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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-10 06:57:21, as written by Maci-Care
Ruko lived in an abandon factory, but she got some of it to run, because she could power it herself. She had stolen the things she needed to live, and wanted for her lifestyle, a bed, fridge, tv, air conditioner, dresser, and many many more. She thought that was perfectly hidden, and forgotten about by Today's Tommorow, but when she got a letter, saying to come to a certain location at a certain time, on a certain day, saying that other Nowhere Kids would be there, she knew that it had to be TT. But today, she decided she would go, not because of TT, because of other Nowhere Kids, and where she can find more safety. So Ruko unplugged her homemade battery, and through it away, she knew she wouldnt be coming back here, the scienctist had found her, and then she left, heading to the location

As Ruko was walking to the location, she stopped by a nearby weapon store, and looked around, seeing a couple things she wanted. So Ruko zapped a camera in the store so much, it caused a black out, and then Ruko took what she wanted. She had grabbed only one thing, a simple sword, but with her power, she could electrify the sword to become more lethal. By the time the power came back in, she was already gone, and no one ahd seen ehr steal the sword, but noticed it was gone.

Ruko was now walking the streets, with the sword she has stolen in a sheath on her back, which came with the sword she had just stolen, and finally got to the location down an alley, and being the second person there, seeing another teen, he had green hair, but still was cute. She then took a seat, specifically near the door. When she looked up at the lady in center, she knew it was a scientist, one of the main ones that had turned on the machine she was attached to, all the time, Ruko would have zapped her, but she wanted to keep her cool.

"Ruko...[/b Is all that the scientist said, Ruko then looked back down, waiting for the others to come in, and that is what they did, only three others came, not knowing any of them and none of them knowing her, she had never seen another kid till she broke out, up untill now she thought she was the only one that escaped. Which did make sence she was one of the main reasons they all broke out, she got off of the machine, and short circuited the whole labs. Once everyone came in, she then noticed she was the only girl of the teens.

Wow Is what RUko thought, as she saw this sexy redhead walked in, being the last one, and asking why they were there. Ruko then turned her attention to the scientist. [b]"I've called you all here as a Nowhere Kid,"
Then being interupted by the redhead, but kind of ignored it. "If any of you happen to reject my kindly offer of returning you back to the safety of the laboratory, then I'm afraid we'll have to take drastic measure. In the next room we have a special batch of experimentees that are 'programmed' to find and take you in by force. Now, you have the choice to stay and go back with me or be hunted down like wild game. How about it?" The scientist said, leaving talking up to everyone else.

"So you really think I would go back, your mistaken." Ruko said, then hearing the redhead talk again, guessing his name was Miles since that is what the scientist called him. "Animals aren't that bad. So I think I'll be on my way. Who wants to come with?" Then letting the green haired boy reply, and then getting up and walking towards Miles. "Yeah, i dont want to be a lab rat." Ruko said to Miles and Will, smiling, then turning back and overcharging one of the lights, which caused breakers to pop, and power to go out.