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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-10 16:04:43, as written by Sepiraa
As the metals cracking sound mixed with the panicked yells of the scientists, a wild smile appeared on the mans face. Standing in the middle of the rushing researchers, watching the giant "knight" trying to break out. It amused him to see his work wake up and roar in need for its "mama" thing again. This doll still wasn't perfect, but the research went well enough to evoke pride.

"Dr. Jekyll, Randle woke up. Please retreat to the control room immediately." said a panicked man to him. As the room it was kept started to fill with tranquilizer gas his smile disappeared. Making it unable to rampage was not in his plans. He grew angry, it was him that woke it up, it was his subject, his research. " STOP THE GAS IDIOT! How do you think it woke up??" He yelled at him. His voice wavered as his hatred for these idiots grew stronger. The purple eyes showed no mercy as he shoved away the guy who was standing at the control panel. "If you interfere with my work you won't live long." he yelled again, as his fingers ran through a series of buttons. As he marched to the permit panel the gas slowly cleared from the giants room. "I WOKE IT UP!" he yelled again as he write in the security code only he and Miss Jay knew then turned the key in the security lock.

The research room turned red as the warning lights started to flash, the alarms sound suppressed the scream one of the scientists let out. The glass window slowly slided under its frame. Dr. Jekyll walked up to the giant spinning a needle between his fingers. He grinned, he know this little present will wake it up, even if not the pain definitely will. His smile become wider and darker as the doll groaned. The gas completely disappeared from its body, it woke up again. He trust the needle into a soft part under its armpit.

"MAAAAAMAAAAAAAA" the loud roar echoed in the room. It was the perfect response he waited for. "WHERE...... MAAAMAAAAA.... WHERE" it groaned again as it broke out of the metal bars that was weakened a few moments ago. Dr. Jekyll grabbed the helmet of the giant and pulled it closer a bit. "Mama waiting, mama trapped" he said to it with a wide grin "Mama hurt" he said and stepped aside. "MAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAA" it roared and started to run like a tank, breaking through every obstacle and killing everyone who tried to stop it along the way.

"It's a pity i can't see what will happen." He said to himself and started to walk back to his lab, stepping over the bodies it left behind. "Just a few minutes and the new experimental drug will take effect." He stopped. "Maybe..." He rubbed his chin. " I'll go and see the effects." He laughed. "I can't just let the evaluation to be missed out." He convinced himself and started walking toward the exit.