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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Within the next room, the controls remained idly around. Sitting in a chair against the fair wall, closest to the neighboring room sat an rather complicated subject. One that was even confused whether their true gender was a he or she. This was Aver, one that lost themselves long ago, even before the hypnotism. Aver covered his mouth, a light giggle breaking through as she thought of the many ways this could turn out. He knew what was going on, the scientists made it pretty clear to all of the Controls. Well, except perhaps Randle. How much she enjoyed thinking of how that giant would rant if he knew Dr. Jay's whereabouts, as well who she was with. It was perhaps much simpler to state, he wanted to see the effects of Randle going full force against the Nowhere kids.

The walls must have just barely been thick enough, since even with her attempt of pressing his ear to the wall, Aver could hear nothing. It was too bad, they were told to search down the people in the very next room, and yet they were also told to stay put here. The scientists must have a rather twisted since of human to allow them a free chance to escape. Knowing full well that they had the Controls to hunt them down like the vermin they were. Held in a room, knowing that their own toys were so close. Oh, what a pain it was to be in the seat of a Control.

Aver looked over his fingers, before running them through her hair. These rooms were too stuffy for his liking. But the thoughts of the Nowhere Kid's torture after this day brought her to ease. How deliciously twisted would it be to let them have there precious time. Let them build their beautiful friendships of the outside world only to tear it from them. He wanted to use her power to the highest extent, ripping every little piece of heart the had. After all, no one could fight for long when their hearts are shattered. He chuckled lightly, counting the different ways on her finger tips. Betrayal, Abandonment, Fear, and even broken heart. His power might not be the best for hurting others, or much use to bring the Nowhere kids back. It might have even driven her to the point of self confusion.

But he would damn well use it as he please until the enemies of his friends could suffer dearly. Again, she let out another giggle as the thoughts rushed through his head. The point of pleasure growing within her to the point he began humming lightly, tilting her head from side to side. The tune continuing as he broke into singing with the delicate voice she had," Breaking, crushing, dreams are falling. Hatred, sadness, friends are betraying. Kids of Nowhere, crying. Worthless, abandoned, children they are." It was unfitting lyrics to her light and gentle tune, but for some reason it still made her grin. "By giant's hand, blood is bleeding, leaking from ceiling. Legs are missing, arms are cracking.... Where do you have to run now... my little Nowheres?"

As the lights seemed to go out Aver stopped her humming, pausing his head to one side. "It seems our guests are becoming rowdy." She smiled widely in the darkness, the time was coming. It was obvious the time of hunting was drawing ever nearer. "The game this time, will be so much fun." A wild laughter arose from him, the feminine voice vibrating out as if some mad women had just reached her dream of cloud. Her voice fell back to a hum, the tone coming darker like the room. "Darkness seeping, children crying, monsters lurking. Weeping children........ Are the first to die." The last sentence seemed to break out of melody, a serious statement hidden within lyrics.