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"Je vous aime ... Soins de passer quelque temps avec moi?"

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Name: Adrien Francis

Age and Birth-date: 16. Born February Fourteenth.

Gender: Male

Role: Nowhere Kid

Sexuality: Gay, but he'll hit on anything with a pulse.

Love Interest: Will (^^)

Personality: Flirty, he will hit on anything with a pulse (and has been told so many times). He also acts very confident and sometimes arrogant, though he actually knows his limits and when to back off (doesn't mean he will). He is, besides the flirting, usually quite nice and even a bit of a gentleman. He usually looks out for himself before others, but he has a soft-spot for young children and girls (of any age). Will usually voice his opinions. Will go out of his way to annoy people he doesn't like/people he wants to pay attention to him (annoying people is one of his ways of getting attention). Can be seen as an attention hog. Underneath it all, he is always a little worried that people won't like him. Will do his best to make others happy, but is prideful and easily offended. Will put pride/well-being aside for good of the group (if he likes said group). Will/can get angry if someone hurts the people he cares for.

Power or Skill: He has farsight. If he concentrates (such as meditating) he can see up to a mile away (but usually keeps it closer), like he is actually there (and is pretty much impossible to sense if he's there or not). Usually one sound is all right (like a ticking clock or dripping water) so he can concentrate on the sound, but too much noise and his concentration is shattered. When using, his body is defenseless, so he relies on others to defend him. Tires him out like heck, so doesn't use it much.

Theme Song: All The Right Moves by OneRepublic

History: His parents were rich French citizens who just wanted a perfect son that would do whatever they wanted, so they sent him to the labs. He remembers nothing about them, but far too much about the labs. The 'good' scientists would blindfold him and make him describe another room, another city, anything else that was far away. In order to do this they would send his mind out of his body by feeding him a purple-blue drug (which he has called 'Evil'). He was lucky, as it at few side-affects and would only leave him numb and unable to control his body properly for several hours. While he was there, one scientist liked to go out of his way to 'help' Adrien. He taught him English (by hitting Adrien when he spoke French) and told him that he was stupid and that no one would ever like him (creating minor self-confidence problems and a need for attention). Adrien tried to kill him, back when he first escaped, but was unable to.

Other: He spoke only French when he was given to the scientists, and the other children taught him English (slowly). Still enjoys speaking French, if just to annoy the others. He is quite athletic, but doesn't like any sports. He keeps his hair semi-long but usually has it up in a ponytail. He, when alone, is usually thinking. He has a strange sense of want, like he's missing something, but he can't figure out what it is... Loves birds, and has always wished he could fly.

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Adrien Francis's Story