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"And you think you had a bad life..." Mumble by Ruko.

a character in “Nowhere Kids”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Ruko Yokune

Age and Birth-date:
2/29/2986 (Yes, a leap year)


Nowhere Kid


Love Interest:

Well Ruko is a pretty kind girl this being a surprise by how much she’s been though. She flirts more then she should with the other Nowhere Kids, but telling none of them what she had gone through to get her powers. It doesn’t really seem like she wants to hook up with anyone, but she really does. Ruko also seems to feel strong hatred towards the scientists and her parents. (More to be found in the roleplay, I’m not good at writing personalities.)

Power or Skill:
Make electric waves/bolts/shocks come out of her hands.

Well Ruko was probably one of the first children to be given to the scientists. While she was there she was given the power of electricity, but not by any means painless. Ruko was given by far, the most painful treatment to get her powers, not only by injection by shots, but also by the scientists hooking her up to a machine and putting wires into her blood veins, and then turning them on, bringing the most horrifying pain ever to a normal human being, also while the shocks were going into her blood supply, she would let out a loud scream of pain, that was bound to be heard throughout the facility until they got soundproof walls for the room. During this procedure, it was recorded that Ruko had died multiple times, and had to be revived, she also had been knocked unconscious more time then the scientists could count. She didn’t have the normal test subject rooms like the others did; she was hooked up to a machine and wires were in her 24/7.

So begins...

Ruko Yokune's Story