North Academy for Demi Gods

North Academy for Demi Gods

welcome to north Academy!!!! Teachers and students needed.

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I am very pleased to inform you of your acceptance to north academy as a freshman for Fall 2012-2013. You have been admitted at the north academy Main Campus due to your fantastic GPA.

North academies program is designed for 'special' students who are not yet established in the academic major (see enclosed description). As an north Academy student, you will be encouraged to explore a wide range of academic majors available at the academy. Through individual advising and collaboration with all of our sister Schools, Our academy advisers will work to connect you with majors that fit well with your academic strengths and future goals.

We are confident that you will continue your high level of academic performance throughout the remainder of this year. This offer of admission is contingent upon your continued success. The Admissions Office requires that an official copy of your final transcript be forwarded upon completion of your middle school course work. Please review carefully the enclosed materials that pertain to required deposits, deadlines, and other critical information.

Best wishes and congratulations!


Dr. Takai
Director of Admissions

P.S attached is a list of After school and extra-curricular activities.

β€’ Clubs
- Debate Club/Team
- DECA (Distributive Education
Clubs of America)
- Green Club
- National Honor Society
- Philosophy
- (California) Scholarship
- Science Club

β€’ After School Program Coordinator
β€’ Homecoming committee
β€’ Prom Committee
β€’ Student Activities Committee
β€’ School Newspaper/Journalism
β€’ Student Government/Council
β€’ Yearbook
β€’ Clubs
- Key Club
- Lions Club
- Rotary Club

β€’ Teams / Clubs
- Archery
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Bowling
- Cheer/Spirit Squad
- Cross Country
- Dance
- Field Hockey
- Football
- Golf
- Gymnastics
- Hockey
- Lacrosse
- Martial Arts
- Rowing / Crew
- Rugby
- Skiing
- Soccer
- Softball
- Swimming/Diving
- Tennis
- Track
- Volleyball
- Water Polo
- Wrestling
β€’ Non-school / club sports
- ASA softball
- Competitive / club soccer
β€’ Intramural sports (basketball,
volleyball, floor hockey, etc.)


Character skeleton:
Appearance:(REAL ONLY!!!)
Name:(You can use your parents name like odinson or Zuesdottar.)
Age: (14-19/teachers: 24+)
gender: (Male-female-or gender switcher)
Skills:(ex: Good cook, amazing voice, etc.)
Favorite clothing style: (Punk,goth,prep,grunge)
Crush: (If applicable)
Favorite song(s):
Anything else?:



Be as eccentric as you want
Have arguments
Post often
Be unique with your charries
Use character sheet provided or will not be accepted


No god modding
No killing of other character without permission (hey it might happen in this school, shrugs)
No posting once a month jeez
NO ONE LINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know this is going to happen but these rules MUST be followed.

No falling in love straight away ( Be realistic )
kissing is allowed if all players accept, but DIRTY stuff take to PM for the safety of those younger eyes.

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Re: North Academy for demi gods.

It says West Academy from your previous West Academy RP. I think I was in that one... Anyways, I remember it and it says West Academy and Fall 2010 to 2011 school year.

Re: North Academy for demi gods.

you are allowed to be the child of ANY god/ess

Re: North Academy for demi gods.

"Another name gone to waste"


Re: North Academy for demi gods.

Another name gone to waste....*Shrugs* I woutd join if it looked a bit better and of course if i get to be the son of Zeus

Re: North Academy for demi gods.

So, a Percy Jackson rip-off?

Eh, Im in if I can have a kid based off of Iktomi.

Re: North Academy for demi gods.

I wih to join with a child of Athena. I will not be able to make a character until Sunday. Also id it's OK a child of Aphrodite

North Academy for demi gods.

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