pedaling in front of Gen if she didn't stop. He'd make his point quick. "Gen- look into my eyes. You have every right to be upset. But think about what you want to say and if it's going to give you what you really want." He paused for a moment to let it all sink in, but then went in to finish his dialogue. "There's no need to compromise yourself as a person, to get your point across. Truly think about what you'd accomplish.... But do what you think is best. Only you know what that might be." Tadashi would remain in front of her, until he finished and pivoted on his left foot to open the pathway towards Aeon if she wished to continue her pursuit. His questions were all logical, critical and held depth. There was no need to let your emotions get in the way of judgement, his scars were a literal reminder of that.

No matter what Gen did, Tadashi would back off for now but would stay aware. She'd see it in his eyes that would be watching her. Not just critically, but in the scope of how her character was. They key was in her hands now, giving her a myrid of paths to choose from in this small, but possibly significant point in her life- and the lives of those around her. How much had Gen changed since they last seen each other? His teasing earlier had proven to her that he wasn't the same as he use to be. There were several sides of him that she didn't know, even back when they were younger. They only knew each other inside of school, not outside. She didn't know how deep of a person he was and the same could go for him. Tadashi would sigh, waiting and watching very sure that several of the students were watching and whispering to each other when they weren't falling into each others arms. He would look around seeing the fight he heard being broken up which was a relief. He hated bullies.
Athleticism+1 (Tadashi)


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"I don't want no trouble
I don't want to care
I have enough already
to worry about
I don't need anything more
so, give it a rest."

Ryou sighed because of the situation he was in. He could not blame Miyamoto for acting out. The school idol was the prominent figure in making sure that the Hellion never takes it too far or in Miyamoto's words, a party pooper. This time though, Aeon's actions were extreme, it was fatal in anyone's eyes and rather absolutely cold, but he knew that the infamous idol was always meticulous. From his viewpoint, Miyamoto was going to burst through the windows which could lead to school property damage and laceration wounds. The school idol prevented that by opening the window and knowing that Miyamoto would fall, was grabbed by the collar. A safety net was also established, him.

Miyamoto was never in any danger either than himself. It would not be easily understood since Aeon was not the kind to explain at all, but that guy does not act without any calculative movements. He knows that by personal experience. That man is a master manipulator. Someone who can see deep into anyone beyond the masks. Those eyes that penetrates through all. It was scary and that's why he never interacts with Aeon beyond that of school activities. He has this feeling that man would see deep inside of him, but now, that's not his concern.

"Focus." He said as he began to explain the process of a trust fall. "It's simple I fall, you catch, vice versa." When he was done explaining, there was a pink haired girl (Tsukiko) approaching.... Was it Cassiopeia? He should split quickly. It's true the girl was nothing but sweet, but that's the problem. She reminds him of her too much. But upon closer inspection, it was not the pink princess.

A relative? But they don't look anything alike. Oh well, he wasn't interested or in the mood to find out who she is. Good thing, she was interested more on Miyamoto. That saved him a lot of grief as he could feel the stares of the girls boring holes at the back of his head.

She was asking Miyamoto to the dance which he had decided to skip out. He wasn't sure if it that was a good choice, but hey, he really doesn't understand women. He was practically mean and they still hovering around him. His eyes then caught up the sight of Gen who seemed was following Aeon for some reason and the unknown guy (Tadashi) who seemed to block her for a moment and then let her pass. That was odd. He was rather busy with the whole situation between him, Miyamoto, and Aeon to notice the other two present which reminded him of Gen's certain temper. He had never witnessed it, but rumors do fly around.

Did Aeon's actions rubbed Gen the wrong way? Well, it was hard to see those actions be seen as good, but really this gym class was really getting rowdy and chaotic. There was trouble somewhere. He noticed one over there and then here, now, possibly with Gen and Aeon. Should he intervene? No... It wasn't his place and really he has his hands full with Miyamoto already. He really didn't like taking on matters, he has no really business with. He also knew that whatever happens, the school idol can handle himself.

That's why he was going to sit everything else out, unless it comes close to his responsibility and really as now, the only thing he had obligation over with is this Trust Fall Activity. That's why he stood there patiently waiting for this all to end. Gym had gotten a bit more long than necessary. Just let it end.


Athleticism + 1 (Ryou)
Notoriety + 1 (Aeon)


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"Just remember one thing, if I ever do this. There's no way that I would not make it fun and that would be my way. So, be ready? No turning back."
|| Current Location ✦ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme ✦ [Animals ] ||

So, that's how it is. One has to fall and to catch. That is so lame. Is this what he's been missing in class? It was really good thing he skips out of it. Listening to the teacher preach was more exciting. Skipping out was a good thing to do, but right now, he couldn't because of the fact that he doesn't want to make that sleazeball (Aeon) right. There's no way he's going to allow that so-called idol of this school be right about whatever assumptions. He was also not going to let that f*ggot get away with dropping him off like that. Aeon better have eyes behind his head starting from now, because he would make sure to create chaos for that guy enough to remove that robotic face.

He was distracted from his delicious plans of getting back at Aeon when a female voice pulled him back. Pink? Is it Cassiopeia? Perfect. What better day to stick it to the man than through the maiden he seems to always protect. "Oi! Cassio---peia- ch-an?" He blinked his eyes a couple of times, and apparently that was not the case at all. This was a different pink-haired girl which would be the second addition to this academe. Now, that would make the princess the only one here at the school with that shade of hair, or may be there is another? Well, he can't be sure since he's mostly not in school.

"Oh, not her.. Who are you?" His golden eyes already doing its work assessing her in the way he only knows how. This girl is attractive well, most of the girls here do. It was probably the only upside attending this stupid Airdalen School. "How the hell could I miss such a cutie?" There it was that infamous playful smile of his and that piercing look from his eyes. Somehow, his altercation with Aeon had been forgotten or moreover the fact that he has an activity to do with Ryou in the very beginning. It is the truth about Kazuki, he easily have his attention taken and really, he has no problems with that especially if it was taken by a girl.

The girl introduced herself as Kitogawa, Tsukiko on her first day. That's probably why he haven't see her around. She was a new student, a freshman. That would be nice, and the fact that she really hardly knew her, because of one fact. He isn't keen onto entertainment and when it comes to music, well, he has more of appreciation for the music itself than the ones singing it. He never bothers to know. As he says, it's not worth his time at all. "Why hello there, Tsukiko-chan." He winked at her and the straightened his posture. "The name is Miyamoto, Kazuki. You can call me Kazuki, anytime you want."

Then, Tsukiko spoke about an evening Halloween dance. There is a dance? He has no idea about that. Who was sponsoring it? If it was the school, that's something fun, finally. "Really? I didn't know that." Actually, he received a message too, but, the problem he didn't notice because he was busy running around the school grounds. He looked at the slip paper that was being handed to him. He looked at it and found a number, it was probably hers. Now, this girl knows how to flirt isn't she? He had been around such many women that he knows the subtleties of seduction.

"Sure, I'll give you a call." Kazuki smiled with that ever present predatory golden eyes of his. "Later then." He ended it at that as he watched her leave. That girl will be a lot of fun, he can't wait. That's when he wondered about the dance. He took out his phone and luckily it didn't fell out or something. There seemed to be a lot of messages present. There were some party invites and so on. There were also some messages about his deadline, but one that matched what Tsukiko said about the Halloween dance. This was a school-sponsored event. That was good, it seemed that this school does have a fun bone its system.

This meant he would need to wear some costume or something? Well, that's interesting. It made him wonder what the girls would be wearing, hopefully, it would be something sexy and revealing. That would be hell of a fun and would give him new ideas for the novel. Now, he was more motivated to go to that party, but he would have to get dress? Well, there isn't anything being said about wearing costumes as mandatory. He'll take that little slip into his favor. That was when he finally remembered about the activity or the trust fall whatever. "Oh, so who's going to fall first?" He looked to his side as he asked Ryou the question and then found the tall guy looking at something in the distance.

Kazuki followed it found it to be Gen and whoever that slim guy who looks like a pencil stick. That guy needs to get some muscles. Anyway, he wasn't really interested in that dude. He just noticed Gen going after that arrogant piece of sh*t (Aeon). Not really his concern because right now he want to punch the guy senseless right now. The only thing preventing him is that one statement earlier about not being able to do this stupid activity. "Wonder what she's going to do. Oh well... Let's do it." He looks back at Ryou and wondered who would be going first between them.

This day should just end quicker, so he could go on to that party. He could already imagine the fun he will be having later with that interesting pink-haired flirt along with what costume she might wear. Then, she was pretty sure about the other girls. There would the other pink-haired, the princess, maybe this time she'll be wearing something daring. Oh that would be awesome, a sexy and innocent look. There was also Gen, he could imagine things with that flamboyant yet cute girl. Oh, he's letting his imagination get wild. "Let's hurry up. I can't wait this day to end!"

Popularity +1 to Cassiopeia
Popularity +1 to Gen
Popularity +1 to Tsukiko *gm edit*
Notoriety +1 to Aeon *gm edit*
Athleticism +1 to Kazuki


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Gen didn't have an agenda of what she was about to do next. Out of all her emotions, anger was the weakest link that she could not control followed by love. Her footsteps were completely fueled by her emotions as logic and reason became more of an afterthought. This was not the side of Gen that most of her peers would be most familiar with. This was the side of her others would hope to never see. Gen did not acknowledge Tadashi until he had blocked her. His body was forcibly separating her from proceeding to follow Aeon and so, her eyes settled on his. Her movement while normally graceful was abrupt as she lifted her head to look at him. Anger did have a way with her changing even the smallest of gestures. Her fists continued to be clenched so tightly it could be mistaken that her anger was directed at Tadashi. In the meantime, it partly was as he was stopping her from approaching Aeon. It could be considered a very sudden mood swing with Gen and Tadashi having such a friendly conversation before the incident with Kazuki. That particular incident had impacted Gen so much with a personal anger as if she were the victim of Aeon's coldness. In reality, he had done nothing to her to deserve such a deep-seated hatred save for the fact he had never addressed her by first name as she would have much preferred.

"Gen- take a moment and breath. Gen- look into my eyes. You have every right to be upset. But think about what you want to say and if it's going to give you what you really want."

Tadashi's words got through to Gen but barely made any difference to her mood. She was angry and she could not help that. What Tadashi had achieved though was changing Gen's active approach towards Aeon. She began to rethink what her actions would be compared to rushing in the moment. Gen had to take into account as Tadashi said, if her actions would achieve anything at all. To intimidate someone in a powerful position? The odds aren't in my favor but this is a problem worth standing for. Doing something about Aeon was an absolute must. Gen was not the type of girl to play bystander despite her outward dainty appearance.

"There's no need to compromise yourself as a person, to get your point across. Truly think about what you'd accomplish.... But do what you think is best. Only you know what that might be."

Gen wasn't sure what she believed to be best but she was confident within herself that Aeon's actions were certainly not 'the best'. Is his solution to simply scare delinquents into submission? It's a poor tactic and barbaric. People are not animals and even animals have rights. She had spent a good few seconds to carefully consider Tadashi's advice before continuing on her way without hesitation when he had made the path open to her again. Gen had no words to say to him until she was done with Aeon. If she had spoken back to Tadashi while she was angry? She wouldn't have said anything good so it was best to keep her mouth shut until she had directed her anger where it was due. Gen was considerate enough even in anger to not vent where it went undeserved.

The closer her footsteps lead her to Aeon the faster she would walk. Being angry and anger being a very negative festering emotion made her eager to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Gen would rather return to normal, be happy and positive. For now, she had anger. To get it off her chest, speaking with Aeon was crucial. For anything to change? Speaking with Aeon was again crucial. There was no other solution in Gen's mind than to get it over with and out in the open. She was certain that she was not wrong and is only standing up for what is right.
Gen intercepted Aeon as he was walking before suddenly making the move to grab his shirt and lower him to her eye level. Gen was not gifted in her reflexes true but she had the advantage of element of surprise. It was not every day that she would be angry and it was definitely not every day that a girl would take on Aeon like an enemy. Her eyes were fixated on Aeon's for the entirety of their serious chat.

"As I understand, you have some business with Kazuki that the school is condoning. No other student would have gotten away with that. What makes you an exception to the rules?"

Gen was without fear as she spoke. Her grip on his shirt tightened as she treated him like any other student regardless of his social status for that was not worth anything to Gen. What mattered most was his character and that incident had proven to her that he was a problem.

"If you think you are better than the rest of us you are clearly mistaken and should fall off your high horse. We are all equal and that includes Kazuki. He is a person and what you did makes you no better than he is. You represent the good of the school by throwing a student from the viewing deck and call it a trust fall? I almost want to laugh at what a hypocrite you have shown yourself to be."

She would ignore the glares directed her way for they did not understand Gen or what she was angry about. She was angry in order to prevent this from happening again.

"What if we were all to follow your pristine example of a model student and release every delinquent down the viewing deck? We'd have more problems on our hands instead of any being solved. Don't tell me it isn't true. You can't be naive enough to not have considered the possibility of people trying to be like you and following your actions. Either you set a good example or I'll make an example out of you."

Gen would release his shirt by this point if he had not done anything to push her away. Whatever action he decided to take on her would be judged. Gen's voice had been raised enough for people in their close proximity to overhear but also not unreasonably loud. She was angry but had not yelled. Her tone was as cold as steel and used well enough to get her points across or so she would hope.

Athleticism +1
Popularity +1 (Kazuki)


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"It might stupid of me
to believe in absolutely in one person
but, I'll take that chance, because
you also have one too right?"

Cassiopeia knew what Aeon meant when he said trash. "Aeon, you shouldn't call Kazuki-kun that. It's not nice." She followed his departure with that statement, but she was not sure if he heard her or not. She could only release a sigh at this and remained in her seat. It meant also that the message he received was from the school and this time, it was not about the Halloween Dance. She reached for Clio that obliged and now was being held by her while on her lap. She was not that oblivious to what was happening around her especially to her important people. Aeon had never been the kind to listen to anyone if he does, it only meant he wanted to which also meant he has personal interests in it. What could they be? No one knows.

But in her point of view, it also meant that his personal interests relates usually around people he cares about, to the point of the things he would have to sacrifice are illogical. It made her wonder what kind of business deal did Aeon had with Airdalen. "Clio... He always does things on his own. He could ask for help, right?" She softly whispered as Clio reacted simply with its ears flapping without a word as if understanding that there was no need for it, just listening. "I hope everything is fine. When it comes to those two, they can overreact. I guess that means, they like each other." She softly smiled and that is how she sees it which was completely contradictory to all other people's opinions.

"But, I can't wait for the dance tonight! I bet it would be fun! I wonder what should I wear. I probably need Hotaru's help for that. Hmm..." She decided to focus her attention on it at which point, she wasn't able to notice the two commotions happening behind her back, which is not in a literal context, but more or less, not aware of. Though, she was able to notice another event which was nearing its end apparently. Her eyes looked around and landed on Aeon and Gen in conversation. She didn't catch the pert where Gen pulled Aeon by the collar. She was only witnessing the events after that. She also couldn't hear well the conversation and noticed that the ones near them were glaring at Gen.

Why was that? Did Gen do something bad? That couldn't be. She focused on the pair again and could see tell tale signs that Gen was not her usual self, which she had tagged as the cheerful self. She seemed rather angry or cold. Did Aeon do something to upset her? Well, he could be callous with his words, but he would never do anything that meant any harm to anyone. Aeon on the other hand was completely his usual self. That was a given. Aeon had always been like that ever since that day, but there was no doubt that cause trouble to other people. She dropped Clio to her side as she stood from her seat. She should go there and see if she could do anything to help, even straighten the misunderstanding, but before she could Aeon was already coming towards her.

He apologized for making her wait as she shook her head and smiled gently. "No, it's fine. Is everything all right with Kazuki-kun? Gen-chan?" She asked with concern while looking at the fellow female senior before looking back at Aeon. "I'm not sure what happened, but you should apologize. Gen-chan seemed to be angry.". Those words of her though seemed to fall on deaf ears as Aeon instead asked if she was ready for the trust activity instead while reaching out his hand to her like one of those princes in a fairy tale. If it was like, it meant that it wasn't that serious right? In the end, she completely trusts Aeon without fail as she sighed first and then smiled. "Of course!" She took his hand in delight while Clio bounced around them.

Athleticism= +1 (Cassiopeia)
Popularity= +1 (Kazuki)
Popularity= +1 (Gen) *gm edit*


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Gen's silence was enough to notify him that she was set on her path. He let her walk past him towards Aeon and sighed a bit disappointed to be perfectly honest. He wondered how much control she had over her anger when it boiled to this level, and if his words indeed had any effect or outcome to what was unfolding now. His eyes shifted to a mostly purple shade as his mood decreased from the situation that unfolded before him. He wouldn't hold this one incident against his old friend Gen but he wouldn't forget this either. People were people no matter what you did. Some changed, some didn't and in many different degrees in between. They were both examples of this.

Tadashi decided to remove himself from this situation and stepped away only to see the end result of the fight he had heard from earlier. It appeared that his former bully Sora had been bloodied pretty badly. He felt bad, but had a spark of joy in the back of his mind. Somewhere deep inside of him, Tadashi still hadn't let go of all the teasing he was subjected to when they were both younger. He shook the negative thoughts from his head, finding that others were attending to the battered senior so there was no need for him to intervene. <Now what to do... i suppose I could meet some old acquaintances, or make some new friends.> Tadashi began to cheer up at both prospects, thinking about the possibilities. He had a lot of catching up to do thanks to his time away.

"Etto.. I lost my contact lens somewhere around here.. Have you seen one around?" Tadashi turned to see a blonde haired girl approaching him. He blinked taking the split second that was needed for his mind to comprehend what was going on. His eyes focused on her face, processing her body language to his percpetual understanding while simultaneously interpreting her words to make sense of them. All of this was done in a flash. He blinked a few times, his eyes literally shifting from mostly purple, to evenly red and purple, to dominantly red in the iris of his eyes. It was like he was a walking mood ring, if anyone paid close enough attention to see how his eyes changed with his mood. "Oh? your contact? I'm afraid I haven't, allow me to help you find it." He offered to help the girl (Arietta) innocently falling for her first trap. He knelt down and carefully began to look around, averting his gaze from Arietta not knowing what she was up to. The lengths some people would go to, to get a date. "Wow, I find my lens and when my sight clears up I get to see a cute guy? Today's my lucky day I suppose." Tadashi stood up and smiled glad that the girl he just met found it. "Etto... Good. Those can be rather expensive I understand." Tadashi closed his eyes and smiled kindly towards Arietta. She was a charming young woman, most likely around his age he could tell. The blonde hair and blue eyes suggested she was foreign, but he actually doubted that. Foreigners usually had 'ticks' that gave themselves away when trying to blend in to different cultures. This girl had no accent, all her mannerisms were natural and didn't seem practiced or rehearsed. She was definitely Japanese, at least by nationality- probably grew up in Japan all her life. This fascinated him, wondering what her (Arietta's) ethnicity was. "I'm Arietta, why haven't I seen you around here before?"

Tadashi took a step closer, keeping a polite distance but he also wanted to hear her better showing interest in the blonde girl (Arietta). "I am Kiomine, Tadashi. But if you must use my last name, I prefer Kio. And to answer your question Arietta-san, I was abroad the year prior. I assume that you came to Airdalen in the third year when I was away? My father and I moved to Canada where I stayed and studied for a year." He was about to continue after letting what he said sink in, but the girl seemed to answer a text message. He didn't hear a ring tone, but maybe it was on vibrate and he didn't hear it. It wasn't his place to assume. "Eh? Cool! I just got a text about a school dance tonight. Do you have a date? If not, would you go with me?" Tadashi blinked for a moment, listening to what Arietta said. He smiled more, blushing a tiny bit truly being flattered by her asking him out. Thinking about it now..... A girl had never asked him out to anything. Except for when they wanted him out of the way- which of course they weren't nearly as pleasant in saying that. He took a moment to glance over his shoulder at Gen before he turned back to Arietta. He had an open smile across his lips, white teeth showing in a subtle yet intimate manner. The kind of smile that would draw a person in closer. "Arietta-san.... I'd be honored to go with you.-To be honest, this is the first time anyone's asked me out to anything." He couldn't help but confess and rubbed the back of his head with his right arm, not the one holding his self-harm scars. "Now I have a question for you-" His eyes changed again, the red in his iris shifting higher to almost entirely dominate, a small but noticeable sliver of purple remaining. Tadashi would hold out his arms, now exposing the insides of both forearms to the her making his scars present in the light. "Do you trust me?" His voice held a bit of daring to it, what better way to meet your future date than by having her fall into your arms? It was poetic really. Tadashi decided to show a little bit of the new him, the side of him that was more confident and even flirty. He had grown a lot. If it wasn't for his kind and quiet demeanor he could pass as one from Kazuki's crowd. But by appearance alone.
Athleticism+1 (Tadashi)
Charm+1 (Arietta)
Notoriety +1 (Gen)


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"There are times
I believe that this world
has this way of pulling me
into the gears of life
so, that I can just
decide again to give it up."

It was a good thing that Gym Class was finally over. Ryou had no idea that it could be troublesome. It seemed that he was being dragged into someone's pace from one moment to the next. He would have preferred to be left alone, but because Miyamoto became his trust fall partner, the girls were more avid in surrounding them. They seemed to think he would treat them differently since the irrefutable delinquent who had the reputation for being the ladies' man would rub on him or something. That won't happen at all.

He coldly refused any invitations whether it was pertaining to something else or the school-sponsored dance. It was a waste of time. It was the opposite of Miyamoto who seemed to glow under the invitations even of the unknown pink-haired girl (Tsukiko). He would use his time to visit her and then help his brother about the project. That was more productive in his opinion.

"I'll be going now." That was his only answer as he went on his way leaving, Miyamoto behind. He didn't even care whatever the guy would call out after him. He simply wasn't in the mood and just want to get out of here before he gets drag into another situation. He didn't look at anyone as he made his way to locker rooms to get changed. He did not even pay attention to the talks about a brawl happening with a junior and senior or the comments about the school idol's stunt with Miyamoto and him. They were just noises which he zoned out of his comprehension.

Once, he was out. There was a text message on his phone. He took look and it wasn't from the school. It was instead from his Uncle.

He read the message and released a sigh. There was no helping it and also a hint of disappointment seen in his eyes. It seemed that his Uncle and Aunt along with the cousins had an emergency regarding his Aunt's mother. They would be going and won't return until tomorrow. Hikaru was going to stay at one of his classmates along with others to have some sort of pajama party and to do the project, since it was now a group thing. He was glad that Hikaru was having friends, but that meant he would be basically alone later. That's right, he could stay at a longer time with her then. That was a good thing as he kept his phone.

He then strolled into the hallways. He did have to finish his leftover duties at the basketball club before leaving. It was the only obstacle before he was going to have the relative "me" time. That was when he spotted the new recruit (Saburo). He would have just walked pass by, but he noticed something. Those knuckles were bruised. It was not something one would get from any simple means. It meant force was applied and it was in a volume which is synonymous to an emotional trigger. He stopped in his walk at that point. "Inoue-san." He started as he stood behind the freshman. This was going to get him involved again, but Inoue was part of his team. He was a responsibility, especially if it appears trouble had been stirred. The basketball team have rules and protocols to be uphold, as captain, he should make sure that is followed.

"What happened to your knuckles?" His silver eyes looked at Inoue without any hesitation as it held a sharpness that does not permit any fake excuses or half-hearted truths. It also held a certain soft edge, reflecting a concern which should be normal. Inoue is after all a member of the team, he was a brother-in-arms. That's why Ryou see it as normal to show care towards the freshman in that sense, though, it is a different case when it comes to being involved in socializing events and so.

Athleticism + 1 (Ryou)


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"There are always different kinds of fun. The only way you can truly enjoy it is to experience it at every angle as much as possible like I do."
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The class bell rang! That was the end of it finally! Kazuki wasn't fond of attending the class, but hey the girls crowding around him and his unlikely trust fall partner was pleasant enough for him to forget the jerkazoid's words and actions. He of course, took the invitations with a smile, by making a non-committal response, it was better to keep them guessing as that provides excitement especially for himself. It was a clear cut contrast between him and the big-guy with him who ignored it all together, so stiff. Ryou was definitely a boring guy as much as he could tell in the aspects of social life. He couldn't leave like that and because he was rather more excited about the party later. He didn't even concerned himself when the guy left on his own.

There was no need for him to go to the lockers as well as he never got changed in the first place. It was at that point that he left the gym in quite a slippery hurry, as he doesn't want to be caught by the gym teacher and have a sermon about him cutting classes and so forth. He already had his fill with his uncle, plus it's getting redundant that he believed that he might go deaf and all. When he managed to capture a moment on his own, he looked at his cellphone which had quite a lot of messages and missed calls. The written ones were mostly asking if he was going to the dance tonight or does he have a date already. So many choices and so little time, he was looking forward to it.

That's when he saw an incoming call and his jovial face, hardened into annoyance. It was a call from his editor, as far as he is concerned, he was done with the other deadline, and the new one was far in the horizon, actually it was only a week interlude. He ignored it and was not in the mood for talks of work, plus he was going to be busy taking inspiration for his writing at the dance later. He has no time for naggers. He had already read the message so, there was no need for them to talk or anything. He instead busied himself answering the messages and the questions of his friends about nothing in particular really. It was during that moment that he heard.... "MIYAMOTO, KAZUKI!"

It was like a screeching halt. The sound of a nail scratched on the surface of the thin glass. It was irritating and at the same time giving him the notion of subtle dread. He slowly looked over his shoulder to see the demonic vision or rather the form of his Uncle. Some of the students present were bugging their eyes out in fear while others were using this opportunity to record or even to take a picture of something very interesting about to happen. It was indeed never a dull day for him, but it was something he was not going to regret anytime soon. "Hey!" He managed to say with that cheerful tone and smile along with a bit of a wave.

Somehow, it had completely reversed effect as the dark aura surrounding his form seemingly increased in magnitude. Was that even possible? "COME HERE AT ONCE!" Now, his uncle should have known well that was never going to happen whatever, especially when it was clear to him that he was about to get a few pains all over his body. That's why he would do what he does best. "Love to, but I have somewhere to go! So, catch you later!" That is to run and get away as fast as he can from the scene. Just like so, he fled while of course, hot on his heels was none other than his uncle furious as a blazing sun. He could only guess what had caused it. There was his cutting classes, destruction to school property, and probably the scene that happened earlier at the gym.

Well, it wasn't his fault that it got a little out of hand and all! The one to blame was that pompous rotten bastard! Well technically, he was the cause of it all, but hey there was no problem in blaming someone, isn't it? In any case, right now, the scene was like something taken out of a manga scene or something because Kazuki was running with such a speed while behind him was his uncle like a hellish version of Sonic. He found an opened window nearby and used that as an escape passage. He went through it and lucky for him, it was on the first floor. He was soon out and running through the fields. Of course, his uncle was not going to give up on him easily.

He would have to admit that his uncle's stamina is quite amazing, but right now, he is rather angry about it. That's when he finally found a place to take his uncle off his scent, he took a few corners of the school buildings closed by and lucky enough for him, he did manage to break free from his uncle's pursuit. He waited for a few minutes to make sure that the coast was clear before getting out of his hiding place which was actually an empty trash bin, but when he emerged. He found that his uncle was waiting for him with that look of doom. "Hey there! I was actually looking for you! So, how was the run?" The next thing that Kazuki knew he was grabbed by the collar and he only wondered if he would ever make it to dance. Judging by the temperament of his uncle, this would take quite a while, oh well, he'll managed something for now, he must brace himself.