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xxxx"Garbage." Devone waved her personal stylist away before sitting down with her legs crossed and crossing her arms too with both impatience and disappointment. The personal stylist was a new hire as the usual one Devone employed was inconveniently on vacation overseas. She was a timid looking girl by the name of Tamaki, Itsumi who did not carry herself with the grace and poise expected of someone in her chosen career path but there was that saying Devone heard of that went something like, 'pick the hairdresser with the worst haircut at the salon because they're the reason everyone else looks good.' Devone rolled her eyes reflecting on it because she couldn't recall the source but hoped there was some truth to it. When she last minute hired the Tamaki girl, she didn't quite expect...her. Itsumi returned again and again with more recommendations for the outing later that night but Devone would reject them again and again.
"Bigger yikes."
"I wouldn't wear that even if I was dead."
"Ugh, are you even trying?"

xxxxUnlike Devone, Itsumi had the patience of a saint and wasn't deterred. "Well." She began. "I never asked but what is the occasion tonight Miss Kim?" Devone's gaze wandered over to the windows of her bedroom and the cloudy uncertain skies. "I don't know." she answered, her tone of voice much softer than the harsher comments she spat out before. "Wear something comfortable with pants. That was all he said." Devone relaxed her posture, resting her cheek atop her fingers as her red eyes returned back to the only other individual in the room like a target. "Is that a tall order?" she taunted. Itsumi remained silent for a time before clasping her own hands together and asking more probing questions that she believed would help her understand the task better. "Who would this man be to you? A family member? A friend? A romantic interest?" Devone tilted her head so it rested on her hand more unsure how to address that particular query. Part of her wanted to say it was none of the Tamaki girl's business but she did come to realize the question wasn't completely uncalled for. The stylist would like to know her relation to the person involved at the event in order to best tailor her attire for it. What a lady might wear around a family member could greatly differ from what she would wear around a possible suitor.

xxxxDevone sighed at how tiresome this whole ordeal was. It wasn't like she really needed a personal stylist. What she was currently wearing was considerably fashionable enough, accentuated her body's figure nicely and she hadn't even left the house. For some reason or another, she just hired one. It felt like a reassurance towards something so unclear. She was still dumbfounded that Ryou requested her time as a Christmas present because she was so sure nobody in their right mind would with her worrying reputation as the prestigious school's Ursula. "He's..." Unintentionally, she pictured both Ryou and Hiro next to each other. Her ex-boyfriend Hiro with his long silver hair and cunning smile contrasting with Ryou, short dark hair and a straight face. Devone closed her eyes and smiled to herself before simply saying, "Different. I want to dress to impress."

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Aware that he was approaching her, Mao resolved to not give away that she had noticed. Pretending that she wasn't paying attention she continued her warmup as if the presence of the two boys was inconsequential to her. Under the surface, Kei and Rocco showing up did tear away a bit of her focus, but she had spent years working on her poker face. After taking up the identity 'Zen' she had to build her ability to lie and act cool or she would have been found out ages ago by her parents or the media as she has been asked about her opinion of the artist in interviews. Awkwaaard. Though no one seemed to be suspicious of her having a connection with the artist so she assumed she honed the skill well enough. As such, despite her slightly elevated heart rate and fatigue from her injury, Mao appeared to be as cool as a cucumber.

“Hey, not bad."

Hearing him, Mao looked to Rocco with a raised brow. She knew that she wasn’t 'good' either at this point. She had a lot of catching up to do if she wanted to keep up with the rest of the team. The whole reason she was practicing on a day off was to prevent herself from being deadweight during a real game. The last thing she wanted was to drag her team down, “Thanks...” she responded skeptically, not sure that she believed him. Mao wasn’t one to judge a book by its cover, thus she held a healthy level of skepticism toward nearly everyone she met. No one was exempt, not until she felt she had a proper read of them. She held a huge secret, she couldn’t trust just anyone, letting them close would potentially expose her nighttime activities and that could easily get her a criminal record, possibly earn her expulsion from Airdalen to preserve the school’s integrity, and if it made the news that she was Zen, the artist openly opposing her father’s political views... she would bring immeasurable shame to her family.

Instead of looking to see if Rocco’s shot made it, Mao did not avert her gaze. It would imply discomfort, looking away would make her appear to have a submissive nature and that was not the impression she intended to give. With one hand on her hip, she awaited the result of his cocky move, her own golden eyes sharp and unwavering, although she had to admit she was a little surprised by how quickly his personality shifted. This, people like him were the reason she refused to accept others at face value. Although she’d give him credit, he revealed this darker side of his personality rather openly, he wasn’t making a huge show of hiding it from her.

"I can't wait to see the rest of you."

However, her composure broke when his words left his lips, the echo of the basketball hitting the shiny gymnasium floor. Biting her bottom lip, at first Mao appeared nervous, but not even a second later it became apparent that she was fighting laughter. Her hand came to her stomach and she bent her torso over slightly, her short dark locks falling over her features, but not especially so as her hair was on the longer side of a pixie cut. Composing herself, Mao smirked this time, “The rest of me? That’s easier said than done.” She responded confidently. She wasn’t the type of girl to shy away from bold flirtation despite her inexperience. It only became difficult when she felt singled out, but his choice of words was more sexualizing than it was genuine. She could handle that. Despite her shitty luck with boys, the media had been sexualizing her for a little over a year. It was to be expected given she was the daughter of a politician and she had to learn to overlook it.

...Not to say she wasn’t a bit flustered, but she was raised in a body-positive home, Mao was confident in her appearance despite her lack of romantic experiences. With that, she motioned for his friend to get ready to keep score, and the game began. Mao gave it her all despite her injury, working even harder than she had on her own. She doubted she would best him, but that didn’t mean to half-ass it. W-Why am I suddenly getting hit on at this school?! I wasn't hit on by the boys at my other schools!


ImageHaving lost the game with Rocco the day before Mao was in a bit of a mood when she woke up. When that happened she often ended up at the skate park, although today that wasn't the brightest of ideas given her road rash. It was pretty irritating, but Mao wasn’t a sore loser about Rocco besting her at basketball and she took the loss with grace. After the game she even offered her hand out for him to shake despite her reservations about him. It was just engraved in her muscle memory to show good sportsmanship due to her parents drilling it in over the years.

Just as she landed to take a break, Mao hissed a bit, sore as hell after pushing herself too far the day before in an attempt to at least put up a fight in her impromptu match against her teammate. So she wasn't thrilled when his buddy appeared before her. Mao was clad in a long sweater and baggy pants, both dark in color. She wore old tennis shoes as she was simply going to abuse whatever shoes she wore to skate in anyhow.

It's not like there was anyone in attendance that she felt the need to impress anyhow. She didn't plan to run into any of her fellow rich kids over the weekend... so what the hell was this one doing here? She noticed that he was carrying stuff, her head tilting curiously. Was he seriously spending his weekend on charity? Now you've got my attention, rich boy. Mao smirked to herself, looking him over. She could tell despite how much he tried to hide it. The high-quality fabric that his clothes were made of immediately gave him away to her trained eye. Despite their casual first impression, she was certain his outfit cost a hefty penny.

”Hey! We sort of met yesterday, well, you met my friend, Murray-san. I never really introduced myself. I am Watari, Kei. Nice to meet you. Do you come here a lot?”

Sitting her skateboard aside, Mao rubbed her shoulder very gently as she deliberated on his question. If she answered honestly, he might come around more... or he could tell his friend about it... but if she lied and they began bumping into each other regularly... ugh. Honesty is the best policy, right Dad? Mao thought to herself sarcastically before brushing her messy dark locks out of her eyes. Despite the chill, she'd worked up a light sweat, “Yeah, you could say that. I'm Nozomi, Mao. Nice to meet you, Watari-san. Officially, anyway." With that she began to walk toward the building across from the skate park. She doubted he would get the door open with everything he was carrying and he already recognized her. She was stuck with him for the time being, else she'd risk being rude and causing a scene in front of her skater friends, "I'll get the door for you." Mao mumbled softly, sighing afterward. It was her idea, but she wasn't the best when it came to openly expressing her kindness, she often came across as if everything she did for others was a huge pain in the ass and she couldn't be bothered.

Athleticism: +1 to Mao

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The explanation from Fuyuki was of no help, they lived two entirely different lifestyles. She was practically a princess and was treated as such, compared to her kouhai who was entirely just a commoner. Her explanation of maids dressing her was very strange to him and her show of hospitality was very kind but- also very strange and borderline inappropriate. When she relented, he sighed in relief keeping his knees to his chest to hide a certain inconvenience.

"Don't worry about that standing up." Bishop nearly jumped when he heard his senpai whisper in his ear and felt a pair of lips touch his cheek, opening his eyes to see that Fuyuki had stealthily closed the gap and leaned in to kiss him. Was this appropriate behavior for a senpai? Especially in her junior’s room!? “Eh?-ah!” The short flirtatious lick sent a jolt of electricity up his back and Bishop did in fact jump. "That's perfectly normal for a healthy boy." Her last comment was too much. Simply too much. The blonde flopped back as Fuyuki said good morning as if nothing had happened, placing a pillow over his head to try and hide. Teenage hormones having completely overtaken him, his young mind was spinning as wild as his blood pressure was. ”It’s not fair~!” He cried into his pillow, now alone in the room. What was he to do. He glanced to the side where his cupboard was, knowing what was inside and very thankful that his senpai hadn’t found it. No, it’d be too obvious and everyone would be waiting on him. That’d be even MORE embarrassing. He needed a cold shower.

Bishop stood up out of bed, feeling the cooler air from out under his sheets. He did sort of miss being close to Fuyuki, she was warm. With a grunt, he shook those ideas out of his head and grabbed the boxers he was brought and a change of clothes heading to the bathroom. He peaked outside of his room, suspecting that she (Fuyuki) might have been stalking outside of his door waiting for him, she was strange enough to do that sort of thing. He only heard the women talking downstairs and only feared the worst.

In truth, the women were all hoping for a longer ‘wake-up call’. They all very much liked Fuyuki and began to have pleasant conversation, asking more about her personal life and so on. They asked how he had been treating her at school, if Bishop was making any friends. His grandmother was pushy and asked Fuyuki to go upstairs and ‘make sure he’s alright’ to which his mother and aunt laughed, berated their mother and told their new favorite guest that she didn’t need to and it was best to leave the boy alone before he exploded. During all this Bishop took a quick very cold shower, coming out shivering and dried himself off. The tactic worked and he got dressed and came downstairs to the delight of everyone. <Oh man, they were talking about me weren’t they.> It was almost a dead giveaway seeing that his mother and aunt were giggling like school girls with Fuyuki. After he sat, breakfast was served. ”Ohayo~” He greeted and tried to play it all off. His mother and aunt had these tiny little smiles while they ate. ”So~! Fuyuki-chan, what are you and my son going to do this weekend? Spend lots of time together? Hmmmm~?” Her sister, Bishop’s aunt ate quietly but was listening intently. Bishop kept quiet and his head low, now that he thought about it he wasn’t sure if his senior had any plans this weekend. Lord knows he didn’t he was going to just try and swim at the school for a few hours. He still wasn’t over that Rhys kid being labeled captain, probably because he was cool or something.

Bishop would zone out thinking about that, this wasn’t the best week at school for him and he hadn’t really told his family about it. From his happenings with his former senpai (Arietta), the discovery of his long-lost friend Devone, who didn't seem at all happy to see him. Being snubbed with the swim team, not that he completely wanted to be captain necessarily. This overall feeling of being looked over and pushed aside to make room for everyone else. The status complex of Japanese school was proving to be difficult to adjust to. He'd glance to Fuyuki who was a shining example of that, she was in a place he'd never be.

When breakfast was nearly finished the phone began to ring and his mother excused herself to answer while his aunt gathered the dishes to wash up, leaving Bishop, Fuyuki and his grandmother who was idly reading the morning paper and sipping on some coffee.