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This is a list of locations that can be found in No-Go AA+.

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Airdalen Academy

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Rocco Murray

Rocco sighed, his hands shuffling for warmth inside his pockets as he leaned back in his seat. "That's cold, prez. I thought you got dressed up nice for me." He muttered under his breath with slouched shoulders like a pouty child. "After all, I went through all this effort for you..." He said in much the same way, sliding down his seat as low as his spirits. It didn't last though, Rocco pulling himself up and together to lean closer, his arm resting atop her side of the seat. "Oh well, your mother had the right idea and intentions can... change." His glasses lowered and he winked before pushing them up again.

"I wouldn't have pegged you for the religious type."

He chuckled, returning her space to her as he corrected his posture but his arm remained. "No, you know me too well." Rocco admitted, giving the bible a flick of disinterest. "Yet, here I am. 'The delinquent and the class president' spending quality time together." He smirked smugly, not trying to hide it at all. It felt like a personal accomplishment.

"None of it is easy to talk about."

It was only with those words did Rocco stop fooling around and quieten himself to listen. He didn't know why his classmates had opened up to him. Yuuki, Kei... even Kaori. Although different dilemmas, he understood Yuuki's insecurity to a certain degree. People trusted him even though he thought they shouldn't. In her case, students naturally look up to their leaders, their elected class presidents to carry out responsibilities over them and Yuuki doubted the trust held in their votes.

"No one takes me seriously as the class president, so it kind of feels like I was voted in as a laugh.""The rest doesn't matter."

Rocco's gaze drifted away as Yuuki jabbed that the bible may do him some good. He knew it was a topic changer but he wasn't that easily distracted. "Hmm..." he murmured deep in thought as the train chugged onward. For a time, he was silent just taking in the sounds of the railway tracks passing under them, the light reflecting off Yuuki's lenses and the children playing, 'I spy' behind them. It was only when the train hit a small bump, and his arm had fallen off the chair to around her shoulders, his body brought closer to hers did he have an answer.

"Stop comparing yourself." Rocco said in a lowered voice with brown eyes refusing to waver. "Belrose-senpai, Kitogawa-senpai... they're seniors and have doubts of their own. I have doubts of my own. Yuuki, you're not alone." He dropped the nickname, honorific and surname altogether. "You were voted to be prez not because you're Belrose-senpai and not because you're Kitogawa-senpai. With a school as reputable as ours, a class as big as ours, all fresh and barely acquainted and your name was what most sprung to mind when the school asked us to elect a class president." He raised an eyebrow dubiously. "Does that sound funny to you?"

Rocco sighed, bumping his forehead lightly against hers as if to snap her out of it before completely returning to his seat, arm and all.
"Don't go putting people on a pedestal like that especially not that guy."